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Roach sandwich anyone?

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posted on Jan, 25 2006 @ 05:14 AM
Ugh yhis really made my stomach turn...

It was supposed to be a quick after school snack, but instead a family said it turned out more like a scene from an episode of "Fear Factor." A family claimed it ate fast food sandwiches filled with baby roaches.
However, the real debate began after the company quickly offered a cash settlement that Linda Watson said made her even angrier. Watson said she drove up to a KFC drive-through window in Waxahachie and came home with the surprise.

Her daughter, Alicia Lewis, said she ate some of the food before she saw the roaches and what she ate made her sick. "I had diarrhea and it went on for two days," she said.


Imagine findin' that in your bargin buket,so a KFC!! wouldnt be as bad if it was some backwater greasy place but a KFC and worldwide company!!


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