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White/Black Flashes?

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posted on Jan, 28 2006 @ 02:23 AM
Iv posted in this section before about things that happen in my house, but the things that I posted have slowly stopped and these have started.

All through every day and every night I catch glimpses of white or black flashes moving across different parts of my house. As I said in my other post, my family has a long history of seeing things in the places we live and it has continues through myself and my sister, so although im inclined to think its my imagination I find it hard to completely rule other things out.

Mainly I will see them moving across the hall, and across the living room. I see them usually out of the corner of my eye and once I turn my head to see them they're gone. On a few very rare occasions I will see one as my heads turned in the direction its simply a small flash of light. Also after this happen (as we have hard wood floor in portions of the house) I will hear the boards creak like there's weight on them. My two sisters have also heard this, and one says she's also seen the lights.

From my understanding this has been going on as far back when my mother was a child (she's 38) only then her and her bothers and sister would only see it very rarely where as me and my sister see it almost constantly. I honestly dont remember if I mentioned this in the other post or not but I was just wondering what you all might thing on it.

Some other strange things that accompany this would be the feeling of something touching my hair, moving it up and then letting it back down. I dont claim these to be supernatural, but like I said, iv seen enough in my lifetime to understand that just because you think its nothing doesnt make it nothing.

EDIT: Something I forgot to mention, these flashes arnt always white. Sometimes they are and sometimes they are black. I dont know how else to explain the black ones, they're just dark black flashes.

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posted on Jan, 29 2006 @ 12:28 AM
One thing that we are doing in our exsistence is evolving.As there is much speculation involved i wont go too far into it.

But as we continue our blood line via our children our development goes into it aswell.We are part of a strange web of life.As with all else in humanity and life irt seems that we change slowly over time.

Where as we know certain things about exsistence,they seem to change.There is much documentation on people being able to see things due to a different perception built into their brains or way they conduct so to speak. Now I could tell you many of my encounters that have happened to me in just the last week but.I think I will say the more you look the more youll see.What that means is up to you,as in everything..



posted on Jan, 29 2006 @ 01:08 AM
Delirious, read all you want about the shadow energy, this is the same stuff. In the "Characteristic" of the Shadow people .......I just posted a message that will help.

This is the conspiracy of all history uncovered, just give it time and see what I mean.

The only conspiracy uncovered that was greater was the life of Jesus Christ.
You describe the flashes of black exactly as I mentioned, the properties of dark clouds are mirror-like.

The fact you mentioned it has happend to older people in your family reaffirms my idea that this phenomena goes back to ancient times. No doubt it caused some ancients to worship false gods, and have visions like Revelations.

In my complicated series of posts in the healing energy title, I mention some of the things this phenomena, this web of deceit can do. Seems like you have an a lighter version. The pressure exerted on my back, about 200-300 pounds of dark energy for about 20 seconds certainly can cause floorboards to creak. I also allowed it to spin me around and push me.
But then I am a soul rebel, and felt weak, insecure, and low self- esteem on purpose to acheive this. Seems to me the dark energy has a bully side to it. Never did like bullies

be cool
Honor Seed

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