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Introduction evolution

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posted on Jan, 25 2006 @ 10:57 AM
Just tossing this out to chew on. Everyone here agrees that aids is bad REAL BAD! But lets take a slight inverted look at what could be going on. Ever since 1969 the government was looking to develope BW's that had the complex's that HIV has. And as far as we know they did come up with a HIV type biological weapon if I'm not mistaken it was lot 100046-1NKa.
N=No K=Know A=anitbodies or antidote. Now lets say that the government has know that the earth is going to endanger a much greater threat in the future than just war. War lets look at this we America are the new Roman Empire so the world looks to us to pretty much protect everyone and police every rogue nation out there. But going back what if we knew that there are far more greater threats maybe not of this world. And just for thought what if we knew that this threat could not be militarly matched due to lack of resource be raw or tech and the only way we thought we could stand a chance is to have a virus or some mutated infection that has no know anti-bodies something that maybe our military knows that a alien life form could not defend against. But how do we get the mass public to buy into this HIV infection against an alien threat that the government has denied since the start. They don't cause they would have a crap load of explaining to do. So here we are with aids now going back to anti bodies as far as we the general public knows that there are no know anti-bodies for aids due to the attack on T cells and not B cells. And since the early 80s we have been getting more and more use to aids on a daily basis. T.V. media ,medical all have been TRYING to fight aids but are they fighting or just putting it so at a common thing in your life you don't even think about it as much or at all these days we know it's out there we know what it does but it's not a major panic. And all the people that have died that have contracted the virus don't even come close to those who have had a reaction to other antibiotics. So what if this is all just the biggest world wide injection of super antibiotic. And yes people have died due to reaction to the virus I mean after all it takes the human immune system about 10- 20 years to accept and fuse a anti body as just a common part of our human fuction. Food for thought 81% of people infected with HIV type infections are LESS likely to die from another type infection AFTER the first 3 years of the HIV virus being detected. Now I know this is all just yak and it is just for us to look at from another point of view is all but....what if?

posted on Jan, 25 2006 @ 11:33 AM
Could I suggest that you re-edit your post to include paragraph line breaks?

It makes things much easier to read.

See what I mean?

You might also back up your argument with some links/evidence. For example this reads like something you just made up:

Food for thought 81% of people infected with HIV type infections are LESS likely to die from another type infection AFTER the first 3 years of the HIV virus being detected.

It's quite a difficult sentance to get your head round as well - what exactly are you saying?

posted on Jan, 25 2006 @ 11:43 AM
Sorry guys.. fast type eyes tend to drift at work.

I'm just tossing up the what if HIV is here for a purpose. It's up to you to draw your own conclusions. As far as the 81% I'll run back through American Laboratory Journal and scan through the page and try to get it slapped up here.

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