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The Scarecrows Tales:Undermind ch.1

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posted on Jan, 30 2006 @ 02:12 PM
I sat with my hood up.I didn't need anyone seeing who I was.Not where I was going. The small long boat was empty as it glided along the quite dark waters. It has been a while since I've seen the sun or the green skys of this realm,for the world seems to be covered in giant caves that go for an eternity in every direction. I woke up what seems to be forever ago in this place.

Though I do not recollect events that transpired before this.I do know that I am not from here.Everything seemed strange at first. there was a letter... It said seek out a place of purple.As I travelled to the city of Lavender.I try to recollect.The events of what I believe is my arrival here.

"Purple" I said outloud "What is this".I exclaimed.More importantly.Where was this. I woke up on a shore of black sand surrounded by even darker water.m My clothes were drenched and I could barely move.I must have been in the water for some time.I felt water logged.Sitting up I found a strange animal skin folded into a square.Not even five feet from where I lay.

To move was to invite discomfort,for little bits of black sand had managed it semmed to get into every nook and cranny of my soaked and badly damaged leather clothing.As hard as I tried I could not recollect how I had gotten here.Looking around I determined I was generally alone.Pulling myself to my knees I crawled over to the strange looking bundle.

I found within it.A simple blue shirt and pants of farly warm material.
and a smaller package inside of the same skin.Unravelling the smaller one I cautiously looked around.On three sides of me was basically water and darkness.The other was what the beach became.Whatever there was out there I was sure i would find out soon.

To my surprise I found some sort of dried meat and a letter.

:To my dearest Scarecrow

By now you must be wondering whats going on.Do not worry all will be told in time.For now seek out that which floats and is purple.

There was no signature on it.Nor were there any footprints leading up to or away from my location.I ate the meat with great need as I found myself to be very weak and disoriented.Whatever was going on I sensed a horrible game was at play here,and I figured to find out why.

After changeing I dragged my torn garnments and the rest of what I had found and made a camp under some strange bushy trees.It wasnt that cold
here in this dark place I decided to gat some rest before searching the surrounding area.

Story-line:Toraylin: story: 2 chapter: 1

posted on Feb, 18 2006 @ 01:06 PM
There was a knock at the door."Go away I exclaimed,servin hours are over". I was wiping a glass clean,behind the bar.Again a knock,louder than before."I ain't got no rooms either,so buggar off there".I set the glass down and grabbed my club.

I was one of the bigger fellas on this isle,so I didn't know who or what might be behind the door.The Vespers hadn't come within the town wall for a while.There had been a lot of strange things happening lately though,so one was never sure.

My eldest son Edelt krept down the stairs from where we lived above the bar.He peeked around the corner of the last post,"Whats with all the commotion paw".He too had a large peice of wood in his hand,this made me smile.Although only fifteen years of age and he aldready reminds me of myself."Not a worry boy go upstairs and check on yer sisters".The boy nodded and left the way he came.

As I stepped closer to the door.I could tell I was a little scared.This made me mad.Again three knocks came."I hope it's impotant cause I'm pissed now".No one bothered us after we closed at night heck no one even argues when it comes to leaving.I guess the size of me was more than enough to scare the locals.This is why I knew this was something else.
Something told me not to answer the door."Don't".I heard in my head.

I narrowed in on the door,reaching out I grabbed the large solid peice of wood bolting the door."Who is it I bellowed".No answer."I'm opening the door".I have a weapon".At this point I expected to hear the slur of one of my regulars mabey Brandt or Jardy,begging for some more of my slosh.

Nothing all I could hear was the whistle as the wind picked up.A shutter slammed against the window near the back room,or the kitchen making me jump.It seemed that there ws a storm on its way perhaps.I shook my shudders off and pulled the bolt.Swinging the door open I was surprised to see what was there....Nothing.

Looking both ways I stepped out onto the front deck and walked to the stairs leading to the street.My pub was on the outskirts of town near the southern entrance.I figured the furthest away from the Forest on the northside the better that is where the vespers live. Or at least we think no one goes near there since the strange creatures started to appear here and there.

There was a town guard walking aways up the street lighting the lamp's that lined the paths and roads of this fair town,great glass bulbs blown on the isle of Lanard to the north stuck halfway in the ground with large candles in them .We were more of a mystic folk here,always looking to make our city as ambient as possible.Made for great tourism during the
warmer days.Now though A great darkness and cold was moving onto our island.

"Hello there I called to the guard."Recognizing me immediatly the person waved."Good eve Kragrid how goes it.".It was Dunfarin one of the nicer guards of the city.I figured it was him for the two guards that patroled the street take turns and the other one was getting drunk in place earlier this evening."Hey Dun".I asked as he walked over."What's up"He asked in good humor."I dunno something strange,did you see anyone outside here not a minuite ago?".He looked puzzled "Why no neighbour I didn't,and I've been standing across from yo place here for a while.He pointed across the street towards the gentle glow of the night bulb right infront of my place.

I shook my head slowly grabbing ahold of the hair on my chin and sat down on my step stroking the short length Setting my club down beside me."I must be tired Dun,I coulda swore someone was causing a problem knocking on my door".I looked up at him,He was an older man,been doing the patrol here long before my pa handed me down this here property back when it was alot smaller and the wall wasn't there.Course that was a long time before the Vespers moved in too.He reached down and put his hand on my shoulder."You don't look so good son"."Now Im sure no nothing was out here,and you know I wouldn't go botherin you and yours on an eve so late.

There was no doubt as to that,I knew the man to be good to his word.
"Now go in and finish closin down and get some sleep.Ill tell the head back at the base to send a few guys down here to check it out." He patted my back then stood up straight pullin his belt up a bit"Besides with what happened yesterday and last week I wouldn't doubt if them Vespers is up to something".With that he started to turn towards the next bulb."Theres a town meeting in a couple of days"Mabey you would do well to actually come to one."Thanks old friend".I called to him.The old man waved behind him.

With that looked about.I still didn't feel right something was up. I gave one last look towards the bulb glowing a few feet across the road from me and picked up the club at my feet then turned to go inside.

Story-line:Toraylin: story: 2 chapter: 2(Kragrid)
Location:Island city of Grendole


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