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Stevie Starr; The Regurgitator

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posted on Jan, 31 2006 @ 08:19 PM
First off: I had no idea what form to place this under but this fit most as 'paranormal'.

"A young man with a Scottish accent greets an eager crowd. He holds up a light bulb, pops it into his mouth, and swallows it whole. The stunned silence turns into deafening applause." That is the opening on a fansite for Stevie Starr, the Professional regurgitator.

More can be found about him at a fansite.

My question: Anyone have ANY idea whats going on here? He performs live so it can't be camera tricks, you can hire him to work at a party and what-not(so ive heard?) so he cant be paying the audience to play along.

To view a clip of what he does goto

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