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Static Shocks

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posted on Feb, 2 2006 @ 12:59 AM
Does anyone have any problems with static shocks?

It doesn't seem to matter what materials I wear, I still have problems.

Usually static shocks don't bother people too much, but these shocks have caused a few problems on occasions, including throbbing pain that lasts an hour or so, heart being knocked off beat, or seem to temporarily stop, loss of breath and energy.

Concerns me that, I may damage my heart? Happens randomly upon touching another person, clothes rack at a store, door handle, car - (good i dont fill it up), seems to happen most often in winter, in summer almost never happens. Once or twice ive created, i'd say a large visible spark of electricity thats hurt both me and the other person.

Possibly a case of sheer coincidence, I have effected electronics, lights and also been in close proximity to bout half a dozen lightning strikes, by close proximity im talking less than 10ft. Good point is I have never had it from sitting in a car and my fiance finds it funny that we've driven past 12 street lights that have blinked out in the past month. Most common occurence of it seems to be in stores.

If anyone has a similar problem? or knows of something I can wear to keep myself grounded. I'd appreciate hearing from ya.


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