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Orbs and my sister, not uncommon!!

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posted on Feb, 2 2006 @ 08:12 PM
One dead give-away is the air vent in the ceiling that's visible in most of the shots.

posted on Feb, 2 2006 @ 08:22 PM

Originally posted by decidedlyundecided
Is there anyway I can prove I didn't photoshop it? Oh well, I’m not all that into orbs anyway, they're really hard to prove and too easy to fake, I know. I'm just using that photo as an illustration of the things that have been happening to my sister and me . . .. If I were on the other side of this discussion, I’d say the same thing. And it kinda sucks

And that's exactly what I said above if you took the time to read my last post, or the actual thread, instead of just ripping me apart because of the title . . .

Message heard loud and clear!! There are people who think that this is serious rubbish. Fine, I HEAR YA!! I SEE WHERE YOU'RE COMING FROM!!

Because I just admitted that the whole orb thing is hard to swallow. This is only one method I’m using to illustrate the fact that my sister and I have experienced many strange things thru out our lives . . .

point taken, now does anyone have any less repetitive comments?!

sorry, but on the other side, thanks to everyone else so far for their input!

posted on Feb, 9 2006 @ 12:23 PM
decidedlyundecided.When it comes to life and what we think about it,we tend to avoid the more heavy topics such as why we are here where we
come from and what happens when we die.

It is hard enough to live knowing we will die without paying attention to it.Within our scociety we find ourselves very distracted with the social and
economical(sp.) side of life.Aswell we are so knew to trying to understand and figure out what the unexplained is,that as you may see here there is little support of common knowledge to stand on.Now I dont really care about the pic's,I don't really know if orb's exsist or if ghost's are real.I have experienced more than most could handle.Yet I don't even know if right now is happening now.But that is another matter.

When it come's to having to deal with things we don't understand this can be very trying.I have not dealt with the death of a very close person yet,oOnly with my own death,both physically but i wasn't allowed to go i guess(both times).Aswell as spiritually and emotionally.There are many ways to die.

But when it come's to dealing with this sort of thing,it forces people to turn away from what some of us here call the mundane,You know things that don't really matter in the real world like say three quarter's of every day interaction with others within our scociety,Yet that is trival as all is interconnected,somehow we are supposed to be doing exactly as we are supposed to do.Again though that is another matter.

Now once we are in a state where everything is not as it seems.This is where we have many different scientific and spiritual explanations for what happens.Here are two examples

Some call it shock like when someone dies or gets hurt or experiences something extreme,I am not a doctor.But I guess that because of the brain not being able to understand the logic behind the reasoning for this event or whatever or due to actual trauma to the proccess of thinking which could be caused by the shock itself or actual physical harm done to the body.Your mind percieves information differentlly,or hallucinates due to there not being proper communication between connectors and recievers.
Or whatever if someone wants to give the true account of what they think shock is please do so.

Now another look st it is that of the quickening,This tie's into fate, reincarrnation,Alderman state and destiny.

We are supposed to be on a long journey for understanding of all things i think,this may take many times on this earth to experience all that is supposed to happen.The alderman state suggest's that each time we come back we eventually come to a point where our knowledge and understanding reach that which we were at when we left the world in the last life.Now I have found little documentation on the alderman myth/theory/legend but there it is.

It is said that throughout our life certain event's take place which will kind of fill you with that essccence of your alderman persona.Also called a higher self if you may aswell as other names. In said event's we will undergo a change which supports certain aspects of our growth. Looking at this in this way suggest's that even the worst experiences are indeed intended for us to expand our understanding even those which can result in our own deaths.The process of:

Event(such as death)
Feeling(such as remorse,grief dispair
Understanding?Broadening of belief?,trying to understand?
Closer to figuring out our exsistence?

Is a version of quickening.Or a way to become quickened.

An interesting series of movies to watch on this subject would undoubtedly be the Highlander Series a set i suggest to all.

Anyway my friend i hope that this being the longest post I've ever done makes up for how long It took me to get back to you.Later I will touch on the happenings surrounding your sister's house.


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