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My Encounter with the Black Eyed Kids

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posted on Nov, 14 2007 @ 04:42 AM
Okay, if you've ever taken any drugs like mushrooms or acid, you know what its like for someone you don't like to be in your space. When you invite someone into your space, you are basically giving them the freedom to destroy your peace.

When you invite one of them in, you might be allowing them to connect to you to steal your soul... I think these things feed on your fear, but the only way they can scare you is if you let them scare you.

posted on Nov, 17 2007 @ 02:32 AM
by the time you read this, the thread might already be gone, but:

ill post the important parts, (so not responses of "OMGLOL")

File :1195186952.jpg-(27 KB, 350x263, demon-eye.jpg)
My experience with the Black eyed kids Anonymous 11/15/07(Thu)23:22 No.341395
I'm posting here in the hopes of perhaps seeing if others have had similar experiences to what I've been going through for the last 2 months I'd say. I'd ultimately like to get some answers to this serious issue that I've been suffering from, and eventually find a solution to this problem.

As I had said before about 2 months ago this extremely horrific paranormal event began to occur. It was about 11 pm, shortly after every one had gone to bed and I was about to go to bed my self. I heard a very soft light knocking at my front door, at the time I thought nothing of it as I had just assumed it was one of my friends coming by to say hello or something (A lot of my friends are night owls).

As I began to walk closer to the door I suddenly got this feeling of dread, as though I shouldn't be going towards the door and most definitely should not open. Despite this how ever I pressed on, and slowly unlocked the door, twisted the handle and pulled the door back towards me.

As I began to open the door my heart raced even more so, and I began to shake. Upon opening the door to my surprise before me stood two very young boys dressed in rather plain clothing. At first nothing about them stood out, how ever I could not control this overwhelming feeling of freight that had come over me.
>> Anonymous 11/15/07(Thu)23:23 No.341397
Both of them had their heads down, and looked rather sad and very lost. I attempted to speak, but barely got out the words "Yes?". One of them, I'm not sure which as they both had their heads down murmured "we may come in?". At first I was unsure of what they said, perhaps because I was too scared to even think, so I replied "I'm...sorry w-what was t-that?".

That's when the one on the left brought his head up and looked directly at me. That's when I saw it, his eyes were pitch black. It was so noticeable because I have a very bright porch light, and can see very well on it.

When I saw those eyes I didn't know what to do, I just stared. I stood there my jaw dropped scared dead still unable to move at all. That's when he said it again, in very clear audible English "May we come in...please?". The please at the end sounded so angry and frustrated, it was as if setting off a nuclear explosion during the dead silence. I swear their eyes were so horrifying, seeing absolutely nothing there but pure blackness. It was as though I was looking into the depths of infinity. They locked onto me and just stared at me, reaching out at me..

I didn't know what to do, and I quickly slammed the door and moved very quickly down into the basement where there are very few windows. Through out the rest of that night I swore I heard them moving along the house to where I was, asking begging to be let in.
>> Anonymous 11/15/07(Thu)23:23 No.341398
After that event it didn't happen again until a month later, and from there it began happening on what seemed to be a almost every other day basis. Every night they are here they ask the same question, and every time I feel the same sense of dread. I don't always answer the door, most of the time I try to ignore it and block out the sounds of their knocking and cries to be let in.

After doing some research on them I've discovered that they are commonly known as "Black eyed kids". There seems to be little information on them as far as I can tell, and I was wondering if any one else has had similar experiences with them? I've tried every thing from taking pictures to trying to record the sounds of their voices. Nothing turns up on the pictures, and only the knocking can be heard.

Please /x/. I need help. Can any one help me..?
(more in later posts, wont fit)

posted on Nov, 17 2007 @ 02:35 AM
>> Anonymous 11/15/07(Thu)23:45 No.341426

I've tried talking to them and asking what they want, but I become too scared and lock up. I can't do any thing but mutter small words.
>> Anonymous 11/15/07(Thu)23:47 No.341429
I wonder what's so scary about them...

Maybe they're death's little messengers? In which case, you really ARE #ed. Just don't let them in.
>> Anonymous 11/15/07(Thu)23:53 No.341437
Have you even tried to have a friend over? Do they only come when no one is around?
>> Anonymous 11/15/07(Thu)23:56 No.341445

I haven't tried with a friend, I might try that thank you.

I have tried waking some one up in the house, and it does appear to stop as soon as I have them awake and with me. How ever an hour or so after they have gone to sleep it starts up again.
>> Anonymous 11/16/07(Fri)00:06 No.341456
This is around the time that they normally come. As of yet I have not heard them, but I'm sure they will come soon. I will try to keep you guys up to date on the situation. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm hoping they will show up tonight...I just want to share my experience and maybe it will prove useful to some one else one day.
>> Anonymous 11/16/07(Fri)00:08 No.341460
"Adele was at home when she had her experience with the beings. More unnerving, perhaps, they were small children. "I was sitting in my bedroom reading a book," Adele says, "when at about 11:00 p.m. I heard a knocking… a slow, constant one. I got up out of bed to see what it was. I looked out of the window and to my surprise saw two children. I opened the window and asked them what they wanted at this time of night. They replied by saying simply, 'Let us in.' I said no and asked what for. 'We want to use your bathroom.'

"I was quite shocked that children of about 10 years old wanted to use a stranger's bathroom at this time of night. I told them no, closed the window, but looked at them through the glass. I glanced at their eyes... and I have never ever seen eyes like them. They were black, completely black. I got the feeling of evil and unhappiness. It surrounded me. It was horrible." "

That is off of I find it interesting that they showed up at the same time as the ones you see show up. Maybe 11pm is a key time for them?
>> Anonymous 11/16/07(Fri)00:10 No.341463
So, um. Solution.
Don't be afraid of them.
When they beg to be let in, just go to the basement, wait to hear their cries, and start pounding out some really loud-ass death metal. If that doesn't mess with their heads, get someone else to be with you when you see them next, and pimp slap those little shotas. >> Anonymous 11/16/07(Fri)00:29 No.341483
I can hear them knocking now...and the voices are piercing my brain. No matter how loud I turn up the music I keep hearing them. They beg and cry for me to let them in, nothing can block the sound. As I play music louder the volume level of their pounding increases by ten folds.

It's never been like this before, it's as though I can physically feel them right next to me screaming at me. It feels like they are watching me now, even though I am near no doors and no windows.. >> Anonymous 11/16/07(Fri)00:36 No.341490
I lol'd, also, Do it faggot. Worst case scenario, you and everyone you love die. Best case scenario, They grant you three wishes? (surprise buttsecks)
>> Anonymous 11/16/07(Fri)01:38 No.341542
OP should get their ass some holy water. Toss some on them and see if it burns them.
>> Anonymous 11/16/07(Fri)02:28 No.341608
Yeah, every story I've ever heard, they have to be invited in..
(more in next post)

posted on Nov, 17 2007 @ 02:38 AM
>> Anonymous 11/17/07(Sat)00:42 No.342601
I just got done with an attack. Like, just now. My friend Dara, who has a lot of experience with creating barriers and the like, saved my ass from these damned things. They started coming. I felt them. They made sounds outside. They were SO CLOSE. But Dara's protective wards saved my ass. They all drew to her. But the fear I felt was so hard...My body was almost shaking so bad I would fall over. You don't want to feel this sort of terror. You REALLY don't.
>> Anonymous 11/17/07(Sat)00:45 No.342606
But the question is does SHE see or hear them? I think it's very important to figure out if it's real or if you're going insane, honestly.
>> Anonymous 11/17/07(Sat)01:02 No.342613
Oh yes. She could see them. She could feel them. She was holding back a #ing army of the bastards with a certain ward. She won't give up the secret though, no matter how much I ask her.
>> Anonymous 11/17/07(Sat)01:13 No.342625
Trust me. When they come for real...You're absolutely terrified. That face I saw seemed more like a message. That they'll be back.
>> Anonymous 11/17/07(Sat)01:15 No.342630
Read enough stories and you'll see them yourself. The more you know about 'em, the more likely, it seems, that they'll bother you. Don't ever talk about them, unless you're #ed already. It's what causes them to come. Right now, that ward is protecting me. I'm going to learn how to set my own up from her, so I'll never be bugged by these mother #ers again.
>> Anonymous 11/17/07(Sat)01:20 No.342638
Great, you've cursed us all.
>> Anonymous 11/17/07(Sat)01:33 No.342654
Well no matter what I would've done, I would've lost. You were gonna press me for information, so I had to tell it. Besides, I want someone else other than me to get #ed. Haha.

And you skeptics out there can learn about these little pricks. Actually, all they seem to be is a shade or a collaboration of shades (aka "Shadow People") that successfully displaced a human soul and possessed their body. And if you're ever had to fight off a shade, they're #in' pussies. So you should be able to just laugh at them when you disect them.
>> *~Biohazard~* 11/17/07(Sat)03:04 No.342715
i googled the # out of this one!*:IE-SearchBox&ie=UTF

First internet report of BEK known to the general community:

this page has a descrip and some links to other peoples stories...which are also on the first page of google.

A teenager talking to BEK's
>> Anonymous 11/17/07(Sat)03:13 No.342721
lol prepare for a visit tonight
>> *~Biohazard~* 11/17/07(Sat)03:17 No.342722
haha i doubt it.
i live in a locked apartment building that you have to have a keycard to get into.
>> Anonymous 11/17/07(Sat)03:20 No.342725
but what if they just spawn right outside your door

(yes, i did mention this thread in there. and that in here. WOAH TIME LOOP?)

posted on Nov, 17 2007 @ 02:43 AM
hope that helped some people coming here to read about it, what with my linkage and such.

not that i believe this teen any more. first instance iver read out of about 10-20 of them actually touching someone. although i heard one of someone letting them in, they said they came to "collect", and she freaked out and locked a different door or something?

anyways only heard about this 2 nights ago, at least, i dont remember hearing about it specifically before.

though in Supernatural, people posessed by demons have fully black eyes. also that lame MCR music vid.

all rip-offs im sure.

posted on Nov, 17 2007 @ 05:57 AM
This stuff is really amazing...
One thing seems strange - the Wikipedia Article that used to be there does not exist anymore! Any other searches for "Black Eyed Kids" on Wikipedia turn futile in results... ...nothing. A cover-up?

posted on Nov, 17 2007 @ 06:29 AM

Originally posted by MastaG
This stuff is really amazing...
One thing seems strange - the Wikipedia Article that used to be there does not exist anymore! Any other searches for "Black Eyed Kids" on Wikipedia turn futile in results... ...nothing. A cover-up?

yeah i was looking for it tonight...
someone in this thread:

noticed it too a few days ago. maybe just got deleted because people were messing with it, or no citations or something?

posted on Jan, 2 2008 @ 04:40 AM
Wes Borland was knocking at my door the other night strangely enough at 11 pm. I opened it and was all like, "Whoa, its Wes Borland." But he didn't say anything, just stood there with his head down. Then I said, "Yo, Wes Borland, are you okay?" and he raised his head to reveal his kick ass black contacts, and asked to use my restroom. I was all like "Sweet! Wes Borland wants to use my bathroom." So I let him in to use it and he said he'd come to collect the money I owed him from downloading his music from TorrentSpy. Damn. So that's what they wanted all along. I told him he couldn't have it though because Limp Bizkit is only mediocre and not worth the $9.99 that they charge for their CDs, which is why I had downloaded them. Then I baseball-batted him outside and shut my door and locked it. He remained outside crying for me to let him in and pay him for Three Dolla Bill Yalls but I turned up some NWA to drown him out. But no matter how loud I turned up "# the Police," I could still hear him crying for his $10. I eventually just got sick of him bieng a baby on my front porch and wadded up a $10 bill and threw it at his face as hard as I could and told him to beat it. I haven't heard from him since. So to all you people who keep seeing these little black eyed Wes Borland kids, just give them the $10 for Limp Bizkits lame album and they will go away.

The second night he came by he just said "I need about $3.50." I said Jeez Wes Borland, I just gave you $10 yesterday. Thats when I realized it was the Loch Ness monster dressed up as Wes Borland and he just wanted another tree fitty.

[edit on 1/2/2008 by mike_b]

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 11:41 PM

posted on Jun, 12 2008 @ 11:41 PM
okay people first of all, vampires, yetis, and werewolves are not possible explanations for this because they arent real. Blood sucking immortal vampires are not hunting people down to get into houses. werewolves are a scientific impossibility and anyone who really believes in them has MAJOR issues. and even if yetis existed they wouldnt be a legit explanation. i believe these things are sounds like they are attempting to prey on people who dont have intuitive disease at their presence. i think the people who experience it and get away do so because their subconscious instincts let them know that something is not right with these beings...and if these are demons, their eyes stay black because they lack the capability to mimic god's image (humans) perfectly. if i ever saw one of those i would be terrified beyond belief! i dont really think this person is telling the truth, but to those who are i feel SO sorry for you and if you see one i would reccomend you hide and pray

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 02:50 AM
I don't believe these kids even exist but if I did see one I'd definitely try a few experiments with them. What do you think would happen if you just forcefully grabbed one and through them into the house or whatever? It doesn't really make any sense that somehow they need permission. If a freaking ghost can follow me around the world I'm sure a demon can partake in breaking and entering.

posted on Jun, 14 2008 @ 03:11 AM
no offense to the OP . . . but this sounds like bs. Seems you've seen the x-files movie and one too many vampire movies. I'm normally quiet when posts like this arise, but this is quite blaring.

posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 12:14 AM
Hello above top secret, i read a story (That im sure you've all heard already) today on some image board website in the paranormal section, anywho to the point! - It may already be on here i only got half way through page 2

The story was along the lines of as follows (Not word for word obviously - but it creeped me out and made me lock my windows lol)

It was about 3 am, and the power went out, shortly after there was a knock at the door, and two kids stood there, they looked to be 15 and 17 and said there car broke down a mile away and needed to use his phone. the guy said he felt something strange, but could not determine what. They kept pestering him.. We need to call our friend! and refused to use his mobile. He finaly noticed the black eyes (I would have probably shat a brick if i noticed htat after reading this story) they reflected very little light aswell. He (Or she not really sure) said sorry but you cant come in and went inside, there was banging on the door, so he rushed around locking everything he could and barracaded himself in the bathroom with his cellphone and called the police, 5 minutes later the banging stopped and the power came back on and the police arrived and no one was at the door, they said they saw no car on the way down to.. He said he was affraid to go down untill he heard the police.. Uh, loud speaker thing? forget the name!

Anyway, he could have just read a few stories and pulled it out of his bum. Or he could have been genuine, we probably wont ever know.

But in my personal opinion, i think demons... I think Demons are bound to laws just like us, and perhapes they want to take your soul or something, but they need permission.. Unlike the ever popular I'll give you untold riches for your soul, it is if we can come into your house.. We can have what is yours.

Well it's open to interpratation, and we probably will never know what is going on.

P.s - I live in Australia to... NSW not QLD though! and i sincerely hope no one has reported these creeps in NSW since i stopped reading!!

If they do.. And for some reason pick my house, i'de want to hope having 3 labradors and a german shephard and having a gun would be a detteraint. . . Hehe (Not that im a gunnut or anything)

As for the age of the guy in the story, i've got no clue.. Or if it was a guy at all! i would track him down, but everyone is named ''Anonymous'' on the website i read this on.

Well, i sincerely hope it is just some drug screwed kids and not demons ghosts or something worse. I would hate to think that these fellows are walking all over my planet.. Let alone my country!

It seems kind of strange to me, that no reports from Mexico or Canada. . . And then. . . Bam! Australia.. Not that im accusing of lieing or anything!

Well my paranormal investigators and ameatur cryptzoologists hope ya don't get visited by the BEKs lol (Don't take ameatur the wrong way! I just mean people with an intrest in it, and would probably love to get out to Argentina and South Africa looking for these crazy critters out there)

Best of luck.

posted on Jul, 14 2008 @ 03:55 PM

posted on Jul, 15 2008 @ 12:44 PM
I first heard about BEKs about a month ago from a friend who is very into the paranormal, before I knew about this demonic harassment thing. Supposedly in the eighties or so, these black-eyed kids started appearing in areas of low population density. They were emotionally flat, and had some manner of psychic ability and otherworldly understanding. Shortly after their appearance, they were rounded up and quarantined. I wish I had some more specific information, but the guy who told me this is maddeningly vague about anything he doesn't consider immediately relevant.

Now I was looking up BEKs about two weeks ago, and while sifting through the typical stories of kids demanding invitation to homes and cars, I found a brief, poorly written post that supported what my friend said. Supposedly, the poster knew a black-eyed kid whom he said knew things, if we know what he means. Of course, I don't know what the hell he meant, but it seemed notably consistent with what my friend said a month earlier. I'd like to pursue this theory further, but unfortunately I can't find that post (I do know that it's not on ATS).

posted on Jul, 15 2008 @ 12:55 PM
I distrust your post.

This seesm from your story (please correct me if I´m wrong) to have been your first encounter with ´black eyed kids´.

However, I found this thread from 2006 where you were already named ´Blackeyedkid´.

posted on 14-2-2006 @ 03:44 PM
Strange Transformation

There is something odd going on with me in the last few days
1. My strength has increased at least 3 times for lifting about 120 to 360
2. My speed has incresed at night i seem to run increasingly fast
3. I have an odd craving i don't know what it is for but its bugging me
4. My eyes seem to focus in the dark without light(i can almost see perfectly in the dark)

Whats happinging to me....

Have your superpowers developed more since 2006? If so, I wouldn´t worry about the black-eyed kids.

Sorry for my overt skepticism. If you could provide any evidence other than heresey I would be more open minded.

posted on Jul, 15 2008 @ 01:15 PM
reply to post by Psychopump

Yeah, thanks for that link Psychopump, I found the entry that stated:

Today in lunch some kid was trying to start a fight with me, for some reason it pissed me off more than usual without hesitation i grabbed his throat and slammed him against the wall and lifted him about 3 feet off the ground, later while in the office the kid said while i was staring at him my eyes were black, Odd?

... to be most off-putting.

posted on Jul, 15 2008 @ 06:07 PM
Black Eyed Kids were created to put the scare into paedophiles at night time.

posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 03:34 PM
I have had a similar experience with these "Black eyed kids". I never knew they had a name till reading this now.

When I was 17 not too long after moving to a new house and neighborhood after school I wen home and ate and chilled for a bit and went outside to roll and smoke my weed, I think it was around 7-8 o clock.
I went through this catwalk that leads to a long path/park type area to roll my weed on a bench.
When I was smoking these two white kids were walking around and they came up to me. First I thought it was strange, I saw them walking and they never said anything to each other while walking up to me.
I thought they were going to ask me for weed, these kids looked like they were about 14-15 years old I'd say.
One of them asks if I live here, and I said "yeah" and looked at him as I said it and I saw his eyes were fully black and looked at his friend too. Their eyes were a bit bigger than normal human eyes I think and there was a huge glare in there eye from the sky/sunlight, their eyes were like shinny almost.
I said "whats wrong with you guys eyes?" and the same kid just says "hey man can we use your house phone for a sec?"
I said "nah my mom probably wouldn't like that" and again I asked them "what the # is wrong with you guys eyes?"
He ignored the question and started begging to use my phone.
So I got annoyed and then mad at his aggressiveness and his friend not talking at all and told them to "move from me let me smoke my weed"
He stopped talking and both of them just stood there looking at me, so I got pissed off, outed my weed and started walking towards my house thinking I would just go in my backyard and smoke without these freaky kids around me.
They started following behind me and I said "you best not try to follow me, I'm leaving".
And the talker kid said "WE JUST NEED TO USE YOUR PHONE FOR A QUICK SEC!!" and he grabbed the back of my shirt and tugged it and I heard my shirt pull (you know when you hear the threads breaking and snapping as your clothes are being stretched)
Now I already had it in my mind that I wanted to punch these kids out for killing my high. As soon as I heard my shirt stretching I turned around and looked at him for like 2 seconds and I gave him the biggest push kick ever! straight in his chest and he fell down hard in the grass and he let out sounds like a dead dying dog trying to catch his breath. trust me it was a really hard kick (I had been taking Tae-kwon-do for 5 years at this time and was almost black belt)
And then his friend went to try and help him and pick him up, I said "# that #" and grabbed the non-talker by his long hair, dragged him with all my might to a tree and with both hands gripping on his hair I whipped his head right into the tree BAM! I felt some wet # on my face, I whipped it with my hand, it was blood! I looked at the kid on the ground and noticed his forehead was split nicely with a cut trailing up to his hair, and I think I also noticed the top of his head was split open I think I ripped his scalp open a bit while dragging him. I was honestly kind of waiting for one of them to start crying or show some kind of emotion but all that came out of them was very heavy breathing. Now I turned around quickly to see what the other guy was going to do about it but he was still on the ground holding his rip cage starring at me in pain. As I looked at him he said "no! no, no don't do it!
I said "kids go use a pay phone and tell the cops a black guy wearing black whipped your ass" (bit of a inside joke because this neighborhood had lots of black guys in it, good luck finding me)
So the kids face get all cringed up and he says "# YOU!!" really loud in a almost demonic voice so I ran up to him ready for a kick and he saw it coming so he raised his forearms up to block his face and I gave him a big swift running kick in his belly. That time he sqweeled like a lil bitch.
I went picked up my magazine I had dropped to fight them and made a run for home, when I got home I noticed my whole outfit was ruined with blood spots.
Boy was I pissed.
Well I continued to live in that neighborhood for years after and never saw them and neither have anyone of my friends from around there.

I must say when I first saw their eyes my adrenaline had started to rush, and as they kept annoying me it got worse and worse.

If you ever see these type of kids, kick their ass, they'll leave you alone and I don't think they call the cops.

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posted on Jul, 16 2008 @ 06:39 PM
so im guessing by reading old posts the OP was bull#ing?

that sucks because me experience was as real as can be.

how do we explain this asking to use the phone thing?

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