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NBC's 'Medium'--Is there an agenda here?

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posted on Jan, 28 2006 @ 01:37 PM
Did anybody see NBC's 'Medium' on monday(1-23-06)? The episode was called "Raising Cain." Lead character Allison Dubois is called in to help with a child kidnapping. Using her psychic abilities, cops quickly find the 7-yr old tied up in a local dump with a gunshot wound. Allison next finds out that the victim's mother is the one who did it, because the mother herself has 'medium'-type abilities and envisions junior 10 years later turning into a psychotic, heartless.... school shooter! Thus mom's motive for attempting to kill her own son; she is also portaryed as being overly religious. But Allison also has another vision of junior as a valedictorian at his high school graduation, thanking his mom. Allison confronts mom, telling her that her son's future will depend on her belief in her child. Later that night Allison gets a phone call informing her that mom has commited suicide. Allison has one more vision-a repeat of junior as a valedictorian, but this one with the son mentioning his mother's suicide and portraying it in a positive light.

At its core, this episode is about a young mother who decides to commit suicide because she feels she is bad for her son, and that he will be better off without her. Given that this show's demographic tends to favor women, a fair proportion of whom might be mothers of young children who sometimes get depressed and wonder how good a mother they are, one has to wonder if there might be an agenda here. 'Medium' is a tv show that often juxtaposes images of Allison's happy, wholesome family life with hefty doses of blood, gore and horror. This show, or this episode at least, is starting to sound a lot like "death ed for young moms."

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