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Iran - A High Risk Game Of Nuclear Chicken

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posted on Jan, 30 2006 @ 12:00 PM
With recent talk of Iran and its nuclear ambitions in the news today most people find it hard to figure out how we got to this stage and exactly what it means to the world. While events continue to unfold, in this article we look at exactly what has happened so far and the plans of Iran along with Russia, China and the US.
In the past weeks, media reports have speculated that Washington is "thinking the unthinkable", namely, an aggressive, preemptive nuclear bombardment of Iran, by either the United States or Israel, to destroy or render useless the deep underground Iranian nuclear facilities.

Possible Iranian strategy
It's undeniably clear that Ahmadinejad has a more confrontational policy than his predecessor. The Iranian ambassador to Vienna, speaking at a conference in Austria where this author was present last September, shocked his audience by stating essentially the same line of confrontational rhetoric: "If it comes to war, Iran is ready ..."

In March, Iran-Russia relations took a qualitative shift closer when Moscow agreed to the sale of a "defensive" missile system to Tehran, worth up to $7 billion when taking future defense contracts into account. In 2000, Putin had announced Russia would no longer continue to abide by a secret US-Russia agreement to ban Russian weapons sales to Iran that the government of Boris Yeltsin had concluded. Since then, Russian-Iranian relations have become more entwined, to put it mildly.

Please visit the link provided for the complete story.

While what you hear on the news today about Iran is all about thier nuclear ambitions you dont hear the true events leading up to it. With players like Russia and China you cant fully understand what exactly they have at stake in the stand off and why everything is escelating. I found this article to be of alot of help as it outlines all the events leading up to what is happening now and also guesses at a few posibble outcomes. It is very well put together with alot of facts.

Also the possible outcomes of what might happen. I dont think the US will use a nuclear strike agains them but the way they are talking now who knows what plan is in the works. I hope its all just talk so one side will back down.


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