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USAF wants 1 hour or less strike weapons

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posted on Feb, 2 2006 @ 11:55 PM
Sounds like hypersonic bomber and cruise missiles that can strike anywhere on Earth in 2 hours is fine, but conventionally armed ballistic missiles are even better.

External source

The Air Force in March will launch a two-year review of weapon concepts that could allow the United States to respond to surprise threats by destroying targets halfway around the world within 60 minutes of an order to strike, according to defense officials and documents.

, the Air Force last week asked industry representatives to submit concepts for new weapons that could “strike globally, precisely and rapidly with kinetic effects against high-payoff, time-sensitive targets in a single or multi-theater environment.”

A Jan. 27 “request for information” on Prompt Global Strike technology options describes a desired capability to hit valuable targets quickly from the United States even if the military lacks troops, aircraft or ships in the region, according to service officials.



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