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The NWO wants to kill all white males

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posted on Jul, 8 2006 @ 04:15 AM

Originally posted by Ralph_The_Wonder_Llama
Here are the rules:

1. If you apply to graduate school / medical school / law school and you are an equal candidate with someone else, if you are a white male, you will not be chosen

2. If you apply for a contract with a government agency, and the majority of your company's stock is owned by white males, you will not be chosen

3. It's racist to draft non-white males. It's not racist to draft white males. Women cannot be drafted, but still get to vote for some reason.

In South Africa these rules apply to such effect that they company or government department has to later on employ the white candidate, who was over looked originally, as a consultant to the black employee as he/she has no clue what they are doing.

A few months back there was a brilliant case in the newspaper where a white woman changed her surname to that of a black persons and got the job based purely on the presumption that she was black according to her aplication on paper.
No interview, No background check nutting!!! Just becasue they thought she was black!

Apparently, when she turned up for work the black directors were running around hysterically! Eventually they paid her off 5 years salary in advance just to leave.
Crazy man!

South African Airways, who has made every effort they could to be an all black company has just reported profit losses of over 90%.

Oh it's so nice to say "I told you so"

posted on Jul, 8 2006 @ 02:54 PM



posted on Jul, 12 2006 @ 08:15 PM
This is complicated topic, and it seems like most people have a chip on their shoulder about racism so it is hard to get a decent response on it.

Affirmative action is a half-assed attempt to solve a problem that doesn't exist(for the most part) any more. It is not an evil conspiracy against white people, no matter how much you white people want to believe it is. It was an idea to combat racism in the work place, that has managed to set racial acceptance back about 20 years.

As for the draft issue. If it comes down to the US re-enacting the draft, you can expect that they will be sending everyone they can, regardless of colour.

None of the things listed above are evidence of NWO plot to eliminate whitey.

That being said, White people are a dangerous group to have around in a global slavery scenario. White people are natural conquerors. They have an instinct for conquest and control that is beyond suppression. If global control enslaved the population of the world, there is a very good chance that the resistance would be led by white males. This is evident to anyone who can look at the differences in the races without getting overly concerned about racism. Whitey conquered Europe, whitey conquered America, whitey declared 2 global wars, white children instinctively play war games and fortify their "territory". Other races may be a little more "feudal", but the ancestors of the neanderthals are the truly dangerous animals.

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