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NEWS: Steve Jones gets approval of peers - "Scholars for 9/11 Truth" (S9/11T)

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posted on Feb, 2 2006 @ 01:18 PM
Now you are really mixing things up.

I am talking about the pieces of WTC 7 steel that had evidence of “hot corrosion.”

The 250 degree bit was based on the examination of few pieces of steel that were positively identify as having come from the tower impact and fire floors. There is no way to conclude that the evidence from those particular pieces of steel is representative of the conditions on the entire floor, since they only represented a very small percentage of the steel from those floors.

These are two totally separate issues.

posted on Feb, 2 2006 @ 01:22 PM
So, you are saying that they found sulfides on pieces of steel but didn't think to test them for temperature? Hogwash or sheer neglect? I vote for both. And if I'm wrong, please give me a link to the NIST report where they tested the steel (any steel) for temperature and came up with the temperatures needed to "cook" gypsum into the steel.

And why wouldn't NIST say "see here ya go, there's the temperatures needed for the steel to become weak"?

[edit on 2-2-2006 by Griff]

posted on Feb, 2 2006 @ 01:48 PM
Here is the report.

A microstructural analysis of these steel samples has been completed. In Building 7, the structural steel was A36. Figure 2 shows the near surface microstructural changes that occurred in the steel.

The as-fabricated microstructure consisted of a hot worked banded structure of ferrite and pearlite. In severely “eroded” regions where the thickness had been reduced to less than a 1/16 of and inch significant decarburation was observed. In addition, some pearlite bands presented regions that had re-austentized as well as regions where the pearlite had started to spheroidize. These observations indicate that steel had experienced temperature between 550 and 850°C.

An examination of the “slag” that formed on the surface of the steel found iron oxides and iron sulfides. It appeared that the “slag” was liquid at high temperature and easily attacked the grain boundaries. A eutectic microstructure was seen within the “slag” of iron oxides and iron sulfides. If these compounds were pure Wustite (FeO) and Iron sulfide (FeS), the eutectic temperature is 940°C. It appears that the severe “erosion” was due to the sulfidation and oxidation (i.e. hot corrosion) of the steel followed by the liquid “slag” attack of the grain boundaries.


There is more data out there if you look.

posted on Feb, 2 2006 @ 01:59 PM
Thanks Howard for clearing that up. There seams to be a lot of supposition going on in those paragraphs. Things like, these indicate the temperatures and if these compounds were. Why the vagueness? Doesn't NIST have the capability to determine the exact temperatures and the exact chemical compounds?

posted on Feb, 4 2006 @ 02:17 AM
I talk to Jim Fetzer regularly on our weekly internet radio broadcast, he has put together an excellent book called "Murder in Dealy Plaza" which has contributions from some exceptionally well qualified people who have examined physical evidence around the JFK assassination.

Jim is aware of some very important points when it comes to the destruction of the WTC towers. A big point, there is little discussion of the massive explosion in the basement sublevel which badly burned a man and did an incredible amount of damage PRIOR to the first plane hitting. The head janitor, Mr. William Rodriguez was hailed as a hero for leading rescuers upstairs from floor to floor helping free trapped people by opening the doors with his master key. He was trying to climb up to his friends who were on break in a cafeteria. His friends never made it out. Mr. Rodriguez has been loudly ignored about what he and numerous people with him witnessed.

There is so much evidence of government complicity that I cannot blame anyone for thinking Bush and his friends did it. I would caution, though, that there is much more to this than just an inside job.

The New York Times was at one point pressuring the White House to give up information related to a phone call received on the subject of pending terror attacks. The New York Times lost steam on that one, but there are records if investigators ever want to get serious. The phone call in question was received by John P. O'Neill. Mr. O'Neill was informed of a conference on terrorism that was hosted by Iranian diplomat Mohtashemi-Pur. Mohtashemi-Pur is boss of a man named Imad Mugniyeh, the individual responsible for orchestrating the bombing of marines in Beirut. Mr. O'Neill was clearly frustrated by the inactivity. I wonder if he thought going to work at the WTC would put him in a position to try and stop the attacks from happening.

The US clearly had the intelligence to know these attacks were coming. I have prior warning letters in my possessions that communicated this information to FBI Special Agent Keith Cutri and Customs Agent, Ken Hysell. US Customs wanted to act, the FBI pulled jurisdiction, took in an informant and burned him. They kicked him out of the US even though he was attempting to hand over details of an extensive false ID ring which covered all of the hijackers (if people recall, several of the dead hijackers are in fact still alive). It is my understanding that the informant and his family are now dead, executed for their betrayal.

I also have prior warning letters which were written to Congressman Baird and Colin Powell. Some of these letters specifically name Bin Laden and The Base (Al Qaeda). Bin Laden appears to be acting as a front man to decoy attention away from the real Islamic Jihad organizers.

Now here is where things get complicated.

Imad Mugniyeh runs heroin and does business with certain corrupt agents of certain corrupt three letter agencies (US). For those who haven't figured it out, the US economy would be non-existent if not for all the drug money being pumped through the NYSE. Now let us recall who's father headed up a certain three letter agency. Perhaps people would like to ponder these US Navy Courtmartial documents which were recently entered into court by a US Attorney attempting to prevent the release of Kevin Razzoli. Kevin has authorized me to release these documents to the public.
Good luck finding any traces of George M. Bush in the Navy database, he and his brother Ross appear to be very nicely sheep-dipped... it makes running the family biz a little easier.

The Bush's are dirty, oil is profitable, drugs are VERY profitable, war is profitable, and the "enemy" is sometimes our "friend". Unfortunately, these money grubbing leaches are willing to sink us all for a little blood cash.

For those who think Bin Laden is a Bush puppet, consider the following, the poppies are growing again in Afghanistan. Bin Laden was causing cash-flow problems, sending a subtle message to his former friends that the party was over.

And Bush's response... an attack on America can be turned into an advantage.

I think there is plently of evidence to support complicity, so much so that discerning eyes might readily think the whole thing was staged. I would probably think so myself if I weren't in possession of details which clearly indicate that there is a large, externally organized effort here. My real fear is that we will point our fingers at Bush and overlook Mohtashemi-Pur.

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