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Earth from an ALIEN's Perspective

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posted on Jan, 29 2006 @ 08:39 PM
The aliens are doing exactly what we would do in a reverse-case scenario. They're probing, observing, watching, and occasionally abducting species to learn more about them in a controlled environment. The aliens aren't doing anything too drastic, but at the same time they are learning so much about us, as if planning for some sort of future confrontation....

posted on Jan, 29 2006 @ 09:37 PM
exactly..they wouldnt just walk right into the white house with these foreign object we would think are (dangerous) and expect us to be like..oh hey back so soon....nah we'd pull out some serious guns on them...and the way they are planning to do this future visit..seems logical to me..and im sure if we were would be the same way...but like i said...if they were here for our technology....why would they even bother studying us? wouldnt they just come and grab?..its definately the other way around..we want to grab wat we can from them..if we seen a UFO crash we wouldnt try to help them ..are you kidding there would be gov agents all over that site dragging out wat stuff they could find for our better use...from an aliens perspective...we are the ones who are i dont blame them for taking their time...its like us trying to be friendly with abunch of piranha, in a very different enviroment...and we go jump right in...what do you think they would do? hmmm bite maybe? we fear the if they have studied us enough to know that..they would know how uneasy we would be about their visit..and i hate to say it..but we are a very dumb species...we couldnt figure out a "hello we want to be friends" if it hit us in the face...if it dont smell like its from earth and dont look like it,or sound like must not be from earth..and that kinda freaks some people out..especially the ones who are spiritual you know your right...they are planning it..because they wont want anything to go wrong..and if ir would..that would be bad..REAL bad ~kiliker

posted on Jan, 29 2006 @ 09:44 PM
hey, Humans aren't as dumb as you think. When we do recieve contact from aliens, like some sort of cryptic message, it will be scrutinized and judged by everyone on Earth. We will look at it from a humanitarian standpoint, a symbolic viewpoint, and find out what their true intentions are. Whether they want war, or peace, they better not underestimate humans.

posted on Jan, 29 2006 @ 11:55 PM
i see where your coming from..but this isnt like some movie here..if they wanted war they wouldnt wait to study us..they'd just go an blow us straight out the sure that aint it...maybe we arnt that dumb..but compared to pretty sure of im guessing if they did come here to this little planet earth..and did send us a message it wouldnt be that they wanted war im sure they wouldnt waste their time waiting for us to decode it and so if it was a "hello" im sure they would then want to wait..considering they wouldnt or we wouldnt want to make contact untill we both got the message that its ok...and yes im sure when the time comes..we will all work together on this..because if it was would take more then one country to do something about this..we would need this whole planet to work as ya maybe we arnt that dumb..but hey,if we knew these things i wouldnt be wasting my time trying to figure it out huh..only time will tell i guess..but its a funny thought when you think how easy it would be to take us over..we dont even have a leader for our planet..maybe they feel sorry for us...and thats why they dont attack and only observe? idk~kiliker

posted on Jan, 30 2006 @ 02:17 AM
i always wondered what drake's equation was and what it was in relation too. thanks very much guys for explaining that it was just a load of old wank. i wonder how many more equations and predictions made by the human eggheads are in effect the same. it would be interesting to count them all up , let me start ....evolution.

posted on Feb, 12 2006 @ 09:18 AM
The Drake equasion is not stupid, it's actually a fair beginning when trying to estimate the amount of life in the universe.

The table below shows the high and low estimates of the Drake variables, according to individual Wikipedia members' discussions on that variable (as compiled by Wikipedia member "Securiger"): [Click the 'discussion' link]

R* 10 20 2 [rate of star formation in galaxy]
f/p .1 .75 7.5 [stars which have planets in orbit]
n/e .5 5 10 [can potentially support life]
f/l .001 1 1000 [actually go on to develop life]
f/i 10^7 .5 .5 X 10^7 [actually go on to develop intelligent life]
f/c .01 .1 10 [willing and able to communicate]
L 66 10^9 1.5 X 10^7 [expected lifetime of such a civilization]

N 3.3 X10^-11 3.75 X10^9 1.5 X 10^7

...So the numbers discussed in Wikipedia itself lead to a difference of 20 orders of magnitude, as pointed out on the wiki discussion page in question.

Here is a Hubble Deep Field image:

I don't think the theory should be thrown out just because the individual ranges vary widely. We really don't know what's out there, but I'm not willing to assume we are the dominant species of the universe. These dots in the Hubble picture represent galaxies. I understand the Drake equasion is only meant to determine potential civilizations in our Milky Way galaxy. As this picture shows, there are lots more of them, and yes its possible that A: there are intelligent beings, and B: they know about us already.

But then, perhaps this thread has run its course. I just wanted to comment.

[edit on 12-2-2006 by smallpeeps]

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