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Who is District Judge Reggie Walton?

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posted on Jan, 29 2006 @ 01:37 PM

Reggie B. Walton is a United States District Judge for the District of Columbia. Walton served as an Associate Judge of the Superior Court of the District of Columbia from 1981 to 1989 and 1991 to 2001.

Walton is the judge presiding over the criminal case of the vice president's former cheif of staff, Scooter Libby, he has dismissed one of FBI whistle-blower Sibel Edmonds' lawsuits, after "sitting on the case with no activity for almost two years," [1] and is "randomly" presiding over her other suit as well.

Above is all Wikipedia has to say. The two points are interesting though.

I enjoyed this recent piece which I found linked from Sibel Edmonds' website. I don't know much about the website or the author, but his points are quite interesting:

Walton is the judge who will not only be presiding over the Libby case, but he has also been "randomly assigned" to Edmonds’ Federal Tort Claim after having upheld her ridiculous gag order imposed by former attorney general, John Ashcroft. [...] somebody is very worried about what Edmonds wants to talk about.

Very little is known about Walton and it would seem that there are those, including Walton, who would just assume keep it that way. But what little is known should be enough to set off all kinds of bells and whistles, beginning with his long history with the Bush gang.

Eight years after becoming a judge on the D.C. circuit, Walton was introduced to Bush the First's drug czar, Bill (the Gambler) Bennett, who asked him to be his number two guy eight weeks later. Walton accepted the offer and began racking up frequent flyer miles to spread the word on Bush’s war on drugs. Two years after that, he became Bush’s senior White House advisor on crime and was then reappointed to the D.C. circuit. After that, things get fuzzy again.


Some may remember the hoopla over alleged connections between the Oklahoma City bombings and Iraq . Now, without going into the nuts and bolts of this particular story, an Oklahoma City lawyer named Mike Johnston, aided by Larry Klayman of Judicial Watch, filed a federal lawsuit on behalf of victims of the Oklahoma City bombing. They sought to obtain FBI files which they felt had been purposely withheld from defense attorneys in the McVeigh trial.

The suit was dismissed in July of 2002 on a technicality. The presiding judge in the decision was none other than Reggie Walton.

Interesting, eh? Seems like Reggie is a tool of the GWOT.

Did Walton act in treason in denying evidence from the Oklahoma City bombing case? Did that evidence point toward John Doe #2? [...I wonder if John Doe #2 spoke turkish. Hmmm... ]

Cheney's chief of staff (Scooter Libby) cowardly outing of Valerie Plame (revenge-based outing of a field-intel agent of the United States) is probably the single most deadly item they face IMO because it indicates how much control Bush/Cheney think they have, and if it comes to light (or to the media), it'll effect some big decisions for them and their core power-group. These decisions could be very bad for Americans, IMO.

Ever wonder why its so hard for ordinary citizens to read or follow case law? The illegal codification of common law and the UK-based barrister system haven't been covered enough on ATS, to my liking. Let's get some chatter going about who really controls the US courts, shall we?

But as for what Judge Walton got paid post-911 and during 2004 (when he dismissed Edmond's case), why that's confidential:

Strangely enough, Judicial Watch recently requested and was granted through the FOIA the financial disclosures of federal judges including Walton from the year 2003. Now, if you go to read Walton’s disclosure, you will notice that somebody went wild with one of those black magic markers that have become so popular in DeeCeeVille the last five years or so. In other words, Walton’s 2003 financial disclosure record is completely redacted. And I mean everything.

Here is the link to the .PDF of Judge Walton's 2003 disclosure:

And here is a .jpg I made of the first page:

Considering that Reggie dismissed Ms. Edmonds lawsuit (and therefore her testimony) in 2004 (which is when the above financial reporting was hidden), it unreasonable to assume he got paid off?

Supreme Court Denies FBI Translator's Case
Supreme Court Won't Hear Appeal by FBI Translator Who Worked on Counterterrorism Cases
By TONI LOCY Associated Press Writer - The Associated Press

WASHINGTON Nov 28, 2005

A former FBI translator failed Monday to persuade the Supreme Court to revive her lawsuit alleging she was fired for reporting possible wrongdoing by other linguists involved in counterterrorism investigations.

Edmonds, 32, who was hired after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks and fired in March 2002, argued that a trial court judge was wrong to accept the Justice Department's claim that allowing her lawsuit to go forward would threaten "state secrets," or national security.

The former translator claimed the FBI terminated her contract after she complained about the quality of translations of terrorism-related wiretaps and had reported that another translator was leaking information to targets of investigations.

Her lawyers argued the government should not be allowed to use the "state secrets privilege" to silence whistleblowers, such as Edmonds, who reveal "national security blunders."

U.S. District Judge Reggie B. Walton dismissed Edmonds' lawsuit in 2004 after then-Attorney General John Ashcroft invoked the "state secrets privilege" before Justice Department lawyers had responded to any of the case's allegations.

Reginald Walton: Honest, hardworking judge and true-believer in the drug war, or treasonous BushCo-barrister shill?



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