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See ya in the Food Line

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posted on Oct, 6 2003 @ 01:07 PM

Originally posted by Questor
Funny. In this thread you said you were only 16 years old.

HEHEHE all in interpretation dear.

Thanks for brightening my day. I needed a laugh. They way I say after your twenties means the day after you turn 30. LOL I am 25 right now. I am a real red neck and I guess I still have to learn to make myself more clear sometimes. :wink:

No problem. I wish I was 16. I liked it better when I lived at home and mom and dad paid most of my way.

posted on Oct, 6 2003 @ 05:44 PM

If I was making $9.00 an hour, 40 hours a week, I would be spending another 25 - 40 hours a week doing something I could make more money at.

And end up burning out alot quicker.

Theres a thing called SLEEP thats vital for human existance. There must also be cool off time after work to rest. working 16 hours a day, that leaves you with, probably about 4 hours to eat, sleep, shower, # ect. Working one self into the grave is pretty lame.

I actually did most of my shopping at walmart. One must remeber tho, you cannot live on spaghetti alone for long. One needs alot more vitamins, minerals, iron, ect from multiple food sources. Poor diet leads to aniemia, getting sick when flu and cold season come around, depression, lack of sleep means increased accidents at work, ect. A healthy diet is a necessity. I once lived off of ramen noodles alone, and the medical costs for the problems that lead to pretty much outweighed any benefit of eating cheaply. When youre young you wont notice it. but ive seen people who live off of cheap food, its barely an existance. the look like overweight corpses.

Investment takes money. This includes a hobby. This takes monetray investments, and when you dont have much for disposable income, its out of the question. Since my hobbies are reading, hking, and exercising, its doubtful i can turn any of these into cash.

The only other real option for saving money is to live in your car while you work. that biggest killer of a paycheck is the roof over ones head and electricity and phone. This is what i did once, it provided me with no over head, so that 800 a month i spent on basic living expenses could be used for other things. Since its just me, and my car is comfy, i had time after work to rest, relax, think, go to the gym and exercise, and i didnt have to live off of cheap poisons called food. This si pretty much the only option for people not making any money if they are single, live in your car and save up.

However, the point isnt really single people. Were talking about families. People with kids cant live in cars. they cant feed thier kids ramen noodles for a staple diet, children need good food because they are growing, and are more sensitive to disease and other problems. they need a home, they need electricity to keep the house warm. They dont need all the new expensive priced gadgets. but thier basic needs: clothes new every year because they grow so fast, lots of good nutritional food so they can grow up healthy, a warm, clean bed to sleep in, a heated home in the winter time, money for school supplies, hygiene items, these things cost money. ALOT of money, even if you dress your kids in hand me downs and buy all used stuff. Dont forget they need things to keep thier little minds busy. They need the occasional family day out.

These things and say two parents working for say 9 dollars an hour.......if both parents work, youre talking day care expenses as well. Thats ALOT of money.

The problem is, wages havent kept up with the cost of living. Many jobs Ive had, people who had been there for a while hadnt recieved any sort of raise in yuears. While many things have increased in price, workers wages havent even come close to that price increase. no where near. Thwere is the problem.

My last job, the woman I had replaced worked my wage and worked there for 4 years and hadnt recieved any soprt of a raise. No one in that company except top level execs had recieved any form of a raise.

Raises didnt happen even when the economy was good. Some jobs have paid the same crappy wage for 10 years, even with the increase of minimum wage.

And if youre a single mom, jesus christ, youre screwed. My grandmother, had 7 kids, and after my gramps left her, she was working 16 hours a day for the kids to live in an apartment with no electricity and barely any food.

Working 16 hours a day eventually led up to her nervous breakdown, heart attack, ect.

Thats one reason Americans have such poor health, high heart attack rates: stress and too much working.

There really isnt any point in slaving 80% of your life away at work if its going to put you in a grave before you can enjoy it all.

posted on Oct, 7 2003 @ 01:33 PM
When i said the part about using the other 16 HOURS of the day (that's whats left after you work 8 hours) to make more money I wasn't necessarily talking about using ALL OF THEM. Even if you did work 16 hours a day it leaves EIGHT HOURS, NOT four hours for rest, eating, etc... There IS 24 hours in a day...

4 hours a day spent making more money to GET OUT of the bad financial situation still leaves 12 HOURS for R&R.

It's simply a choice. You either do it because you can't stand the current situation or you don't.

The KEY is to maximize the benefit you get out of the money from the second income source. SAVE it up until it turns into enough to do you some real good by investing or parleying it into a business opportunity.

My point was if you are broke you'll have nothing else to do with your time anyway, no money for entertainment equals free time that can be used to earn more money.

I know LOTS of poeple who are doing this because they got laid off of the higher paying job they went ot clooege for and have had to replace that lost income with two jobs.

Funny thing about life, just because your income goes way down, your bills/expenses don't.

The whole point is that if you are willing to bust your ass for a few years you can end up AHEAD. If you continue doing the same things you always do (I don't mean you personally) you'll always get the same result.


[Edited on 10-7-2003 by Springer]

posted on Oct, 7 2003 @ 01:45 PM

no offense man but I am against carte blanche support of single moms,

we have lots of em up here that use it as a ticket in life to not have to work,

furthermore their kids for the most part turn out to be non-productive,

there are exceptions of course but not that many unfortunately,

I know that you agree with what I just wrote and you will agree with me that we need a system in the first world that truly helps those that deserve it or really need it (which ever you prefer), rather than those that want to abuse it.

posted on Oct, 7 2003 @ 02:24 PM

You seem to forget time in between.

The time transporting yourself fro one job to another, the time traveling from work to home.

in my last decent job, that commute was an hour to work, 2 hours home from work. traffic. its part of the urban sprawl. urban areas are where jobs are at.

And the idea that Im poor means they have time on thier hands is flawed. people have family. people have friends. some people have deep spiritual lives. these things cost no money, but time. again remeber, its not just single people, but people with families.

And NEO, there are many single mothers out there that didnt choose to be so. They were divorced, or abandoned, because theres so many chicken# guys out there that would rather party than accept responsibility. Unless you plan on severe laws punishing deadbeat dads, the only other choice is to aid single moms, period.

posted on Oct, 7 2003 @ 02:32 PM
That is a good point you raise Skadi. One thing I neglected to mention was that I volunteer time as a firefighter. This ties up AT LEAST another 5 hours per week of time, just for maintenance, meetings, training etc, not to mention the calls I go on which can range from none, to 15 in a week, and therefore take much more than an extra five hours per week.

posted on Oct, 7 2003 @ 02:35 PM

sorry man but your argument about all kinds of forced single moms went out the door with birth control, divorce laws, and equality.

thanks for trying though.

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