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Real Vampirism: the Psi-Vampire

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posted on Feb, 4 2006 @ 08:41 AM

Originally posted by Enyalius
I'm not the one making you feel worse. If you saw yourself in something I wrote I you recognized something and blame me for putting a finger on your sore spot. Your problem, your condition and you have to figure it out how it works and solve it. It is your responsibility and no one else is responsible for your conditions and no one else can live your life and solve it for you. I know it sounds harsh but that's is how personal growth works. See your own positive as well as negative aspects and deal with it. I had to do the same as well and so have had many others. Unfortunately a lot of people rather put a blaming finger towards other people or gods or whatever their personal beliefs are. The strenght and solutions are within oneself not outside yourself.

Let's face it...there is NO ONE in the entire universe that can solve your issues or help you. All people can do is give you advice, the rest is upto yourself.

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Am I being personally addressed here? Enaylin, you did not make me feel 'worse' as I was in a pretty darn good mood when I read your post. Of course I understand and believe that there are psi-vampires---we had one at work who finally went on to another job. Much rejoicing followed.

But I do think we have to be careful of callously presuming someone is a psi-vampire when really they might just be a good soul who is down on their luck. Presume the best about a person first, try to help if you can, but move on if you judge the individual an terminal energy leech.

posted on Feb, 4 2006 @ 11:02 AM
From what I have read in this thread,you all seem to be missing some pretty important points.

Before coming to the conclusion that someone is a 'Psi-Vampire', isnt it more rational to think that these people are just emotionally needy, they require attention. And not that they feed off your 'energy'.

I am in no way trying to denigrate anyones beliefs but it amazes me how quickly people are prepared to make astonishing leaps of faith everytime, they hear something posted on the forums.
Even if you believe that psivampires exist... isnt it better to hold it to some kind of analysis first rather than jump to conclusions. It will lend credibility to proving or diproving wether there are such things.

I have a few points I would like people to clarify for me, I promise I am trying to keep an open mind:

  1. Are Psi - Vampires just needy people who drain energy from others, or are they another species, or are they a supernatrual phenomona?
  2. What evidence do we have?
  3. Is this physical evidence or hearsay?

I dont mean to go on but I think it is for the benefit of ATS if we hold ourselves to a high standard.

posted on Feb, 4 2006 @ 12:20 PM
I see them as people are emotionally not in balance and see affirmations outside. This however is the unconcious form. You try to talk with people, you try to help them...but nothing you say or do gets through to them. You will feel tired and drained of them after a while. They suck you dry slowly without even realising it.

The concious variation is of people who are aware how energy works and how they can use those around themselves to feel more energetic themselves. They can either suck your energy to feel stronger or cover up some other kind of emotional imbalance. Instead of looking within themselves to see why they do it they just keep sucking because it is easier and less confrontational. Others just like to suck people dry because of fun.

It's an emotional/psychological issue which takes place in daily live. It just happens to have been giving a not so conventional name Psi-Vampires. But I'm sure you can find use the definition and find a more scientific name in the psychology division

Are they entirely different beings? Nope, because we all do it one time or another. Most without realizing that they do.

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posted on Feb, 19 2006 @ 12:34 PM
you people are so easy to jump on something you do not know or understand
ok i'm going to talk you about myself to hopefully open your close minds up and
maybe you'll understand.
I'm a born Psi-vampire nothing i wanted it just what/who i am.
which mean thati do not make or have enough prana chi whatever you want to call it
to be live stable.
which being this is very lonly and very hard at times
i mean you feel if you where a vampire or whatever
you try to tell someone and they call you crazy you try to tell yor family they sent you to the dr.
ok so can't tell anyone or bad things start to happen.
and on us being soul sucker give me a big ------- break
i feed off of thunderstorm,powerful winds,and group feed which mean i'll go to a place where there is a big group og people 50+ like the mall and movies
and i would feed very little off everyone which does no harm
and if i get low and don't feed i will start to feed on everything around me without evening knowing it most of the time so it batter for those around that i'm fed.
whoever said we have no feeling where the hell do you get off?
who do you think you are?
one reason it batter i'm fed or i might feed off love one or firend which i don't want to do
i feel i love i hate i get sad but one reason 90% of the time you won't see me act like it because it make my arua leak which is a VERY bad things.
i mean no harm to anyone and i care about other people somone come to me with a problem i'll listen i'll care
if someone very mean i'll feed off they anger and it coms then down
there a good things.
we're not beast or monster or evil
there are soem of us which came be evil and which give us a bad name which no other vampires likes and if your wounder i HATE vampire ceil there evil pure evil ok run away from those.
another thing leave us alone sometime will ya.
ok thank you and good bye
i don't feel like saying anymore at this time

posted on Feb, 19 2006 @ 04:14 PM
Hello 476F6400

I have been studying up on this since my first post and I do believe that it must be difficult for you to deal with criticisms when it comes to this topic. I wish there were another word for this state of being other than VAMPIRE.. people would be able to wrap their heads around it better, I think.
If you havent read it you should get the book "The Psychic Vampire Codex"
by Melanie Ballenger(?i think)

I wonder if people really are BORN into this world with holes in their energy field that are irrepairable or not.
I do not know, honestly, but I can see where some would really think that there really is no fix for chronically low energy.
I have been one of those people until recently
I decided to actually try to do something about this problem before I go an slap a lable on myself.

Now, this is just my own 'stuff' so don't get offended.
I have no idea if people who are psi vamps have tried healing their energy leaks or not.
that is what I am trying to do at this point in my life.. Have you tried, or sought out help for this problem before labeling yourself?

BTW, I think we all feed off of thunderstorms--
What magnificent energy! (unless yer a scardie-cat or have been struck by lightening then I suppose thunderstorms would not be so wonderous )

posted on Feb, 19 2006 @ 05:47 PM
There is some information on Dr. Judith Orloff's site about this and how to deal with them. You may find some topics on there interesting. I read her Book "Second Sght", but found it a boring read Nonetheless, it had alot of interesting information, but she just seems to drag on in her writing skills.

Also there is another man, can't recall his name, but he wrote "Talking to Heaven", He is a good writer, a psychic, and in one if his books covered the psychic vampire topic.

I had a freind i beleived to be this draining type, and eventually terminated our freindship. She was possibly the worst example of one I had ever come accross. I would get headaches, chest pains, all kinds of physical and mental symptoms. I tried many times to tell myself she didn't mean it. But I raalized she did intend to hurt. I felt if I hung around her any longer I would end up dead, Like some poison working it';s way through my system. But oddly enough when i told her this was the reason our friendship was over, she didn't appear to "get it".

posted on Feb, 19 2006 @ 05:59 PM
sorry if i came off somewhat mean as i was reading the post and i just feeled like i hs to say something.
i have readed the vampire codex
i've read hundred of inform on the net and many books.
i've seen many dr. and few wicca
dr say i'm perfectly fine and wicca who told that my aura leaks and have tryed to help or fix but
nothing helps and i've been like this all my life after i starting see what i was doing
some call it awakeing but i don't know.
but i've tryed all things and this is which bring to to believe this
and vampire are well i believe born has if you try to be turn which i don't believe you can
but your more or less a half vamp many call it.
but when i hear bad things about my kind it like someone bad about another race
maybe that will help you understand where i come from.

posted on Jun, 25 2007 @ 12:24 PM
I think a lot of you are getting way to paranoid. A psi vampire is not someone who emotionally drains you, that is just an annoying bastard with a negative influence. If people require attention it does not mean they want or need your energy. A psi-vampire is a person in need (or want) of energy, which (like someone above said) is not taken in a form of "attention" or so. It is taken directly as energy, simply drained out like drinking from a cup, not start talking to the cup until the water vaporised...
Do you feel bad because you eat meat (assuming no vegetariand are around, if there are, replace meat by vegatebles
), no you don't, eating meat is actually worse since an animal died, if anergy is taken it can be restored and it will.

If you have an annoying friend, don't think he/she is a vampire, just tell him/her to get a life...

posted on Jun, 25 2007 @ 05:23 PM
This has happend to my mom before. She was working at a psychic tea room, "The Russian Tearoom" and a client came in asking if she could look into a muder case, she declined knowing full well what it would be like, then proceded to give the client a reading, turns out there was someone sizing her up the entire time, she was far from insufficant, being a particularly psychic person. As the client got up to leave after paying her she suddenly was struck with a horribly vivid vision of a murder, from the killers eyes. After coming out of it she recounted it as if by instinct and the client said thank you and him and another woman walked out the door. She had just been a victem of a psi-vampire.

Chilling to say the least.

But being an empath I find it hard to deny the fact that things like
that do go on daily.

posted on Dec, 16 2007 @ 01:44 AM
Being newly "awakened" I can shed some light on a few things. These are the reasons I have found that make me a psi-Vamp and NOT just a pain in the ass attention seeker.

1) All my life I have either evoked a massively positive or completely negative response from people just by being completely neutral toward them. I always wondered why this happened but I believe I unknowingly feed off of them.

2) I have a highly empathic nature. I have been to several known haunted places and have had striking empathic reactions. IE. breaking down crying for no apparent reason.

3) I favor dark over light. I am a night person staying up well after most people find suitable. I have gray eyes and like many such people am sensitive to light. I wear sunglasses nearly all the time, sometimes even when it rains. I have been known to make streetlights go out on approach and come back on when I leave (weird but true). I think it has something to do with my localized natural energy release (This fact scared the crap out of a girl I walked to a party, which quite nicely gave me an emotion high. read below).

4) drawing Chi or Aura is one thing, but what I have found that sets vamps apart is the emotional high we can get by causing or being around intense emotions. Emotions cause people to leak their Aura, including psi-vamps. so yes psi-vamps can feed off other psi-vamps but most vamps have learned to close or cut off emotions causing less leakage. Anyway, when I am around a person feeling strong emotion, being empathic, I get a charge or a High from it. I can get a boost from Joy, Happiness, Love, and exstacy. But I can also get a different kind of High from fear, Anger and even sometimes sadness. Where the first is like eating your favorite food for a couple days, it makes you feel good but it gets old. The latter is like a couple shots of hard liqueur, you feel intoxicated for a short time but maybe a little remorseful later.

5) I have learned to manipulate people and situations in order to absorb the energy. I like scary movies, and (fake) haunted houses because I love being around people when they are scared. Those that are drawn to me I can make laugh easily, and without effort. I can just as easily confound and infuriate people without resorting to any low level behavior. And sometimes I cause arguments or feuds between people because I like the anger generated. This can make me feel rather bad afterwards, but when the opportunity strikes, I always seem to capitalize on it.

6) I prefer to live in cities. for the past 5 years I have lived in a small town and I find I am irritable, and grouchy for no apparent reason. I didn't know why until I discovered the psi-vamp thing. Apparently I don't come into contact with enough people during a regular day to absorb enough energy to keep me buzzed.

I hope you can see the difference between an emotionally needy person and a psi-vampire now. A psi-vampire does not need to be re-assured or emotionally hand held. We elicit emotions in others because it is a way to draw the energy we need or want. And it doesn't have to be bad either. eliciting love or lust from someone can sustain us for weeks or months and it is pretty pleasant for the other person too, that is until we get tired of that aura...

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posted on Jul, 2 2008 @ 04:28 AM

posted on Oct, 23 2008 @ 06:30 PM
I need to ask you all a very serious question. I feel as if I am finally figuring out a lot about myself. However, I might be a little off. Please see if you can help me understand. I feel peoples energy. I can feel anyone who is near me. I feel whatever they feel. I can also tell someone what they are thinking about certai nthings, just by their energy. Like, if someone says I really dont like that person! I can say, yes you do, why are you saying you don't? becuase I oculd feel that they liked them, when they thought of that person, their energy was good. People have a hard time lying to me, due to this fact. However. When i spend too much time around people with bad energy, I am drained. I feel like they have sucked the life out of ME! Is that simply because when they are around, I shut off my ability to take ebergy to abvoid theirs? Therefore causing me to be weak from no energy draining at all? please help me understand if this may be a psi vampire as paeople say.

posted on Nov, 2 2008 @ 03:19 PM
I don't even know if I myself am a psi vamp. I can't figure it out. If this helps, here are some things about me: 1. When people are around me, they feel tired. 2. When I am alone, I feel like I need someone else. I have a hollow feeling in my chest. 3. I read energy well. When I was little, around 11, I played a game with two friends. I laid on my stomach, face down. One of them would walk silently into the room. I would read the energy they gave off and be able to say who it was. I was right every time. 4. I am interested in astrology and astronomy. 5. I read my horoscope all the time. 6. Sometimes when I tell a story, even if it's funny, people will just cut me off. 7. A lot of people are drawn to me and say that I am very nice, but they say that there's something about me that makes them stay away. 8. When I'm alone, I need something electronic with me like an iPod. 9. When people are upset, I absorb their emotions. 10. I recently tried to "feed" off of someone's energy, and I felt energized. Please help me! _javascript:icon('
reply to post by FlyersFan

posted on Nov, 20 2008 @ 04:39 PM
I believe I could be a Psi-Vampire, but I have not been able to diagnose myself yet. These are why I believe I could be a Psi-Vamp:

1: I am always irritable and tired when in my house. Does not matter when I am there, what I have eaten lately, I just get a headache until I leave to a populated area.

2: I try to give emotions to people when good or bad things happen, but I don't seem to care. These events can happen to my best friends, but I can not come up with sympathy. Regretfully, I think I thrive off of their bad situations.

3: I get the most energy at night. I can stay up all night easily. I am able to maintain a regular sleeping pattern, but it has never been easy to go to sleep, as I get an energy rush.

4: I am able to understand people's emotions much better than other people, normally with out talking or sometimes even seeing whoever's emotions I am sensing.

There are more examples that I do not know who to put in word form. What do you guys think?

posted on Nov, 20 2008 @ 04:58 PM
G'day. Once I chatted (Writting) to a female Satanist, and she told me that to stay away from the Psi-Vampires. (I am not anymore) But a long time ago, years ago, me and my brother was sortof into Satanist... What I "seen" was creatures from Hell. Those creatures called Maskins (I hope, I did spell the name correctly) do drain-energy, evil as they are, I used to see them. I am saying is, there are "spirits" from Hell people would need to worry more then the Psi-Vampires.

posted on Nov, 20 2008 @ 07:37 PM
I see that this conversation has been around for 2-3 year, interesting..
I have some information, but not much.

1. For all our race knows, we are either: a) alone, in a world of science
or b) in a strange place of 'energy' and dimensions, planes, or whatever you choose to call them. This topic needs the latter.
2. There could very well be spirits, there is some evidence, but there is not enough proof yet to convince most scientists, some of these may very well drain energy. (notable: Shadows, incubi, certain 'demons'.)
3. It seems that sanguine/psi vamps are, as thought by their communities, defected humans.
Could they be sub-races, or just disabled, mentally or otherwise?
First we have to believe in souls and auras.
A soul is thought to be our essence, the very thing our existence revolves around.
Our auras are less accepted by spiritual leaders, and are thought be extra energy waves the soul leaves off, yet, they are supposedly crucial to our existence. They surround us, and through basic techniques, can be used to divine who someone is, and what they feel like at that moment.

The 'psi vampire' is someone who 'feeds' off of these auras, supposedly because their own energy is 'leaking' out due to cracks. It is also thought that 'bites' can be found on auras, and could be whiped clean by meditating and other techniques.

Sanguine vampires drink blood for the energy it carries, one could guess this is a different energy, and supposedly, it is also closer to the soul, so one could also guess sanguines have a higher energy requirement.

Psi vampires are normal people, but some symptoms have been reported again and again: * = most often seen in puberty. ? = unconfirmed
vulnerability to sunlight
more potential in the art of energy*
the ability to see auras*
mood swings

migraines, and weakness when preventing oneself from 'feeding' also felt when alone for 6-48 hours, some need more energy then others.

a sudden detachment from life and depression at puberty, and leaves around 16-18*?

A feeling like you are missing something important at puberty.*

Hope it helped.

posted on Dec, 21 2008 @ 09:42 PM

posted on Dec, 22 2008 @ 09:22 AM
reply to post by MerryMistressMarie

I'm not an expert on the subject but I've always felt that the energy in your body was effected by the negative or positive "vibes" around you.
I've tested this theory and come up with varied results.
For example, walking in the park with two nonstop fighting children made me feel drained of energy whereas walking without the children seemed to leave me with more energy. But factoring in that I was testing myself and expecting certain results may have given me the results. Walking while thinking positive thoughts seems to have surged my energy and walking while thinking of negative thoughts brought the levels down. Once again, this may have been because it's the result I was expecting. Also factoring in adequate sleep, diet and the amount of recent exercise.
My personal results were inconclusive but I'm leaning strongly towards it's all in your head.

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posted on Jan, 23 2009 @ 08:49 AM
reply to post by MerryMistressMarie

i want to become a vampire. how do i do so?

posted on Jan, 23 2009 @ 09:46 AM

Originally posted by Ravenmock1
Yes there are Psi-Vampires. Do you want to find their victims? Go to some of the MC forums and you will find the victims there. Not the sex forum ones either. Most of those members, in my opinion, are either vampires or victims whom have given up their "free will". Remember the old vampire stories? Not only did Count Dracula completely drain his victims for food but also "took just a little" to have slaves to service him.

Now the vampire teeth of this whole thing is the neurophone, it stimulates a direct neural pathway to the human mind. The neurophone triggers the nerves behind the eardrum (near the old vampire sucking site (area) around the human neck)(Similiar huh? with digital coded signals that carries the same time-ratio code that is recognized as sound by the cochl-ear. Go to Phi Sciences and you'll see a logo of a dissected ear and it looks liie a 9 but when you invert the logo it appears like a 6, two bites 66 and the human cochlear nervous system or the human mind you have 666.
Not bad putting together the old vampires with the new ones.

Here's an invention for you. . . . its based on the prime number of Phi and uses the biological 666 (ultrasound) with a transducer adhesed to the human hand or forehead, and you can listen to music, download, receive text messages digitally compressed and decompressed into ultrasound, from a satillite and finally into an Ipod type device. With no noise to other people, do it at work, play, or just when holding on a telephone call. Its the next wave of background music, education, homework.

Was all of that sarcasm? Or what? What the heck are you talking about, ravenmock?
What's an MC forum?

And this is aimed not only to ravenmock:
It sounds like the lot of you might be talking about emotional drainers, which aren't necessarily the only type. So i have read.

Oh, but back to ravenmock:
About free will, people will be controlling, psi-vamps or not.
It depends on the person, not only their (uhm,) type.

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