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dimensions and your bodys

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posted on Jan, 29 2006 @ 05:13 PM
So we have heard about dimensions, and about our bodys in other dimensions, like your astral body being you in the astral plane, being your being, in the astral plane. But still, this astral plane, is it another word for fourth or fifth dimension?

How many planes or dimensions do exist, with in each plane an equivalent body of ourselves?

Or are we at some planes the same? A same thing, the higher you go, the more we undiffer. So like becoming one with the highest, becoming one with others who became one with the highest. The same, but different. One, but seperated.

Our third dimension, the world we see, with our physical eyes let's say, this third dimension is dense, material, substance, it's forms and structures differ, once in a higher dimension, it's purely light, or what? a form of energy, of waves, vibration, but still material does vibrate, at speeds... the atoms, but all living in higher and lower dimensions also. Higher and lower vibrations.

They say the brain functions at alpha, beta, delta and thetawaves, being from 0 - 25 Hz, this then being a very low wave, a low vibration? But with our mind everything can be percieved, all can be seen, sensed, is it like then this 0 - 25Hz is like the wavecarrier, with other vibrations resonating on it? Sounds electronical, but still..?

So our physical body, it can be seperated, or is seperated of our 'astral body' to take one. This astral body, does it host our physical body? Like when this astral body is away, our physical body can't operate? Or are we just confused then, or relaxed? And when doing something after that, getting it all together then?

I've heard before, that when getting ill, having warmer, vibrating then at a higher frequency let's say. And sometimes we suffer from 'dillusion' then, visualize things, or might say hallucinate.. getting our lower body in more contact with this higher body.

But how many higher bodys? I read we have an emotional body, an astral body, a physical body, a mental body..

are these seperated, or all compact into 'us'. Can we change bodys, or do we sense others, can we let a body of mine and one of yours become one?

what are we exactly.

anyone further comments?

and another question, when someone says you, to you, at what do you think? Your physical body, your consciounce? your heart? Or an unseen thing, an unjudgeable something which seems to be you, but what you have no theory for?

posted on Jan, 29 2006 @ 08:50 PM
All dementions - everything... it's ALL ONE WORLD. The difference in these 'other dementions' is that we, being in physical bodies, can't always precieve all the things there are to be aware of. Think of a dog hearing a dog whistle. The dog hears it, we do not. The whistle is not in another world, it just isn't something we canhear with only using our physical ears.

We are spiritual beings first and formost. We are ALSO physical beings. What we see here ... we can see it because it is within the frequency's that we can sense. Same with all other senses. The range of frequency that exists is well beyond what we physicaly can detect. It is still 'our world', but we just can't see, her touch it - therefore, many people just feel it's easier to not believe it's there or try to place it in a world that is set apart from ours.

When we sleep, or are in an altered state of mind, our spiritual self is less 'trapped' and more free.

How many bodies...well, if you mean astreal ect - that would be 7. I personaly only energy - enrgy encompasses all, including the physical. But all 7 are one - just like layers. If we wanted to 'layer our physical body we would say the layers are: skin, muscle, tnedents, bones etc. Energy layers are the same. It's all energy but each layer has a different function - just like the skin, the muscle etc. (I can name them for you if you want...let me know)

posted on Jan, 30 2006 @ 06:28 AM
So you mean it is something like this?

aura layers / dimensional layers

these outside layers, are they just upon the others, or do they overlay, like also outcoming of your core, or your heart, or where it is used to generate from, and reaching out more then the other?

All layers connect with the mind? The mind being a tool for interpreting all information or converting the information in something comprehensive for a humanly body?

So these layers, are called dimensions, so these dimensions reach everywhere. So when your mind connects with a layer, a dimension, it can 'fly' or it can reach out for things further then where you are? right?

So in fact we are a microcosmos! We are the whole, but smaller, a copy of the whole, in miniature. we are all in tiny form, able to connect with the big whole. able to saturate ourselves with the big whole. Becoming this big whole. Is this right?

thank you for your post, angela, these layers are allready named in the picture. Did you have other names or do they match?

So it looks like the astral plane is like the bridge between the physical and the spiritual, the in between sphere. Or something like that, I get it from looking at the picture.

How do we connect with these other layers? with higher layers, it should be that we do this often without knowing. But when to consciously being able to do this, this must be another experience?

any words?

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posted on Jan, 30 2006 @ 09:42 AM
I dont know too much about all these different layers and dimensions and need to do some more research on the subject, but at this moment in time I believe theres a physical plane and an astral plane and thats all. I believe when we dream at night, we go into the astral plane but our mind is somehow still connected and the same applies for OBEs but I believe that once the physical body no longer exists then the astral plane will become a lot more clearer as there wont be any subconcous thoughts involved.

posted on Jan, 30 2006 @ 10:53 AM
It is said that while do to our limited understanding coupled with how new we are in the universe equls growth as far as our perception of exsistence is concerned.Now I have no solid stamp of approval that htere are such things as other dimensions.

When referring to these I believe that in regards to there being a third dimension of form and shape that there are other dimensions that we cannot see necisarily.Such as energy and space.Though we exsist within these other dimensions.Our awareness of what these are is minimal.We feel energies that we cannot see and can send signals out as well.

There is much speculation as to what our minds are connected to.This imagination that we have has the ability to create whole worlds as we think.Are these real places since we can fabricate their exsistence in our minds?

There are studies being done.Where they moniter the brain when looking at an object then with your eyes closed and thinking of the object.

The results were the same in regards to the area and amount of activity that the brain was proccessing.

Remember that our brains recieve the signals from all of our senses to register the world around us.Just some thoughts

posted on Jan, 30 2006 @ 11:34 AM
I believe the Astral is the fifth dimension, but I'm not entirely sure. Kind of pointless to assign spiritual dimensions numbers that technically mean nothing anyway.

How many planes exist? I don't know. Perhaps infinite. All I know is we are here, middle-to-low. there are a bunch more planes in between above us, and then at the very top there is "The Source", the creator. The universe itself. The source of all things, where everything will eventually end back up.

You currently have a causual ("mental") body, a physical body, and an astral body. To go any higher, you must spiritually create a solar body. You don't exist on these higher planes yet.

Oh yeah, and along with there being different dimensions, there are sub-levels in that dimension as well. For example, within the astral, there are infra-dimensions and supra-dimsions. So there are probably about 12 "astral planes" alone.

Can we change bodys, or do we sense others, can we let a body of mine and one of yours become one?

No one can physically take over your body unless you allow them to. One way of doing this is through channelling. It is very dangerous though, and I highly recommend you don't try it. As for making "two become one", that would require a very lengthy explaination.

Like when this astral body is away, our physical body can't operate? Or are we just confused then, or relaxed? And when doing something after that, getting it all together then?

Most people can only occupy one body at a time, unless you are very spiritually advanced. Your physical body will normally just go to sleep when you shift your awareness into the astral body. All of your bodies are there all the time; you are just not conciously aware of them.

posted on Jan, 30 2006 @ 12:06 PM
An interesting slant on this.

In some of my studies it shows that the state of being you are in.
Upset,happy,sad effects the state of the versions of yourself in other planes.In a sense you can look at every moment as being its own dimension or version of what could and will be.

The more we focus on time and events as being variables within the world-line theory.The more we seem to look at the possibilities of what could have happened or what could happen suggesting we do certain things to
manipulate the course of events.Our brains can proccess endless amounts of information,within a human second we instantly map out events that can transpire with many different outcomes.

Now suppose these are all realities that exsist even though we are not in them .Like you turned right instead of left.There are differences that occur in these world-lines,many differences.In some circles people say that we weave in and out of other dimensions and that we are actually ourselves in many different planes at once.

Where as the more different the world-line is.The more detached form its reality we are.Where as in this one we drive cars.Yet in another world-line we could drive some weird hover cat thing you never know.

Through the many streams of energies and information we do get signals and glimpses of other realms totaly different from ours.Which in some theories explains ghosts and other entities.

The less attached to this physical realm we are the easier we can assume the body of ourselves in different realms,which explains the abilitie to see and exsist in other places while dreaming.

I guess that is why sleep paralysis happens.Because the mind or asral mental self is detached from our body but still trapped within the shell?
i dunno
All of thezse are my owwn thoughts and studies!


posted on Jan, 30 2006 @ 01:48 PM
Yep, those are the layers I was talking about. We could look at a diagram of our physical body and lable the layers too. But because we can only see the physical body we tend to seperate these layered body parts that are 'invisible'. It is actualy all one person. LOL... sounds funny to say.

They overlay, they function independantly and they function together as a whole. Just like our digestive system has many organs to form the system, and that system has it's main job, our respritory and circulatory systems have different jobs etc... but we have to have all these organs making all these systems, and all these systems to make one physical body that functions as a LIVING body, and all the layers you see in that graph are also important independanly as a system and also to keep our physical bodies alive.
If you had a body that worked perfectly well but didn't have those layers.. you know what you'd have? You'd have a person in a hospital bed on life support. They'd be breathing and the heart would be pumping - the tissue would be viable... but there would be no 'life'.
Now - once our body functions have failed us and our body dies, those outer layers - all your energy systems... they still function! We keep right on living, only without our physical bodies. (The only part that dies is the part you see) Think on that for a second. Kinda cool hu?

All layers are connected - even with the mind. But to go a step farther... they may be connected with the mind and give us reason and cause for using our mind in the fashion we do (morals, beliefs, personal prefferance, experience etc)... but the mind, although being navigated greatly to an extent by them - is not aware of them! Ok, some are aware, but very few it seems. It's my mission to help people understand. But oh it's so hard to teach all the basics -- there's so much to learn! (I'm greatful for posts like yours)
Like intuition. It's there, it's connected, but it's not a rational, analytic thinking process that goes on in the mind - it just 'is'.

Spirit communicates, navigates, is --- all by thought. Spirit is connected with everything all the time. Why can't we just go visit our deseased relatives then? Or know what Jenny is doing in North Dikota? Simply because we are trapped energy and most people haven't figured out that they do have control and can work with the unseen energy. Physical matter is trapped energy. When we (a being made of energy) is not trapped (inside our physical bodies) then we are aware of and ARE everywhere, every demention etc. A dememtion... I should study a bit more in the science area before I try to explane this... forgive me if I don't use the correct terms...
Demention is nothing more than preception. 1 dementional means we can only see (precieve) one side. Like a picture a child drew. 2 demention means we can see (precieve) yet another side or view of that picture. Let's pretend that is a drawing of a square. If we go to 3 demention, that means we can see that squares sides (a rubics cube) (note, we are 3d)... Now if we add a forth dememtion, it is still a square, but there is yet another perception, another piece of info about it you can't see now because you can only precieve 1d, 2d & 3d. We can draw and demonstrate with a mathmatical formula what 4d would appear to be if we could see it etc.
Now - back to what I was saying.
We are not just stuck in the 3rd demention. It's just that we can only precieve 'so much'. (people seem to need to lable things....especialy the scientist. So, they know there is more to be seen that they can't see and they lable it and give it a formula. Well... just like air. They labled it, they gave it a formula ...
But if there were no wind moving objects when the air blew... maybe science wouldn't have bothered believing there was such a thing. LOL! Sorry... I'm rambleing. Let me get back to answering your post.
Oh yes.
You asked if your mind can reach out and connect with a differnet demention.
Yes - it already does/always has. It's just that our physical body (our eyes and ears and fingers) can't grasp it... The things we don't understand are often dismissed by the mind too... so that makes it that much harder to understand.
We live in ALL dementions all the time. We just can preceive all ther is to behold just yet. The word demetion is only a lable for our preception. It is like turning 4 years old. Just because you turned years old don't mean your not still the sum total of 1 year old, 2 years old and 3 years old... yet we only say we are 4. Go figure.

We are a piece of the whole, and at the same time, we are independantly whole. Ouch. Let me give an example... that might not sound as coherant to some one reading as it did to me typing. LOL
Ok - a tree is a tree, all by itself it is a tree. Put that tree in a forest and it is a tree, but it is a part of the forest. Put that forest in the state of Missouri and it is a forest, but it is a part of the state... this could go on and on of course.... as do we.

Those are the names most use for those layers. I generaly don't use the names for each one simply because I like to work with a person as a 'whole being' - which encompasses all those layers and things deep within and past/present/future etc. We are are amazing, as is our universe and our creator. And the more you learn and understand the more awesome and both complicated yet simple it becomes. And when you begin to see these things and understanding starts to unfold --- life becomes a totaly different and wonderful thing.

The bridge. Oh I studied and pondered that for such a long many years. I thought it was my key to understanding all these things (and getting past being trapped in the physical so I could do more communication with the desease loved ones and such.) That outer layer - yes, that's the bridge. Turns out it's much more simple than that. But I get bogged down in details and make everything much harder than it needs to be.

To be consciously aware of being in contact with these other layers... it takes time and work. But it's something we can all do. I'd love to work with you and teach you. I don't want to post a website here because it might be frowned upon, but I just started posting lession type material in a group I made in yahoo. I made that group years ago because people had questions that weren't on topic for the forum we were in. I posted 11 or 12 posts in the last few days.... I can give you that link if you want
Just e-mail me.
But basicaly, you need to be mindful of your health (totla health - body, mental, emotional - the whole nine yards)... and just like there are layers on the outside that we can't see with our eyes - there's also things on the inside that we can't see with our eyes. They are called Chakras. These Chakras are the energy link that connects us physicaly to the spiritual (energy) layers we've been taling about. We can tune them in like a radio almost.
And yes, it is an experience - one that lasts an entire life time! A a matter of fact, when you come to understand the human body, your own and those around you, you'll be amazed that you ever lived life any differently. You'll wonder how on earth you ever managed to get by!


posted on Jan, 30 2006 @ 06:35 PM
And what of a woman 60 feet from me across the street. Standing with her teats pointed at me, but her head to one side talking to somebody. And I
60 feet away moved 6-7 feet to one side, and her teats tried to follow unknowing to her, then I moved 10 feet the other direction. In a gesture of frustration she threw up her arms like she was trying to enter a protective
dome like they had over the intelligent ones in Zardoz with Sean Connery.
She went on as if nothing relating to me happened, I relate this to you, understand thyselves better.

from Menguard

Many to the layers of consciousness.It is always in a state of flux given development.

posted on Jan, 30 2006 @ 07:02 PM

I have no idea what you just said, but it didn't sound too good.

posted on Feb, 1 2006 @ 10:13 PM
Yarcofin I believe what HS is trying to describe is that independant of the womans knowledge the parts of her body used to attract men.Were supposedly moving in his direction as he changed his position throughout this experiment?.

Suggesting that without her conciously doing so her body was reacting to his prescence.
I dunno..Scarecrow?

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