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Oh, dinosaur found with flesh intact.

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posted on Oct, 18 2002 @ 04:53 PM
Scientists have found a dinosaur who part of its flesh was
still intact. they claim it is "77million" years old.

flesh cannot remain on bone that long. Of course they had to make
some excuse for why flesh was still on the bone.

people just wont admit god is real, and he created a young earth.

I just don't get it.

Go to a search engine and look this up.


posted on Oct, 18 2002 @ 06:32 PM
read the entire article... it is fossilized flesh

posted on Oct, 18 2002 @ 09:22 PM
Mummified" Dinosaur Discovered In Montana

Hillary Mayell
for National Geographic News
October 11, 2002

Leonardo, a mummified, 77-million-year-old duck-billed dinosaur was only about three or four years old when he died, but he's proving to be a bonanza for paleontologists today.

His fossilized skeleton is covered in soft tissueóskin, scales, muscle, foot padsóand even his last meal is in his stomach. The actual tissue has decayed over the millennia, and has been replaced by minerals. What's left for scientists to study is a fossil of a dinosaur mummy.

An onsite restoration drawing of how "Leonardo" may have looked before burial based on observations and measurements of the specimen. The drawing was done by paleolife artist Greg Wenzel.

"For paleontologists, if you can find one complete specimen in a lifetime, you've hit the jackpot," said Nate Murphy, curator of paleontology at the Phillips County Museum, Montana, where Leonardo makes his home. "To find one with so much external detail available, it's like going from a horse and buggy to a steam combustion engine. It will advance our science a quantum leap."

Leonardo is one of the most complete brachylophosaurus dinosaur fossils uncovered to date, and the first sub-adult. He is also only the fourth dinosaur fossil in the world to be classified as a "mummy" because of the soft tissue that is preserved.

The other three mummies were uncovered in the early 20th century, when excavation and preservation techniques were not as advanced as they are today.

"Paleontologists back then didn't have the techniques we have today to coax out the secrets these fossils are holding," said Murphy. "This specimen gives us a chance to apply modern scientific techniques to answer old questions."

The mummified fossil was named Leonardo because graffiti near its burial site in northern Montana read "Leonard Webb and Geneva Jordan, 1917." Leonardo made his debut to the scientific community today at the 62nd Annual Meeting of the Society of Vertebrate Paleontology, taking place October 9-12, in Norman, Oklahoma.

When he died, Leonardo was a 22-foot-long (seven meters) teenager, weighing between 1.5 to 2 tons. He sported polygonal, five-sided scales that ranged from the size of a BB (airgun pellet) to the size of a dime, and soft-tissue structures on his back suggest that he had a little sail frill running up it.

Scales and tissue parts have been found on less than one-tenth of one percent of all dinosaurs excavated. Leonardo's fossilized skeleton is about 90 percent covered in soft tissue, including skin, muscle, nail material, and a beak.

Skin impressions have been found on the underside of the skull and all along the neck, ribcage, legs, and left arm.

"When the animal was alive, the skin was almost as soft as your earlobe," said Murphy.

A three-dimensional rock-cast of the right shoulder muscle and throat tissue, and the pads on the bottom of the three-toed foot were also preserved.

Leonardo's stomach contents are so well-preserved that researchers can tell what he had for his last supper; a salad of ferns, conifers, and magnolias. The stomach also contained the pollen of more than 40 different plants.

All of these qualities should go a long way to providing concrete information about the diet, range of movement, methods of locomotion, and paleo-environment dinosaurs during the late Cretaceous (89 to 65 million years ago) experienced.

"We have the shoulder muscle to look at, so we can see how much range of motion he had," said Murphy. "We should be able to tell the size of his average step, how his chest muscles worked, and if he was truly a quadruped or if he was bipedal."

"Paleontology is not an exact science," he said. "All we have are bones, and from there we develop theories about what the animals looked like, how they moved, and what they ate. A specimen like Leonardo will take a lot of guess work out and really tell us if Steven Spielberg's getting it right."

Discovery and Excavation

Dan Stephenson, of Minot, North Dakota, discovered Leonardo during the last hour of the last day of a summer expedition in 2000 sponsored by the Judith River Dinosaur Institute.

"He had the wisdom to not mess with it," chuckles Murphy. "He went and got me and I knew right away we had a complete skeleton. Looking at the geology, I told the team that this was a great scenario for skin fossilization."

Excavation began in the summer of 2001, when a demolition expert, using low-impact charges, cleared away the huge boulders on the top of the hillside. A road to the site was cut, and a bulldozer was called in to scrape off the hilltop. Team members dug a six-foot -deep (two meters) trench around the fossil's perimeter, and then went in with hand toolsóthe scalpels, brushes, and dental picks that are a paleontologist's tools of trade.

Leonardo was disinterred from his cement-like grave as a single 6.5-ton block to preserve the skeleton. "He's in the record books as the largest dinosaur taken out in one chunk; it was a monumental undertaking," said Murphy.

The scientific work on Leonardo will keep paleontologists occupied for years.

"It's like looking through a frosted glass window. With bones you get an idea of what the animal looked like, but with soft tissue you get to see how the animal is put togetheróit goes a long way to clearing the frost," said Murphy.

posted on Oct, 19 2002 @ 07:02 PM
hi there truth,

Im a new member and i was reading some of your other posts. I found that I agree with much of what you believe in.
but I thought that I would reply to you here because I liked what you wrote,
that the earth is still very young. Which is so true. I would like to ask your opinion
as to how the dinosaurs became extinct.
If you would please.

posted on Oct, 19 2002 @ 10:05 PM

Originally posted by stewards
the earth is still very young. Which is so true.

How young, in your opinion?

posted on Oct, 20 2002 @ 08:10 AM
Truth, you are partially right. Skin doesn't last that long. But the fossilized skin does. Of course, there have been skin found after mummified for 8-10 thousand years. Of course, you find entire bodies intact after being frozen for twenty thousand years.

So who knows, if frozen for 77 million years, you might be able to. Of course, highly doubtful. For remember, nothing is impossible, only highly improbable. And hey Truths other name, stewards? Why did you choose that truth? That your last name? Or just thought of it?

posted on Oct, 20 2002 @ 11:18 AM
Hello to you called "THEYRE HERE"

You asked me to tell you in my opinion how young the Earth is. Well i am glad to share what has been taught to me.

Firstly it is based on what the bible shows us, and i do firmly believe that the bible is the all inspired word of god. Full of thruth
and infallible. So as we know that jesus christ was on this earth around 2000 years ago, you then look at the geanologies of christ before him, mainly his family. If you then add up the years you will find that there was 2000 years between Adam and Abraham, then there was 2000 years between Abraham and jesus christ, then you come to the time between our present day and jesus christ which, is as i have already wrote 2000 years.

so from what i have been shown the earth is only around the 6000 year mark.
of course we could never be acurate.

I would like to make one more point and that is to say that I belive that there was not a great gulf of time between God creating the world on the first day, up until Adam was created. It is for the reason that gods will was that he wanted to create the Earth and to put man on it to tend to its keeping, so that god would at the same time delight in us.

I dont beleive that god would create the Earth and leave it empty for thousands of years and then decide to put man here.

I hope this helps.

Hello to "james the lesser"

I just wondered if i could clear up a little interesting thought that you posted, that you think truths and me stewards are the same person, well were not, I call myself stewards because it is the origin of my name STUART. steward basically means Servant, and i like to think myself as serving jesus christ and not myself.
I also Beleive that TRUTH lives in the USA,
and I am from the UK. Also I said that I agree with much of what truth writes but not every single word.

But thankyou for your concern "JAMES THE LESSER" bye for now.

posted on Oct, 20 2002 @ 11:36 AM
hey maybe we can get jurrasic park to come true haha i still cant believe though that we have not found a way to bring the dodos back...

posted on Oct, 20 2002 @ 03:43 PM
Stewards, perhaps you should read some of the other posts at this site. Fossils do require millions of years to form. This despite what the Bible contends.

posted on Oct, 20 2002 @ 03:44 PM
Well wetdog, we do. We just don't use it.

posted on Oct, 20 2002 @ 06:32 PM
TC do you not think its time to end the pretense?????

posted on Oct, 20 2002 @ 07:28 PM
why not??? do know how much money we would make selling them as pets??? that would be so awesome... ok you can tell i still got some kid in me haha

posted on Oct, 30 2002 @ 12:45 PM
Hello everyone

Where can i find pics of it?

i really want to see it!

posted on Oct, 30 2002 @ 03:28 PM
Why does no one on this site belive in God?

He made us. Darwin was a nutcase. Jesus will come again. All who do not belive will rot in Hell. End of story.

posted on Oct, 30 2002 @ 06:32 PM
Methinks the original Truth may have taken a new name...

JM, you're the only one here that says we don't believe in God (Except for the very few who have admitted to being Atheists in the first place). I believe in God & have Faith in Him...I *don't* have Faith in *religion* & the *people* who've organized it. There's a big difference there that you have yet to grow up enough to see.

posted on Oct, 30 2002 @ 11:04 PM
That is not me. I never would condemn any man to hell.

i do not play foolish jokes as you think. this is my only user name
and will always be.


posted on Oct, 30 2002 @ 11:52 PM
Nah truth you would not do that you just acuse people of aiding the devil. Telling people they are going to hell is completly
different. Like apples and oranges and horses of different colors.

Your lying truth.


posted on Oct, 31 2002 @ 07:09 AM
interesting how a discussion about science nearly always strays to religion...
I'd like to know how ppl can believe so strongly in such things like 'the devil' and 'hell' blah so on so forth when there has been no evidence whatsoever apart from the word of one man 2000 years ago who could have been trippin for all we know. Do you seriously believe that if you tunnel deep into the earth, you're goin to find a shiny red demon?
Also, if not believing in 'God' ensures that i go to 'hell' if such a place could exist then sign me up!

posted on Oct, 31 2002 @ 02:51 PM
Ok, we hae truth, Jedimaster, the only truth, and maybe stewrds. Dang truth, how you keep all those names straight? I can barely handle JTL, and that just one! You must be talented truth. Also, didn't you say you were leaving, again? So, twice, maybe third time the charm?

posted on Nov, 1 2002 @ 03:05 PM
I will ask again

Can anyone give me some urls with more information about it and some pics?


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