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Earthquake Clouds

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posted on Jan, 28 2006 @ 11:03 PM

A few weeks ago upon coming back home from running errands, i had been looking at some cloud formations that caught my eye. So upon staring at them, I kinda had a flashback of how weird the sky was when the quake of 89' hit; there was just something different about the atmosphere in those days.

So, after some earthquake prediction searching online, I came across a few sites that I thought to be interesting to share: Earthquake Clouds and Short Term Prediction

I should simply introduce the historical background of earthquake clouds. Ancient Chinese and Italians studied special clouds which were indicative of impending earthquakes. There was a document in the Lon-De County Chronicle, China, 300 years ago (recompiled in 1935): "It was sunny and warm; the sky was blue and clear. Suddenly, there appeared threads of black clouds spanning the sky like a long snake. The clouds stayed for a long time, so there would be an earthquake..."

Also, here is another article I read: The man who predicts earthquakes

Nair denies any premonition about impending earthquakes. He adds that -- unlike what people are beginning to attribute to him -- he does not have any divine powers. "It is all scientific," he insists. "I can predict earthquakes scientifically. But I am sad that the authorities and the so-called seismological experts are unwilling to listen to me."

Thanks for taking a look...God Bless


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