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Imminent Nuclear Attack?

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posted on Jan, 26 2006 @ 06:44 PM

The January air is again filled with rumblings about an imminent nuclear attack on American soil, as ominous signs are popping up all over the place indicating the "dropping of the real potato" is right around the corner.

The above seems even more worrying given Bin Laden's latest direct threat of later stage planning to 'Hit the States Hard'.

President Bush sounded and looked very worried in today's news conference, with regard to Bin Laden's attack threat.

Sources inside the military and close to the action this week warned areas of 'nuclear concern' within the next 10 to 90 days include Texas City, Tex., the Houston metro area, Charleston, S.C., Los Angeles, Ca., and Kansas City, Ka.

Army Capt. Eric May, presented compelling evidence that a nuclear attack could very well take place on or near Jan. 31, 2006, right here in Texas City.

Scary stuff indeed, does anyone have any idea what the 'NEW' targets are within the USA?? Nuclear Power stations or Research facilities?? Metro/Public Transport?? Or do you live near to a possible target??.

From east coast to west, people from all walks of life, including military and civilian, are coming forward with stories about 'an impending disaster'.

It appears Al-Qaeda are totally committed to carry out their promise of a Major attack, this time I fear many more than 3000 people will perish.

How ready is America for what is about to hit it..??


posted on Jan, 26 2006 @ 06:47 PM
there are already a couple of threads going on this.
and on RATS

there is speculation by the way that this may not be al-queda related but of internal terrorist, Iran or even a black ops issue.

posted on Jan, 26 2006 @ 07:30 PM
Thread closed.


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