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Brutal hazing incident exposes ulcers of the Russian army

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posted on Jan, 31 2006 @ 06:47 AM


The scandal with the hazing incident in the Chelyabinsk military school is gathering steam in Russia. Private Andrei Sychev, who had his legs and genitals amputated as a result of malicious insults and tortures, is staying in severe condition. The tragedy with a 19-year-old soldier has caused a serious damage to the image and the reputation of the Russian army. In addition, the scandal may play a mean joke on Russian Defense Minister Sergei Ivanov.

The doctors had to amputate the young man's legs and genitals because of gangrene, which developed after the tortures. The scandal started developing in Russia speedily owing to mass media's efforts of. It was particularly reported that Andrei Sychev was brutally beaten, tortured and even raped.

The Chief of Staff of the Russian Armed Forces, General Yury Baluyevsky, and the Military Prosecutor Alexander Savenkov were the first officials to comment on the incident in the Chelyabinsk region. Baluyevsky expressed his indignation about the incident. "It was outrageous that no one in the military command was aware of the situation in the military unit," the general said. Alexander Savenkov took the investigation of the incident under his personal control: "I have never seen such a cynical and blatant crime during 20 years of my service," said he.
Forget the Stories about the Abuse of UK Marines - the Russian Army and the Abuse and Torture of Young, New Recruits has just hit New Heights.

Apparently the Russian Army faces Many Internal Problems, as well as External. But they sure can not Afford Incidents such as This one.

Apparently this is just the Top of the Iceberg, for According to Official Statistics, 16 soldiers Died of Hazing last year, but experts say the actual number of deaths is much higher, with many conscripts driven to Suicide by Abuse and other Bullying deaths passed off as resulting from Illnesses.

The Russian Defense Ministry said 276 servicemen killed themselves in 2005, but didn't offer any details. extra DIV


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