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The Conspiracy Against Man

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posted on Jan, 27 2006 @ 10:25 AM
Hello all, this is my first post to this site. I have been reading a lot of material on these boards and have come to use it as my own personall "cnn".

I am 21 years old, 22 in april, and over the last 4 years of my maturation into adulthood my eyes have opened to the real world that has been hidden from my view. I have a really deep panic inside me that fears something really big is happening beyond even what we could even fathom with our theories but let us not dismiss those because they are what fuels such information oasis' such as ATS. This is happening on every level possible in the north american/western-esque society and I will try to touch base on each of them one at a time so forgive me if I don't finish all tonight, as I have just completed my 18 hour job and much to 'their' dismay it hasn't distracted me from the contemplation of the life outside my life.

I would hope that many of you will contribute to this thread but bear in mind it has nothing to do with aliens or reptilians and is quite spiritual on all levels, regardless of religion (I believe all are one). So please, anyone with knowledge of the Koran, or Buddha's teachings feel free to add. I myself get my knowledge from the Bible. Keep that in mind.

The decay, as many see it, is happening in all levels of our society. The ones I know about, I will write about. Those I have missed, I'd hope someone will come forward and write their own observations.

1.a Marriage
1.b Distractions from the home
1.c The Stigma of Children
1.d The 'Liberation' of Women (And their roles)
1.e Media Effects

The family is personally the most important aspect of ones life because it is empowering to have support from all sides. I believe that one is most powerful both mentally and spiritually when he is fulfilled in all areas of his life, balance, ying and yang. I also believe that a major factor in that is the bond between a man and a woman. Love. A man needs a woman to fulfill his spiritual needs, and she empowers the man by fulfilling her role as a woman by giving the man what only a woman can(For those women who get offended, see "d"). A woman is empowered by him giving her what only a man can.

When there is a core breakdown like we have seen in this society where there is an alarming rate of divorces every year its easy to say that the marriage tradition is soley to blame when its much harder to take a look and think, hey.. maybe these people have lost sight of what is important in life and have married for the wrong reasons or even, sadly, malicious intent.
Regardless of the reason, we are constantly bombarded with images of single people living extraordinary lives and being 'free' to do what they wish. But are they really free? What purpose would it serve to have a populous bent on avoiding such a wonderful empowering bond just to live their lives out in hedonism? What purpose does it serve to have the highest rate of single parents on record who purposely avoid any commitment in spite of their childs well-being? I will tell you what, it is a blatant attack on what makes us whole. An undermining of family and love which is destroying our lives whether we know it or not by denying us that missing piece in our life and having it replaced with cheap, sinful substitutes like binge drinking, gambling, anonymous sex and homosexual activity (I'll touch on that one soon too).
You see, by destroying the love they sever our connection with God and essentially love. In a desperate effort we replace it with things like money and possessions fruitlessly. I could go on about how we turn on the tube and are forced to watch these subliminal messages in every commercial, show, cartoon and kids shows but thats at the end of this segment.
Children are now seen as a curse instead of the blessings they are. When we think of children we think about how much money its going to take away from us. All the crying, the responsibility. Very few think of the joy a child could bring into ones life. It's almost like you need to have worked for a good 15 years before you can even consider raising a child and if by chance you have one before look out! you have, according to mainstream society, just ruined your life. Just think about how a child feels when his family experiences a breakdown and is torn apart (I was one of those children). It leads to contempt towards marriage and in essence creates emnity between the two which is evident now by the soaring divorce rates.

Another aspect of this conspiracy is the liberation of women over the last 50 years. I for one am down with womens rights and the sufferage, but what was once a good idea going down the right track has turned into a runaway train on the brink of derailment. We all know Madonna. The queen of pop, the popular slut that defined the 'age of sexual liberation' despite the previous generation coming out of one of their own in the 60's. What was the difference between the two? One preached love, one preached freedom. It kinda started falling didn't it? The whole movement went from being about something to being about nothing - and that was the point. Random anonymous sex was all of a sudden 'empowering' to a woman. Breaking free of the bonds that had 'enslaved' them for so long. Now, if you're lucky, you would know that random sex does NOT empower a woman and in fact it does quite the opposite. When they do it they know somethings wrong, they know somethings missing. But by the time they realize what it is (if they ever manage to) they are missing a piece of their soul and their innocence is lost. Replaced by self-hatred and low self-esteem which just fuels the fire.. no, bonfire.

So where has the liberation of women led them to? Their leaders that spoke for them and paved the way preaching womens rights as they marched. It has led down a path that I don't wish on anyone. Self-doubt. Beauty magazines. Liposuction. Movie stars! porn stars... and most importantly - low self-esteem. I think the song self-esteem by the offspring has nailed it when it comes to describing the thoughts of a now obsolete 90's generation.
Now we are faced with a generation of girls looking up to such role models as paris hilton and britney spears. All of which promote the selfish, hedonistic lifestyle we all despise.
A generation of sluts is on the rise. I mean no insult using that word, but I don't know what else to call it. And to think, its hard enough finding a woman with decent values and morals you would happily call your wife; how on earth are we going to ever find one now?
About the media now. Some may be wondering how there could be subliminal messages inside the things we watch all the time. I mean, we graduated from Real World 101 we should know these things right? Many of you may miss the subtlties. Every frame shown on TV is either directly or indirectly controlling our thoughts and comforming us to a status-quo. There is a general feeling of 'average' on TV of which many people compare their lives to but we should know that its unrealistic to compare. The commercials insert tiny hints of symbolism that in a way controls our thought patterns. From the way people react with each other to the cars they drive to the houses they live in to the things they eat to the desires they have to the priorities. They all make us think 'if thats how people interact and live I should base a part of my life on that'. Friends was huge on this.

Common knowledge right?

The scary thing is, its all coordinated. Everything pieces together flawlessly as if a giant puppetmaster rules all programming. I don't care who is in marketing at your company. Beyond the sales pitch, beyond the fear, want and need desires they lure you in with. It evolves together as one.
Its as if this machine is growing off our lack of spirituality. The things the machine took away from us, love and family.. god, is the same one filling our lives with void. The machine is the beast. He who controls the beast is.. well, you who.

This segment is about the destruction of love. The things that I have observed so far have put me to this conclusion. I am definately sure there are more things and much I have missed, so feel free to ask.
I will continue with 2 some other time. Thanks for your time.

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posted on Mar, 29 2006 @ 06:52 AM
Destruction of love.

The most important impact a society basing morals on television has obstructed our fudamental values as a society of whole. And what I mean by that is how everything the average person watches controls them and manipulates them into believing the things they see are what defines the average household. I have touched on this earlier but I want to disucess the deeper aspects. For those fo you who can filter through the paranoid bull# on ATS and find the truth between the lines I ask you this!:

What is happening to us?

What are we doing to the world? What has the greed done to us? Besides create a pseudo-religion based on currency which is the only thing most peopel rely on to keep them safe? If I must quote a passage of Jesus I will do so.
Matthew 6:25 "Therefore I say unto you", Take no thought for your life, what you shall eat, or what you shall drink; nor yet for your body, what you shall put on. Is not the life more than meat, and the body more than raiment?" I don't agree with having to believe everything the Bible may say. What I do believe in is that we do consider Jesus as a prophet and a messiah because his teachings are what leads us ultimately to heaven. And every other old school religion either bases or repeats its values upon Christ, or vice versa. Which leads me to believe that there can be a balance between religions if we try to understand eachother.

But back to my point:If we had kept our values from the basic of handbooks we wouldn't see the world the way we do. There is so much destruction and wars and rapings of the lands we depend on for life that it cannot last much longer.
If any of you know who David Suzuki (sp) is, you will know what I mean. For those who don't, he has been an environmentalist for almost 2 decades now and has doctorates in something that has to do with the earth (sorry not sure which). He had a friend who did the same thing he has done, both scientists speaking out. Perhaps they could have been called hardcore environmentalists but only because they had the education to pass on to us which knew the impending situation we are facing. Well, his friend commited suicide because he felt like he was fighting a losing battle and could not live to see the earth decay like it would in our generation. I pity him, because he gave up fast. But what he gave us (me in particular) was the dire need of change in our society. He ended his life because of it, and this was a smart man who loved the Earth. We have to learn from him if anything to correct our mistakes, or at least start to. But many scientists have already said that we have past the point of no return. I ask you, what do you think of this theory and does is hold ground? I would like intelligent responses/critisisms only. No teenagers plz!

posted on Mar, 29 2006 @ 08:12 AM
My grandparents, when they were flesh, used to say how things have changed. Family values have gone down, self service has gone up. Friends are more important than siblings. Advice from elders is ignored. Respect is virtually dead.

My hillbilly grandma died last fall and she used to say how no one cared what she had to say.

She was right.

Even I ignored her.

Well, since her passing, I have remembered all she had told me. I have begun growing veggies, storing for emergencies, caring more for family and trying to loose more negativity.

Your post is so right - love is dying, just as was prophesied. The world is losing itself and folks only care if it affects them directly.

Although it is a sad thing to see, there is nothing we can do outside of our own lives. Folks shed a tear while watching a good deed done on TV, but never think of doing a good deed themselves. Fear of being hurt or killed stops most from giving a stranger a ride. Selfishness stop most from giving a few bucks to a hungry, homeless drunk. Rebellion makes us cut another off on the highways then get mad at them if they honk.

How much crap can the fan blades take?

posted on Mar, 29 2006 @ 10:19 AM
This topic is already in discussion...

The conspiracy against men and fathers

Please continue the discissuon there. Thread closed.

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