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The Secret 2-15-06 postponed

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posted on Feb, 2 2006 @ 10:42 AM
What is the secret part 3

The email I got states "Greetings from The Secret Scrolls.

Since our last Scroll, a great deal has happened to expand The Secret in the most magnificent way. Our film is now complete and ready to launch upon the world. With that, a number of unprecedented, wondrous opportunities have arisen, which we are taking great delight in exploring.

Alongside our strategic partners, we are investigating a vast array of traditional and new media paths to establish the perfect means to reveal The Secret to the broadest possible audience. So what began as a simple dream has since developed into a truly worldwide phenomenon beyond our wildest imagination. Then again, once you understand The Secret, such miracles will be of no surprise.

To accommodate this expansion and to ensure that as many people throughout the world have the opportunity to experience The Secret, we will be delaying our initial broadcast intentions. We understand that many of you were looking forward to that date with great anticipation. We truly appreciate your support, and so we ask you now to join us in focussing your deliberate thoughts and aspirations on The Secret bringing joy to yourself and to billions worldwide, very soon in 2006!

In the mean time, we invite you to explore our website to preview our latest web trailer extravaganza, containing the third and most powerful clue to date.

Happy hunting.

The Secret Scrolls Team.

posted on Mar, 8 2006 @ 01:51 AM
I was just looking on the old secret thread and it stopped dead cold in august. Then I signed in and was going to refind it, when I saw your post. I was wondering what this secret was. Anyhow, thanks for keeping current with this and I do believe when it comes, I will be disappointed. Kind of like what project Ginger/IT hype was recieving and then it came out, people said this is it?

posted on Mar, 26 2006 @ 09:05 PM
"Since our last______, a great deal has happened to expand The Secret in the most magnificent way. Our________is now complete and ready to launch..........Alongside our strategic partners, we are investigating....... to establish.....what began as a simple dream has since developed into a truly worldwide phenomenon......"

reminds me of the annual reports a lot of small companies put out to attract investors. i'd LOVE to get a look at the initial proposal the SECRET-keepers were showing around to drum up interest in pushing this expensive project forward. what exactly was in it for them anyway?

well i still have no clue what the SECRET is, and from what i read they aired the special on pay-for-view three nights ago.

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