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Thailand to trade fruit for Chinese armoured vehicles

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posted on Jan, 30 2006 @ 06:05 AM
I came across this, thought it was interesting enough to post. I wonder what other barter deals China has in the works with other countries.

Thailand will trade dried longan fruit for armoured vehicles
under a barter agreement set to be signed within three months
with China North Industries Corporation (NORINCO). A
memorandum of understanding outlining the deal was
concluded in Bangkok on 13 May.

The arrangement was announced earlier this month by a senior
Thai official, Gen Sumpun Bookyanun, who said it is valued at
Bt2 billion ($51.3 million). Initial media reports erroneously stated
that the Royal Thai Army (RTA) would obtain “tanks” in return for
the commodity.

The acquisition involves the WMZ-551B 6 x 6 armoured personnel
carrier (APC). Details of the agreement have yet to be released
but JDW has learned that the RTA will acquire 97 armoured vehicles.
Most are destined for the 2nd Army Region in the northeast
and some will be for the police.

Janes Defence Weekly VOL. 42 • 25 MAY 2005 • ISSUE NO.21

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posted on Jan, 30 2006 @ 08:26 AM
It's not China to be confused about, It's Thailand. Last year they traded the Russians Chickens for fighterplanes.

Following the trend, I'll guess:
Fish for submarines?

posted on Jan, 30 2006 @ 09:10 AM
Just how much of this do you need

to buy one of these???

And will they be able to barter bananas for bullets???
Or is that musa for missiles???

posted on Jan, 31 2006 @ 12:05 PM
Israel will soon start shipping water from Turkey in exchange for military technology/equipment.... This is not as strange as some seems to think! The USA and Brtain still give away millions of dollars worth of weapons each year and i reckon China is at least getting SOMETHING in return.


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