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Salute to the KC-135

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posted on Jan, 29 2006 @ 06:59 AM
I was looking through my pics on my hard drive today, and realized just how many missions the KC-135 has performed in the last 45+ years. I thought I'd create a little salute to it, with pics of the different missions they're performed.

KC-135A (Used water injection systems to get more power to take off.)

Tail number 91518. Until retirement the oldest 135 in inventory. Built in 1959.

Tail number 00376. Built in 1960. Third oldest in inventory until retirement due to corrosion.

Tail number 12669. Callsign Trout 99. Went by Speckled Trout. Was the VIP transport for the Chief of Staff of the Air Force. Also doubled as the test bed for almost all major upgrades to navigation, autopilot, and communications systems.

EC-135. Used for Looking Glass during the cold war.

WC-135. Used for surveying weather after nuclear tests, and later for general weather testing. Note the sample intake on the side of the fuselage, just over the wing.

I included this one, just because it is an interesting pic. It was one of the KC-135s that was sold, this particular one to India. India, Turkey, and Singapore have all bought them. I'm pretty sure it caused a few heart attacks in the old time USAF folks though when it first made the rounds.

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posted on Jan, 30 2006 @ 08:40 AM
Well, talking about tanker? I have a question that is why there are three type of tankers being sevice for RAF?

posted on Jan, 30 2006 @ 06:41 PM
What a beautiful airplane that is! I don't know who made it, but I want to find out, so I can buy stock in the company.

I recommend that all of you buy stock in it, too.


posted on Jan, 31 2006 @ 12:10 AM
Those are great planes. i live not to far from March ARB, home to the 163rd Air Refuel Wing. I enjoyed watching KC-135's on final approach to the base, there were alot in 2003, not much flying around anymore.
here's a link: 163 ANG

posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 06:32 AM
Here comes a bump from the past. Former boom operator on KC-135's. Stationed in Grand Forks AFB, ND in the 905th ARS. Gotta love the tanker motto...old but well hung!

posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 02:32 PM

What a beautiful airplane that is! I don't know who made it, but I want to find out, so I can buy stock in the company.

Boeing (for the KC-135). Same company that makes Air Force One.

Eventually, the KC-135 will be replaced with the Boeing 767 variant, but it's a large fleet (a little over 400), so will be a gradual replacement.

posted on Feb, 24 2012 @ 09:41 PM
Actually, Mr. Gazrok, my comment about buying stock in whomever made that aircraft was a bit tongue-in-cheek; I am a 20-year veteran of The Boeing Company, although I will be retiring this year. I work in Mesa, Arizona, home of (among other rotorcraft) the Boeing AH-64D Apache Longbow helicopter.

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