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Canadian Mining Fire....

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posted on Jan, 30 2006 @ 05:04 AM
Or, maybe it should be titled Mining Disaster, Canadian Style....don't know.

Some 70 miners are trapped in a mine in ESTERHAZY, Saskatchewan after a fire broke out. (doesn't it seem like these mines are burning more often than usual?)

But, well, check out how this mine is prepared for such disasters, compared to the mines that were recently involved in similar accidents here in the US!;_ylt=Aty8fjDm2B7D3kYzMKgI.9ys0NUE;_ylu=X3o'___'A2Z2szazkxBHNlYwN0bQ--

emergency refuge rooms stocked with oxygen and supplies?
food, water, chairs and beds, and up to 36 hours of oxygen??

It sounds as though they have this disaster handled pretty well, and all those trapped will be safely rescued alive and well.....I hope so.

posted on Jan, 30 2006 @ 10:07 AM
Apparently all 72 have been brought to the surface safe!


All 72 Miners Rescued

posted on Jan, 30 2006 @ 10:19 AM

this is my 2d attempt to make a post !!


yes dawnstar, the Canadien people are much better at provising for the work environment, safety, survival of the people which choose to make a living at underground mining....than us here in the USA


but of course, the american model, of having issues like mine worker safety and working conditions, OSHA, and the like being in a constant need of revision & updating is the NORM....
everyone needs a campaign issue waiting in the wings!! no?


in another vein of thought

perhaps the interested parties of "Gold & Precious Metals"
look with anticipation at what these series of N American mine disasters
and the soon to follow crack-down on mine regulations & inspections

the slowdown of mined ores & minerals, because of mine reforms and the additional expenses for ore/mineral extraction.

there's plenty of dynamics for either 'shorting' mine stocks
or else in seeing the Gold price jump by $40-50 because of the new and costly
processes, inspections, regu;latory agencies, equiptments...
necessary in the revamped mining industry.

it does seem there has been a rash of mine failures/calamities/disasters
here, up north and in China coal mines too.
??are there diabolical schemes afoot to have the public sell-off & shy away from mining & gold/precious metals sectors??

i know your thread is focused on the humanitarian aspect of mine fires,
but i thought the dark-side could also be the dark nature in men is sometimes too powerful to remain hidden.

posted on Jan, 30 2006 @ 10:28 AM
We are so glad you figured out how to make a post. That's so GOOD!
Here, let me put a gold star on your paper!

That is the best news, all brought to the surface. Also, glad to see others, be it companies or countries, are able and willing to be better prepared for such incidents.

posted on Jan, 30 2006 @ 10:30 AM
This was already posted here:

70 Miners Trapped in Saskatchewan Mine

posted on Jan, 30 2006 @ 06:50 PM
St Udio

well, to tell ya the truth, I am wondering about all these mining accidents.....kind of like how the last year I was in NY, all of a sudden there seemed to be fires evertytime you turned around....or the number of trains that derail all in the same period of time....
I find myself wondering, sabatoge, arson, or what??

and well, when it comes to the coal mines in america, gee, I can think of two possible groups who may want our mining industry in disarray, one being our oil companies, the other one being the terrorist groups, since they seem to be hoping that they can disrupt the oil flow.

I still can't help but wonder though, if Canada can provide beds, water, food as well as 36 hours of air stashed in sealable rooms in their mines, why are our men dying in our mines? whatever happened to the "we're the greatest, we're the best!! Whatever they can do, we can do better!!!" or does that only apply to things that make profit?

glad to hear all the miners got out safely this time though, I was thinking about them alot at work today.

[edit on 30-1-2006 by dawnstar]

posted on Jan, 30 2006 @ 08:39 PM
Worker safety is a provincial matter but I think all the provinces require refuge stations in mines. It has to be built of non-combustible material with air, water, light, first-aid kit, door sealant to keep smoke out, a way of communicating with the rescue station and lights. There's some other things too but I can't remember them right now.

Maybe the reason we have them is that Canadians are slightly more forgiving about government intervention in business and industry.
There is no reason you can't have them too, this mine is run by a US company.

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