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Anybody can help me with new computer setting for CAD/3dMAX???

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posted on Feb, 2 2006 @ 01:02 AM
Hi guys..Im thking of buy new computer this year...and im studying looking for something suitable to run CAD and MAXs and stuff like that..

I looked up some graphic cards..and still not sure about it yet..

Nvidia Quadro 4500G was like 2.5g so..quite alot of cash..and heard some ppl talking about unlocking the options from Nvidia Geforce 7800 to make it into Quadro.

Is Geforce 7800 can work same as Quadro? is there any benchmark on those 2?

or will Doubling Geforce graphic cards be faster than one Quadro?

Im pretty blank at hardware anyone help me out?

Just bits of advises or links that i can look up to will help me alot..

posted on Feb, 2 2006 @ 01:48 AM
Not sure about unlocking cards or anything of that sort, but I use both CAD and 3DS Max along witha hgue range of other programs, even low graphics cards will handle the programs at a just tolerable speed, I would suggest anything in the 6000-7000 series of geforce cards. I use both (on different machines) a geforce 6600 256mb and a radeon x300 both work very well. And I work mostly in 3d applications/simulations and video game development. For studying architecture, no problem.


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