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Philip Corso questions

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posted on Jan, 30 2006 @ 10:53 PM
January 30, 2006


I am brand new here, and maybe this has been discussed before, but I am curious about a few aspects of Colonel Philip Corso's behavior around the Roswell and UFO assertions he makes.

I'd like to hear any reactions to these thoughts I have about Col. Philip Corso, the Day After Roswell book author.

If what he says about Roswell is true-ie, the UFO crash, the aliens, the secrecy, the cover-ups, etc., then consider these:

He was a high-ranking military man, with, one can assume, very high secret clearances.

As such, he was sworn to secrecy about Roswell, if it indeed happened.

This secrecy pledge was probably valid over his lifetime, and would still be valid today.

The US government never has officially said Roswell happened, so either it did happen, and it is still classified, or it did not happen, and can't be classified, since it did not exist.

If Roswell DID happen, and Corso disclosed a secret about a real event, that was, and is, still classified, why was he never reprimanded, punished, sanctioned or jailed for such an offense by the US government?

If Roswell was true, and the US government wanted to send a warning message to others in the military who know this Roswell story, why did the US government NOT do ANYTHING to Corso as a result? Why would they miss this golden opportunity. If the US government was afraid to stop Corso publicly, they certainly had many, many covert ways of doing so. There would be any manner of ways of harming Corso, or his family, short of legal means, that would have sent the ultimate warning message to others—DON'T TALK about Roswell. But this never happened.

If the US government failed to send a warning message to others, by prosecuting or harming Corso, does this show that Roswell never happened?

If Corso DID disclose a US Government secret of this magnitude, would he not be considered a traitor to the people with whom he served? Why have none of THEM come out and chastised him for not upholding his secret pledge?
Even if his military contemporaries disavow the Roswell story, they can STILL chastise him for breaking his pledge of secrecy. Why has THIS not happened?

If he was so highly-regarded in the military, and was in charge of such a sensitive, top-level project, and he did such a great job with it, why did he never advance in rank beyond colonel, even AFTER his involvement with the project? Does this lack of advancement in rank indicate why Corso spoke about Roswell publicly, based on sour grapes on Corso's part? Does this prove or disprove Roswell?

If he indeed disclosed a major US government secret such as Roswell, does this not cast aspersions on how reliable, honest and trustworthy he really was, since he was sworn to secrecy?

In addition, if it did happen, why has no one else besides Corso come out and disclosed what they know about Roswell?

Corso has never stated that he was sorry for having to divulge critical, high-level US government secrets, in spite of claiming to be public-minded in disclosing what he termed "UFO benefits to mankind". One can therefore assume that since he was not in conflict about having to break his personal honor code, his cherished pledge as a military man, his sacred word as an officer, that he was fine with lying to the flag of the US.

Either Corso was facile at lying to the US government and his beloved military, or he was facile at lying to the public.

Which do you choose?

posted on Jan, 30 2006 @ 11:02 PM
I beleive its wrong to state that the government did nothing to Col. Corso. If you read the press regarding his book you will see that the smear and disinformation campaign kicked in overdrive.
As old as he was (he died not long after the release of the book and I don't beleive he was murdered since he was advanced in age to begin with) the government didn't have to do anything drastic. Just ridicule his report and wait for the old man to die.
Honestly, it worked beautifully.
Consider this: To "punish" Phillip Corso would have tipped their hand. Not only would it have been ridiculously conspicuous (Soviet style) but it would have been counterporductive. To fabricate a means for his undoing would have drawn unwarrented attention to the organizations that did the deed. It is ia much better strategy to simply downplay the whole thing and to laugh it off, giving no official denial except a shrug and a wink while you're disinfo agents earn their pay.
As it is, very few even in the UFO community beleive Coros's claims. If they're true (and that is still open for debate) then the governments work is done since no one cares anyway.

posted on Mar, 2 2006 @ 11:56 PM
If you want to know more about Phil Corso. Head over to conspiracy central. They have 2 recent videos focused on Phillip's son, Phil jr. In this video Phil Jr. states that after releasing the book they were sued by many folks. Corso definitely hit a nerve with his book. Corso states that the governments are not covering up ufos, but rather that they are covering up time travel and apparently the us gov have been playing with it for some time. Some parts of the videos really seem out there like Pluto but it’s an interesting 4 hours of video none the less.

If you don't know where conspiracy central is just google it...

posted on Mar, 3 2006 @ 01:57 AM
My personal take on it was that they (as in THEM) knew he wasn't long for this world; he was a Company man, and was doing one last job for the Company. And the job was good, solid disinformation. I think that because he was really too good to be true. For years, the UFO community has always wanted a relatively high-ranking officer to spill the beans, and so he was delivered. With a can of mislabeled beans.

posted on Mar, 3 2006 @ 03:42 AM
See what Stanton Friedman wote about Corso here . I personally believe that Corso was a liar , out to make a quick buck for his family after he was gone .

posted on Mar, 3 2006 @ 06:46 AM
I think there are many still questions about Corso's story. But to think if someone came public about a US secret of that magnitude and then having the Goverment send said man too Leavenworth for breaking a security oath
That would be the stupidist move the goverment could make it would only validate his story in a way no UFO evidence ever has. Even wacking the guy off would add creedence to his claims and raise more questions.

Remember Corso had really nothing more as evidence then his word and a few pictures to back up his claim of being in the military. The smartest move to handle anyone like Corso that comes out with little more evidence then his word would be to smear his credibility and destroy his character.

You also have to remember one of the Goverments favorite and most effective tactics is to flood the trickle of truth that leaked out in a ocean on disinformation they help put out. Doing this you can hide the truth in plain sight. Thousands of wacko false claims muddy the water so much. Corso book could have been part of this its hard to say.

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