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Guitar distorsion & Mind Control: your thoughts

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posted on Jan, 30 2006 @ 06:24 PM
I know that it has been "researched" on the popular Discovery Channel show MythBusters:
External Source- click here

Episode 25: Brown Note
Ever the chance-taker, Adam puts his body to the test for science. Will he be able to withstand subsonic frequencies, or will adult diapers be his only hope with the Brown Note?

Link to Wiki's definition of the Brown Note

Now, there are some that dispute the accuracy of their tests, but they did pretty well with this one.

The two testers and some of the equipment guys did feel a little "strange" (dizzy, nausea) after prolonged exposure, but they were not prone to hypnotic effects.

posted on Jan, 30 2006 @ 08:24 PM
The "Brown note" isn't about mind control, it's about bowel control. And in my opinion they did not do a good job. Anecdotaly speaking, I heard the brown note was 4Hz, their tests were done at 5Hz. Plus he stood right in front of the speakers. A frequency that low would most likely have a wavelength over 2 Metres (approx. 7 feet). Which would mean that the wavefronts could have been forming past where he was standing. I think if they moved the speakers back further, (say 10 m) they might have seen a result as that would allow the wavefronts to build up . I remember some of the assistants felt crap (pardon the pun) and they were standing much further away.

I don't think they wanted it to work, I mean would you want to crap your pants on international t.v.? (second thoughts, don't answer that. . .

posted on Jan, 31 2006 @ 05:24 AM
Greetings Everyone, I am a long time reader and first time poster, I felt like replying to this thread because I am quite a reasonably talented instrumentalist myself, and I am only 21, having been learning music since I was 7, and at this youthful age I have grown up with the Music that Echtelion is refering to.

That being said, all of my friends who are not what I would refer to as highly intelligent listen to popular genres of music and top 40 alternative loud head banging rubbish. These are my friends that did not do well at school, did the assignment on Animal Farm and thought that it was actually about Piggies and Cows, and have not read anything other than tv guide since grade 12, needless to say, they are members of the sheeple. Then my other half of friends who are all reasonably intelligent and socially aware (and worried) listen to all kinds of music with real instruments, and interesting flowing melodic lines etc.

I believe that the conspirators who own the music and media industries, (as well as the banks) play repetetive brainless music repeatedly in the top hit charts because they can control the way people think through this. I also believe that listening to more creative music makes you a more creative and therefore open minded person, which is not what they want. Whilst flooding my generation with mindless lyrics about guns and substance abuse and how its cool to sleep around with random partners makes teenagers emulate these behaviours, these music video's also promote the idea amongst the youth that ITS COOL TO BE UNINTELLIGENT.

Look at our musical stars, 95% of them don't even write their own music. They perform hits which are written for them by their musical label, lots with highly disturbing undertones, they sing whatever they are told to because that what makes them a star.

If the mainstream media started getting interested in real musical genius again, people like James Morrison or Wynton Marsalis or heck even good old Pavarotti, people with true outstanding virtuoso ability would have a platform to not only put their musical artwork but also to voice their opinions to a wider audience. This is exactly my point, people like this, probably wouldn't say what the elite want them to. Instead, we are fed gristle and told that it is a 5 star meal.

In my opinion, mainstream music is a travesty against what it is supposed to be, music, should be treated as an artform, and hey, I don't wanna listen to Britney rapping about how cool the new Volkswagon is, (but I'll make an exception and watch her video on mute.)

In this day and age of excess media hype, when every terrible "boy band" or bubble-gum chewing teenage girl in hotpants is billed as a "creative genius," the word starts to lose its meaning.

I am truly scared of my own generation, even if the New World Order doesn't arise, we are a generation with a large lack of social understanding and an excess of immaturity, what kind of world will we create?

posted on Jan, 31 2006 @ 02:34 PM
The music of the fifties and sixties is what I grew up with and I liked it all, pretty much, but I was a real Beatles fan. Not that I was into Beatlemania so much, but I was very much into the music and bought every album they released with anticipation of the new sounds they would introduce me to.

I identified with the Beatles, but they were not my identity and those who were caught up in Beatlemania, as far a I can remember, were teenage girls who thought they were cute and really didn't care what they played, as evidenced by the Beatles' reception at their first US concert where they couldn't even hear themselves play.

One thing that seems to be different these days and I would say since the eighties, is that there are a lot of kids for whom the music and the bands provide the kids with an identity at a time when they should be developing their own and yes, the Beatles did inspire trends in dress and hairstyles in their day, as Elvis and Sinatra did before them, but all that was still compartmentalized from a sense of self-identity, from what I recall at least, and not to the extent that it seems kids go to today to pierce and tattoo themselves and to adopt attitudes of doom and gloom or murderous rage to be like their favorite musicians or rappers.

Another thing is that I was interested in other forms of music as a youth as well. I sang in the choirs at church and at school, where we performed everything from traditional hymns, to Broadway tunes, to classical, baroque, romantic, and modern choral works and I think that this background really allowed me to expand my musical interests as I grew older.

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