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Theory on Bali Bombing

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posted on Oct, 19 2002 @ 07:12 PM
The DC Sniper shootings seem to keep american media away from Bali Bombing.

Here's a theory, by Brian, on how they did the bombing.

On Sunday night there is a program that is saying it will reveal what actually happened in Bali

Australian 60 Minutes

I have been digesting the facts and have seen some aerial photo's and the facts of the victims injuries.

It appears that some are deaf or partially deaf, and the bodies, up to 100 are burnt to such a degree that they are unrecognizable so much so that they are unable to tell if they are men or women

The only way a bomb can do this is heat and a muffled explosion due to the position of the detonation

therefore if a bomb is detonated in the air or a car, the sound is very high in decibels

this would burst ear drums instantly, as the air expands at such a high rate, the molecules are pushed in a straight line for a great distance

then the sound, traveling above the speed of sound gathers in a circle around the mass as it spreads out

in other words, if you were a mile away it would be dispersed by the time it reaches you,

in this case the victims were not far away, say 100 yards, and yet are not totally deaf, as the survivors had to be told what questions were being asked with a person up to their ear

to achieve the heat however, means that the air was expanded from a huge explosion, but the air was not around the blast as it was muffled by the container

this means then that to destroy 47 buildings over several hundred yards, the bomb moved a huge amount of soil out of a crater

this was evidently contained in the drain pipe, perhaps 24 inches or less, down in the ground some ten feet or more

this means that as the mini nuke exploded the earth around the pipe, was subject to the pipe bursting as well, thus lifting the pressure to a higher level, compressing the forces and then as it burst, a nano second after the blast, the next action was the compression of the soil

The soil now super heated, also compressed the water in the soil to super heat steam, which is itself an explosive force

we then have perhaps a circle of earth, steam, heat, debris, metal of the pipe all pushed by the mini nuke, and the velocity would reach hyper speed instantly stripping any flesh from the bones or totally vaporizing the victim,

But the sound is contained within the mass as sound is waves of energy released into the air, but in this case the air is now influenced by the dirt, metal, water vapor as steam

for this reason the air that reached the victims ear, was no longer pure, in that the debris from such a deep explosion, the huge vast amount of particles sent out at high velocity, like a bullet that hits you and you then hear the bang

So the survivors can have a reasonably low incidence of hearing problems yet be burnt by the close proximity to others who were incinerated, yet sheilded some who survived with minor ear damage

At the same time, two other explosions were detonated, these were intended to do several things

One to shower small bomb fragments down from a great height, like snow falling over a wide area


the shower of fuel particles, the plastic explosive, were intended to be found by Australian Forensic police

as well as Australian army bomb experts

they are probably not aware of the greater plot not being privy too the CIA and ASIO intended disguise

after all, its only the very elite evil who carry these things out

the bomb was small, that could be carried in a van, the van in position over the drain, lowered it into position, then either they left it, or more likely they drove off, and another car, smaller with some smaller bomb, was parked in position just before the blast:

This leaves a car and dust to point at

posted on Oct, 19 2002 @ 10:20 PM
For those new to this little game, Brian claims to be Jesus, and Ycon is one of his few supporters.

Ycon, do you feel this information from brian is true and factual? Do you feel the source is devine and thus, impossible to have error?

posted on Oct, 19 2002 @ 11:14 PM
link any normal sense of the word -would you call that a "theory"? -this would be by precisely what model of scientic methodology.

It's old hat anyway -on the wires the day of the atrocity and off just as quickly as an imbecility too far.
Replaced by the slightly less imbecilic C4 -American only- high-explosive disinfo.
In fairness, most of the immediate reaction on ATS has since been erased.

posted on Oct, 20 2002 @ 08:43 AM
It was three bombs, "they" said it today, that ripped apart the disco in Bali.

As far as "mini-nukes", would you like to explain that? Would that be in reference to a "back-pack" or "suitcase" weapon? Are you trying to say that the attack was with a special weapon?

And, furthermore, is there a reason I'm getting sucked into a conversation with a weak-minded person being the frontman for a lunatic who won't even post the nonsense himself?

posted on Oct, 20 2002 @ 09:14 AM
Ycon your a woman, what can you know about explosvies?
100 yards and hearing organs ok? Well so what? That can happen, what are you trying to say anyway

[Edited on 20-10-2002 by Tyler]

posted on Oct, 20 2002 @ 10:25 AM
Tyler... you're an idiot... what can you know about women?

posted on Oct, 20 2002 @ 11:38 AM

ROFL!, oh, Tyler, I wouldn't want to be in your shoes after that comment if Connie ever got hold of you!

For that matter, I won't let my wife see that, either; she's a mechanical engineer with an occasional attitude!

posted on Oct, 20 2002 @ 03:14 PM
It's not hard to find pieces of the puzzle that just don't fit. That's why the dark force spent years obliterating American's critical capability. So that the pieces that just don't fit - don't even get noticed.

Here's a piece that doesn't fit.

They expect us to believe that the same Islamic Terrorists who supposedly masterminded the Sept. 11th attacks, (Arguably the most significant MILITARY strikes in the history of empires, shaking the very roots of the globe's preeminent empire.) would blunder and bomb the disco containing Australians when a disco full of juicy Americans was just a few doors down the road?

One only has to spend an afternoon on the strip to find out which places are popular with the Americans. Even Islamic terrorists can ask any Kuta vagrant which club has the Americans in it.

And absolutely , positively, if Islamic terrorists were behind this attack, they would have gone straight to the discos frequented by Americans only several doors down the street, and bombed them - Absolutely - Positvely.
So voxfux gives this attack, this month's award for being, "The Most Suspicious Attack - Looking Most Like Just Another Clandestine US military/Intelligence Attack of the Month" award.

Since American journalist's don't have the courage or grey matter to make such obvious extrapolations, the biggest clues go completely unnoticed, unreported and uninvestigated. So forget about mainstream media. (Most US journalists have never even heard of the Northwoods memo - so the depth and magnitude of the ignorance is profound.)

News must now be almost entirely extrapolated by independent and trusted sources. A good source such as WWW.VOXNYC.COM or WWW.WHATREALLYHAPPENED.COM will have an 80% accuracy rate of extrapolation from the actual 1 or 2 percent of viable data gleaned from the semeiosphere of total bull#. The other 20% of the 80% of correct extrapolation can be error. But that is still better than the near 95% of corporate news, which is as everyone now knows, pure fabrication, designed only to further an elite few's industrialist goals, and take away every thing you own.

So if you believe the major media's version of events - congratulations - you're a big part of the "Problem."

So, here's what really happened:

Bali, the lush paradise which remained secluded for decades attracting a few backpackers and surfers has over the years succumbed to an influx of the worst of the spring break and package tourist crowd. Kuta beach, now a swarming tourist #hole, of this still stunning island paradise, is a steady lineup of souvenir hawkers, drug dealers and a gauntlet of McDonalds, pimps, Pizza Huts, American tourists, Wendys, Australian tourists, and KFC's (I once counted 4 KFCs within eyeshot. Note: Colonel Sanders' eyes have been altered so that he appears at both times Caucasian to Caucasian customers and Asian to Asian customers - check it out - the power of capitalism is remarkable.)

The average tourist necks are getting thicker and the buttocks bigger with each passing year.
(The two worst things that ever happened to the beautiful Hindu people and island of Bali - The Western tourists and the Muslim conquerors.)

Since many of Indonesia's dregs (and quite a few from the west) pass through Kuta's streets crowded with dope dealers, crooked cops, nightclubs, bars, Germans, whores, fast food joints, girly-boys, locals, etc. a terrorist would go little noticed. He wouldn't even have to bother to cloak his Islamism, after all it is the Muslims from Java who operate the Kuta district, not the peaceful Hindu Balinesians. He would at least have the sympathies if not full scale support of some hard line religious group there. The point is that he could move freely enough to know the basic thing that everyone knows while visiting and partying in Kuta - who hangs out where - and he would have known that the Americans hung out in a different club. He would have had ample time to scope out and familiarize himself with the strip and know where the "Great Satans," were, and bomb them first. If you believe the stories that it was an Islamic terrorist who bombed the disco it would be entirely possible that they could even have been locals or working with locals there, in which case, once again, they would certainly have known where the Americans were.

The bottom line is, everyone knew where the Americans were. So why would they bomb the Australians, who, compared with the Americans are buddy buddy with the Islamic world? If it was Islamic Terrorists there would certainly be strong case to be made that any such production by an Al Queda sleeper cell there, would not go unnoticed by the real locals Muslims - There would have to be someone there on the ground - a local Muslim - who assisted in the operation - Again making it highly unlikely that they would overlook the much juicer American target just a few doors down (at the Peanuts club, for example, frequented by Americans).

For a terrorist, the time and effort it takes to find out where the Americans hang out as opposed to where the Aussies hang out is NOTHING compared to the time it takes to construct and deploy a car bomb. Islamic Terrorists who have the skills to pull off 911 type operations - would not have overlooked this detail.
Therefore reinforcing the extrapolation that Al Queda didn't do it because they would NOT have overlooked the fact that there are easier and better targets of Americans in Kuta Beach than the Sari Nightclub. But the corporate media will not inform you of this fact.

Once again - Any Islamic Terrorists would bomb the Americans first before bombing the Aussies.

Right? I mean think about it people. Take some time and think about it. (If you have a shred of critical capability still intact, it all unfolds.)

Why would they bomb Aussies when the "Great Satan" is just a few doors down?

Answer: Maybe a covert US group did it.

Introducing the "Spin," "Link," and "Pivot," Bombs.

Another bomb went off simultaneously with the disco bomb in a different part of the island. The American consular office was bombed simultaneously (where no one was hurt.). It is the exact same M.O. as the Twin Towers and Pentagon job. (The Pentagon hit serving roughly the same function as the Consular office in Bali.)

The Bomb at the consular office is called the "Link Bomb." I will coin it as one word containing two capital letters - Because you are going to see many more LinkBombs in the near future. Designed to form multi-various linkages: It Bonds Australians with Americans in their time of sorrow, as both, "Victims under attack." Also, it links the perpetrator to Islamic Terrorists and Al Queda. (As usual, with ZERO evidence linking the attacks to Al Queda, the State Department trumpeted the connection and the media dutifully relayed the lie directly to our brains.)

It links rage and anger of generations of Australian people who saw images of bloodied fellow Australians and scrolling lists of body counts on their TV to the "Evil of Islamic Terrorism.". It is a Link-Bomb for certain. And it's a SpinBomb too. It forces Prime minister Megawati's hand to play Bushes geostrategic terror game. It forces them away from the vital tourist industry to play ball under the crushing thumb of oppressive debt and IMF restructuring for what remaining industries they do still have. It's a SpinBomb in that it may reverse Australians resistance to Bushes aggressive global rampage. And it spins the entire country and people of Indonesia into a spiraling trap of an ever increasing military rule, which had after decades started to release it's grip on that country.

It's role is exactly as is the role of flight 77 (alleged to have slammed into the Pentagon.) Only the Pentagon plane is more a "Pivot Bomb" and only secondarily a spin or link bomb. It's pivot/spin function is superb. Designed to fool onlookers to believe it is America which is under attack, and not America who is on the attack. It is a decoy designed to preempt any question which are bound to pop up in certain awake and aware analyst's minds, that being of course, "Could the US be behind the attacks?" "Why of course not, see, the Pentagon got hit...

Unfortunately there's only about 150 years of facts that demonstrate that this technique is standard operating procedure for US military planners. Attack yourself and people and blame your enemy. And trick your own people into conquering your enemies for you. The oldest trick in the book.
Come on people, the deployment and explosion of the Link&Spin bombs tells the WHOLE story. This bomb attack was designed to consolidate the thrust against Islam in the second most populous Islamic country, Indonesia. (130 million people)

Think about it. It just doesn't make any sense that Al Queda would knowingly bomb young Australians - taking on a new enemy, after all Australia is the last remaining major English speaking nation who DOES NOT SUPPORT Bushes New World Order of insider oil wars and arms deals? Why then would the Al Queda or any Islamic Terrorist try to inflame Australians? They've got enough on their hands with the Americans. It's not logical that they would be anxious to take on new enemies.

Bush'll try to tell you it's "Because they hate freedom." But that line doesn't work anymore. I'd say it's more because they're mad. Because we've been #ing them over for a long time.. The worlds population is under attack by the shadow government which is now running the entire US government. No, this car bombing was likely to be the handiwork of the same covert US forces who are raging forward with their plans of global conquest -

They are not Islamic.

This bombing was by the same forces who did the Twin Towers. They are Anglos, for sure, who are masterminding these attacks. They exist at the pinnacles of secret societies and secret councils. These real controllers are never seen, there is always intermediaries between them and those who follow their orders. And even those like Presidents of the United States follow their orders directly yet are unaware of who they are. But you can bet they have billions of dollars more in their holdings than a lowly little American President. And you can bet that they use whole countries as mere instruments of their wishes.

Whatever ultimate name has been ascribed to them, be it, Illuminati, Knights of Malta, Freemasonry, Jesuits or any number of others, they exist as a real group of real men who really gather and plot such titanic power shifts. I suspect that In their last gasp at vitality, these dying Anglo geezers, are clutching vaingloriously to Maltese Crosses, getting their rocks off at our expense before thier long good bye - On this, the last of their industrio/religious crusades - this time against Islamic control of precious oil. When these geezers die (not soon enough) I suspect the whole petrochemical paradigm will die with them. Their's is a world of superstition and ritual that even a child can see is silly. Their gowns, festooned with maltese croses, crests and heraldry of all sorts are romantic, futile, fatal gestures of mock vitality.

But for now, they are on the attack. If we resist. It will be their last. If we submit, they will continue until the earth consumes their bones. But know that we are under attack.

The disco bombing was surely perpetrated by the same US-based covert intelligence group who masterminded the September 11th attacks. It is completely intertwined at the highest levels with US intelligence and the US military. It is international in scope and has a huge base of support, supply and operations currently in the states of Texas and Florida. Former President George Bush Sr. is heavily linked to this group. Himself being an instrument for the religious order who commands the operations of this covert group. That religious order is itself subservient to an even higher group of multi billionaire industrialists and banking dynasties. At this level these billionaires command governments and religions to bend at their will. Controlling religious orders, intelligence organizations and countries such as the Catholic church, The CIA, The United States of America, Freemasonry, The M 16, Great Britain, Knights Templar, The Council on Foreign Relations, Israel, Pakistani Intelligence, Knights of Malta, KGB, Jesuits, Jews, Jehovah's Witnesses, FBI, Southern Baptists and on, with a force proven to be more forceful than god - money.

Know Your Enemy.
Fight back.

posted on Oct, 20 2002 @ 03:44 PM
Gentlemen, Brian was telling me how he thought the bombing took place. he did not tell me to post it. I don't know much about explosives. Just wanted to know what you guys thought about the bombing. Maybe theory was a bad word to use, I just didn't want you guys to think that Brian is saying thats what happened, he is just guessing.

Tyler, yes you are a idiot. You don't know me at all, I might not know much about explosives, but I know many things, here's a few. Welding (all types), Machinist (all types), mechanic, construction, build computers, artist, photo and negative retouching. Another thing, I've been carrying 100 pound bolts of material over my shoulder for 30 years, taken a little karate, excellent hand-eye coordination, very quick reflexes. So I may be able to kick your arse.

IT's the CIA doing it and there terrorist pawns

[Edited on 20-10-2002 by Ycon]

posted on Oct, 20 2002 @ 04:37 PM
Ycon, do you feel this information from brian is true and factual? Do you feel the source is devine and thus, impossible to have error?

posted on Oct, 20 2002 @ 04:56 PM
You, Tyler, are toast! I amy not be the brightest, but even I know better than to go there!

I really do enjoy these far out theories that the U.S. is creating the terrorism around the world.Blame it on anything but don't blame it on the religion of peeeeace". (sarcastically dragging out the lat word). There is no reason for anyone to believe the religion of peeeeace would ever do anything violent. Obviously, it must be the U.S. as we have always wanted to destroy things and create havoc.

posted on Oct, 20 2002 @ 05:06 PM
Theyre Here, shut up, I just told you that I dont know about explosives and that this is Brians guess at what happened.

What do you want from me? BTW, if you haven't figured out the answers you asked me yet, theyre NO and NO

posted on Oct, 20 2002 @ 05:50 PM
If you don't believe this information from Brian is true and factual, and from a devine source, how then can you believe Brian is Jesus?

posted on Oct, 20 2002 @ 06:24 PM
Shut up, T-H, you know that Brian guesses but the real Christ knows!

posted on Feb, 10 2009 @ 06:38 AM
Bit of a crazy discussion, but you know it probably was a mini-nuke. It made a big crater. It produced a lot of pure heat. The steel was taken away quickly and DUMPED AT SEA. Why would you do that?

posted on Oct, 3 2009 @ 01:22 AM
The theory of bali bombing is that there moto is go were crowded people are.

Dossier de surendettement

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