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my first short story two pounds 38

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posted on Feb, 2 2006 @ 08:43 PM

two pounds 38

Carter was in deep trouble he'd only been in town for 15 minutes and already theese guys wanted to kill him , what had he done wrong?
now wheezing badly and with legs cramping up Carter dived over a low wall to his right behind a vandalised bus shelter,he tripped and fell flat on his face, Carter let out a moan he was in touble real trouble ,trying to clamber to his feet Carter heard the voices and heavy breathing of his pursuers behind and to the right of him "get on him Tommo"
"get the fat bastard"
Carter coudn't run any more his lungs were burning and his legs felt like lead he tripped once more and did'nt have the energy to turn around, the blows started raining in, his head , his neck,back and face"get his wallet ,get his wallet!"Carter didn't put up a fight . with life blood ebbing from every pore in his body Carter let out a gurgle he could do no more, he took one last look around at the concrete and the trash and the dim street light and the unforgiving grey drizzle that had covered the capital that day and fell asleep.

Out of breath Chris tomlinson reached his friends house rapped on the the blue door and cursed under his breath"come on come on its brass monkeys out here for gods sake"he rapped on the door again with more urgency "Si come on open the bloody door! Simon knight opened the door in nothing but his boxer shorts, shaking with the cold he had let in he silently motioned for his friend to join him in the warmth of the flat "you took your time "
"yeah well ive bin busy ain't I" Simon motioned with a nod of his head at the news paper and take away carton strewn door way to his bed room, a figure visable under the filthy blanket was snooring away "any one I know? " offered Chris not really caring
"nah mate , just some girl I picked up at the coach and feather " "any way Thommo what brings you here at this time of night ?"
"its only 6 o clock, what do you meen this time of night ?"
"ah sorry mate , but time flies and all that"
"your disgusting your gonna catch some thing the way you put it about"
"Your just jealous Thommo , what have you done to your hand ?"Simon pointed at his friends hand "had a fight have we? naughty boy"
"just a scuffle down near the bus stop,what do you think of this mate? Thommo handed his friend a gold Rolex chrongraph, Simon studied it for a second "fake the chronos dont even work , actually does't look like any things working but its definately a fake"
"damn, never mind i thought I was on to a winner there you know Im strapped for cash at the mo mate"
"aint we all"
simon walked to the edge of the bed room and shut the door , he then motioned for Thommo to join him in the living room "listen mate I dont care what youve done ,you can stay on the sofa tonight ill make a cup of tea but im going to get back to that bird in there "
"how did you know ?"
"thommo you never cease to amaze me , your out of breath , youve banged up your hand and your trying to fence a fake rolex , just get yourself a cuppa and watch telly im off to bed, my mum wont be back tonight so take it easy"
"cheers si"

Thommo woke with a start from a fitful sleep he looked at the clock on the tobacco stained wall accross from the sofa it read 7 am , he was feeling bad how could he have got involved with those idiots from down the tower block mugging a old man sounded fun at the time but he'd been high at the time and he wanted to impress that tracy who worked in the chip shop,and the bloke would be alright , he looked at his mobile , he had a text from tracy Dat wallet only ad 2 quid 38 in wot a waste we mashed im gud tho ill cum round urs later luv traceXXX "what a nut job she is " Thommo muttered under his breath, but a sly smile traced accross his pale features at the thought of what was to come later he picked up the remote for the tv that was still on in the corner and turned up the volume he idly flicked through the channels , some thing caught his eye the local news station was showing the bus shelter "ah no,please god no" the screen flickered away with the image of police men in white suits sifting for evidence whilst in the forground a lone police man stood sentinal in front of flickering police do not cross tape.Thommo started to cry silently at first rising to high pitched moan it cant be happening not today, not today it was his birth day he was 15 today.

i am a bit new to ats and definately this short story section i apoogise if this is unsuitable or posted in the wrong place any feed back would be welcome thanks in advance buckaroo.


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