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Recall Arnold?

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posted on Oct, 2 2003 @ 11:31 AM
Looks like it will have to wait six months, but they can get the ball rolling with signatures. I'd put a large wager on this becoming a reality if "The Groper" is elected.

The polls show Davis behind, and Schwarzenegger ahead, and there's a big White Elephant that lingers for a Gov. Arnold....

The question is: Should CA Dems just knuckle over until 2006, suffering Schwarzenegger; or should they fight this hijack, and begin a Recall Effort on October 8th, after next Tuesday's election?

... a new recall would have to wait six months if Davis wins this recall election. I don’t see any prohibition for immediately commencing a recall drive against a winning replacement candidate. In item (b) it is hard to make the case that Schwarzenegger could have the recall election determined in his favor because the only person involved in the recall election is Gray Davis. Schwarzenegger is on the replacement ballot.

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