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Choose your own NWO executive

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posted on Feb, 2 2006 @ 06:41 AM
From what I've read of the New World Order, most people regard it as some kind of quasi-government. A government must have a Cabinet, ie various ministers or "secretaries" in charge of various functions. There will also, obviously, be a Mr. or Ms. Big at the very top.

So you'd have, at the very least:

1. A Big Boss (President, Prime Minster, whoever)

2. A Little Big Boss (Vice-President, Deputy PM etc.)

3. A Domestic Affairs Boss (to look after law and order, implant identity chips under the skin of people's foreheads, keep public -- oops, sorry, private -- utilities going, oversee the maintenance of State land and waterways, the oceans and sky - after all, it's a world order - and so forth)

4. A Foreign Affairs Boss (it'll be one world, sure, but someone's still going to have to parley with the Grey Reptilioids and those Whistling Balloon People from Theta Reticulati)

4. A Money Boss (or if money is made obsolete under the NWO, then a Minister of Barter, Exchange and Allocation)

5. A Human Resources Boss (running the forced-labour camps is actually the nasty part of the job; the real fun bit is the Eunuch programme -- where there's a New World Order, there's bound to be an Old World harem, and they'll need someone trustworthy to look after the girls)

6. An Education Boss (who is also the Re-Education Boss and, when called upon to be, the Re-Re-Education Boss)

7. A Health Boss (who will oversee the mass sterilization, cloning, gene-manipulation and alien/human hybrid development programmes)

8. A Transport and Communications Boss, whose permission must be sought before anyone goes anywhere or talks to anyone.

9. A Media Boss, who is also the Chief Censor

10. A Culture Boss, or for those whose preference is for a more faith-based NWO, a Religious Affairs Boss.

Ten should be enough. Nice round figure. Have I missed anyone?

So here's the deal. Just send in your nominees for any or all of the above posts. Include one or two lines -- no more, please -- telling us why you've chosen that particular candidate. Should be interesting.

No prizes for this, but I'll be waiting eagerly to see who your nominees are.

But wait!

Some nominees are excluded by virtue of their sheer obviousness or capacity for generating dull ranting in others: George Bush, Kofi Annan, Osama bin Laden, Britney Spears. Others are excluded because we don't know them personally: ie you the poster and your close relations, friends, lovers and housepets (human, Reptiliod or merely animal)

But feel free to nominate anyone you like to any post I haven't mentioned but you feel just has to exist within the NWO. Just tell us why.

This post doesn't contravene any of ATM's rules, does it? Hope not.

Looking forward to those replies...

posted on Feb, 2 2006 @ 12:07 PM
I call Big Boss! I called it first!

posted on Feb, 2 2006 @ 11:21 PM
Okay, Ralph, but who's your call?

If you're nominating yourself, that's against the rules (see first post). But you can have it anyway, and keep it for as long as you're strong enough to hold on.

It's competitive up here on the slippery summit of world domination.

posted on Feb, 3 2006 @ 09:14 PM
* Big Boss: "Prince Charles of Wales" because this name adds up to 666 and he wants to come back in his next life as a virus - or was that someone else?
* Little Big Boss: Gary Coleman from Different Strokes. He's little, and we all know he had aspirations inversely proportional to his size during the California elections.

* Foreign Affairs Boss: Henry "All your base belong to us" Kissinger. Failing that, David Icke for his close ties to Reptillian Shapeshifters.
* Money Boss: Nathan Rothschild.
* Culture/Religious Affairs Boss: William Swing, director of United Religions.
* Media Boss: Rupert Murdoch, Ted Turner or a genetic union of the two.
* Health Boss: Robert Muller. "Former UN Assistant-Secretary-General Robert Muller boasted that his long-standing policies on population control prevented the births of 2.2 billion children."
* Human Resources Boss: Prof. David Guest, Tavistock Institute. Professor of Human Resources Management & Organisational Psychology, King's College London. Got nothing against David, it's just tavistock I don't trust!
* Education Boss: Bill Bradley, who has shown us that even the worst students can go places. "Bradley had a horrifying 480 on the verbal part of his own SATs, yet graduated from Princeton, won a Rhodes Scholarship, and became a senator"
* Communications Boss: Avi Naor, former CEO of Amdocs, accused of spying on US telecommunications
* Transport Boss: James Hall, director of the NTSB at the time of TWA800. See
* Domestic Security Boss: Scott R. Silverman, CEO of Applied Digital Systems, makers of VeriChip
* Environment Boss : Maurice Strong or Al Gore and their clique of tree hugging pantheists.

posted on Feb, 4 2006 @ 05:15 AM
*Big Boss*: You wouldn't know who it was, his identity would only be known as something like Big Brother.

*Little Big Boss*: A military leader. Someone like...General MacArthur, but British. Again, his identity wouldn't be given to the public. They wouldn't even knew of his existence.

Haven't thought about anyone else...maybe that O'Brian guy from 1984 for security, or Stalin.

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