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The conspiracy against men and fathers

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posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 01:19 AM
I just wanted to post my agreement with all of you, because I see few women are doing so.

I noticed a trend in TV commercials a while back and menitoned it to my Mom and Sister, who didn't see it...I saw how many Men/Fathers are portrayed as stupid, bumbling fools, and Moms/Women as the only ones who can do it right, etc.

Well, recently my sister, who loves blowing money, decided to leave my Brother-in-Law. They have 2 very young boys (one was not even 1yr old when she left)
My parents didn't support her decision at first because they are very religious and she said she was leaving because "he looked at porn online"

So...she doctered up her story so they would help her out of her marriage....all of the sudden he beat her, threatened to rape her, neglected the kids etc.

Well, she gets her own bank account and has her check direct deposited to it...has him quit work to keep the kids (cause she loves working and she thinks the boys need a parent at home) so he does this....she then plans their vacation and says that she needs to fly home a couple days early to be at work and has him follow with the kids later.

He comes home to find she has everything ready for her to go, and she's keeping the car, kids, most of the property etc, she took his keys and was removing his car key from the ring and he tried to take it back so he could get his stereo out of the car, as soon as he touched her she says..."youv'e made your last mistake" and calls her (also my) Dad, and tells him hubby hurt her please come. Dad (police chaplain) calls up his cop friends and they arrest hubby for domestic violence, she had no injury, they wouldn't even let him take his wallet or keys, or coat.

To get out of jail he had to sign a form promising not to go home until his court date.

Then in the divorce, she gets the kids, and is awarded most of the property, and child support.

He is living on less than $100 bucks a week, in a town where cheap apartments run $500.00.

He got screwed!

I can't believe how crooked this system is.

Oh, and the state they live in, they moved there to be close to her (also my) family. All of his family lives over 2000 miles away and he has to stay put if he wants to see his kids.

posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 05:59 AM
I was divorced over 7 years ago i was left with coustody of my son and 50-50 with my two daughters. no child support ( i still gave them over $300 each per month on my own ) and NO alimony.i did lose 50 thou. and we sold our home for 500,000. our other home is going to be sold when the youngest turns 21 and split 3 ways for them. my divorce was not that bad my ex was ok. but why am i always sad? I don't see my kids!! no amount of money saved will ever replace not being there for prom nite and the usual day to day things.
the worst story i know of a friend was a gaurd at san quinet he was hurt during a riot. he was already divorced but his ex wanted more money because she quit work to go back to school. the judge in calif. doubled the money he had to pay this poor guy was giving her about %80 of hi check. he sadly killed himself. divore laws are so unjust.

posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 09:08 AM

Originally posted by justagirl

He comes home to find she has everything ready for her to go, and she's keeping the car, kids, most of the property etc, she took his keys and was removing his car key from the ring and he tried to take it back so he could get his stereo out of the car, as soon as he touched her she says..."youv'e made your last mistake" and calls her (also my) Dad, and tells him hubby hurt her please come. Dad (police chaplain) calls up his cop friends and they arrest hubby for domestic violence, she had no injury, they wouldn't even let him take his wallet or keys, or coat.

That is pretty bad. Have you told her that she is wrong?

I remember an old friend was hit by his girlfriend often after drinking. One night, she hit him again. He, as usual, didn't touch her. The cops came, she said she was beaten by him - a lie, and 3 of us guys said it was her. He STILL was arrested.

I am glad to see a couple of women post here with agreement. I think it is the fault of the system, not women. The system needs to change, but that is a pipe dream.

posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 10:43 AM
Just a girl..and others.

you want to see something intrersting and also the reactions to both men and women...

Go to the section Below Top Secret under the Relationships section. Third page
You are looking for a topic section titled "Men and Porno ...Why?"

Notice the lack of responses by women...also the lack of thinking by many of the men.
Just a girl...I submit to you that your sisters response and conduct was obscene and pornographic. She had learned by education and peer pressure to play the system. I also submit to you that the system lends itself readily to such pornongraphic/obscene conduct...carte blanche. By this type of association it becomes obvious that the system itself is obscene and pornographic in this arena. This is one of the complaints of many of the men in this room....though I believe they do not recognize it as such or are able to vocalize this view for what it really is. It is obscene the manner in which so many play the system to seperate a man from his production for so many many years..sometimes for a lifetime and attempt to seperate him from his children by maneuvering the system. the way..this is a view you will never hear on Oprah or Dr Phil. You would lose to much of your audience telling this side of the story. Fair and balanced??? not going to happen.

Also ..the poster who posted that the trend was against the nuclear family is correct. The first person who must be disposed of is the male influence. The attempt is to reduce him to the status of worker be drone and the Queen Bee running things for and from her point of view. This is the Bee Hive principle. Anyone schooled in Occult principles will recognize this immediately. By occult principles I mean ..hidden, concealed, esoteric and often not known or recognized by those whom it is affecting. This is definitely a religion clearly by the non virtue of the numbers of people practicing in it and institutionally making a living off of it. They know about the abuses and how often it is being done ..but dont care as long as they and this system are supported. It is a religion and the devotees are obviously very zealous in protecting and practicing it. Most of us are just to dumb and untutored in this kind of thinking to recognize it. Also this system never wants the Light to be shone on it in this manner.This is why you will never see this view on the shows like Oprah, Dr Phil,and al...they make their livings off of this religion. Do I need to take a lie dector test to prove this point????

What most of you do not recognize about this system is that it is a will sell the souls of the people it intends to control for lucre/power.
What you recognize when you watch for pattern the pattern works is that the most disposable and expendable commodity in this system is the male. The women and kids are more easily seduced and pliable/malliable to the program. Therefore they must be catered to ...especially for votes. The major issues that must be catered to constantly are security issues..Not terrorism but daily security...comfort levels. Ease and comfort. This type of thinking appeals to the female/effeminate. This means mostly social programs. This world must be made a beautiful place. Perfect ...Utopia. And the femminine/effeminate must have someone to pay for and do the work to support this utopia. Men mostly dont think this way...women/effeminate do. Hence the appeal to mostly female/effeminate voters. Merchandizers know this and this pattern of thinking. They spend billions to support this both in the public/political arena and education.
What the war on terrorism has done is overturn this applecart and made the world ugly...but it has overtaken the center stage from this utopia/beautiful world program. This is why 9/11 was so upsetting and the programs that followed were so unliked by those who want to substitute social programs programs are what constitute most of thier power base/votes. This is also why this Presidential administration is not well liked is a threat to this power base/voting base. Watch this carefully..not on the surface but down under the surface..under the veneer where it really takes place...where it is hidden, concealed..occult.
Abortion is mostly for the purpose of accquiring votes. They dont care one whit about the issues of conservatives ...or pro lifers or the unborn. These people are so dumb about the abortion is about to get the womens vote. Sex and sexuality are core to most women world wide..especially in the more developed nations where women have so much more leasure time thrown at them Any issue to get womens votes must take into account this sexuality...across the board....for votes. HOw many must be killed to get the votes matters not. It is the votes that count.
Any thinking person who can get past their emotions can see this clearly. Yet it is the one avenue on this issue never raised by any media or politician. Amazing to me...this is Whoredom and obscene and pornographic ..across the board. It is Occult. This is also a clear fingerprint of what the body politic actually is......not what it presents itself to be publicly. Many of you need to think this one through carefully while watching the news and education on this system of pornography.
Education itself is catered to by Government and merchandizers seeking to further thier product/products. Government seeking to perpetuate iteself and merchandizers seeking to do the same. This is a very cloistered enviornment specifically tailored to keep the parental influence out while monitoring the views and behaviors of the parents and familys. They already monitor/control the progress of the children. The attempt is to seperate the parental influence from the Children..particularly unwanted or desired influence. Only thinking and behaviors along authorized lines. Perpetuating this system. Never enough to change it..nor circumvent it by the knowlege to work around it independently. This is a huge complaint by many parents about education in this country. It is just not allowed in certain news formats. Nor on campuses.
They are teaching in schools that the male is disposable and expendable. This becomes obvious when you watch a graduation and who gets the grants and scholarships.

The poster who was telling what happened in the quest for a job at the US Post office was not far off the mark. Government programs and the US Military have been hijacked for the purposes of being test beds for the social programs intended..these Jobs just like the Education system are a cloistered enviornment where little competition or scrutiny is tolerated. It is the same fingerprint/pattern. THe US Military is in danger of becoming a second rate military in spite of huge expenditures on modernizing. Social programs are taking over...and becoming priority. The Military too is becoming the test bed for every occult program desired to come down the pipe. When the real cut backs come in the military budgets is going to be very intresting to see what gets cut and what doesnt. Do I need to take a lie detector test on this one too??

You know ..I was very surprised the other day to hear Rush Limbaugh speaking on this very pattern on his program. The femminizing of America. I believe the term he used was the castraiting of the American male. Myself and a handful of men here have been thinking along this line for some years now....and also in the arena of pattern recognition.

Oh the way...I saw in the news that that woman in Florida...Deborah off the hook pretty much. Probation I think. What would have happened to a man..even by technicality. Male disposability...

Even in that case in Ohio..with the Judge letting that guy off the hook for sodomizing those boys. Alot of people are really upset by this one but the system is showing its fingerprint here too. Male disposability once again.
Watch for this pattern to be repeated again the near future. This fingerprint.

Thanks for some great posts folks,

posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 10:47 AM
godservant and all good, decent, caring fathers and men.

Do not lose heart, the system is changing. Stick with the conflict avoidance techniques. Be the first one to call 911 when the woman is trying to instigate a physical confrontation. Have her removed from the home and seek counseling, and restraint, if necessary. Prove that you aren't the one causing the problems, over and over and over if needs be.

I am still learning how to go about all this. I had a confrontation with my ex just last Friday, that's why this thread is so relevant to me, the immediacy. My ex started attacking me years ago, while we were still married. At first I tried to restrain her physically, and got into trouble, not arrested, but detained. It was bad. I kept working on changing my behavior, flight instead of fight. When she came after me four times over the course of six weeks, I moved out and forced her to go to counseling, and went with her, and to my own sessions. The counselor, of course, took her side, even when she started abusing our son and I told him about it. I finally filed for divorce, and four months later, a restraining order when the attacks just didn't stop. She then attacked my credibility in court, and I was accused of all the usual things. I offered to drop my request for restraint if she would agree to the divorce settlement. I then let her stay in my house for the next 15 months, to get herself back together, and she promptly paid no rent, nor her share of the bills. She failed to find and hold a decent job until the week after I gave her notice to move out, and I ended up having to go through the eviction process six months later. She didn't move out until I obtained a writ of possession, and she took our son, the car, most of the electronics (except my computer), and anything else she could get her hands on with her. Thank God she moved to a place close by, so I still have regular contact with my son. One of her main threats was to move back to the Bay Area, where she is from, so I couldn't have contact with my son. We put him in a local Christian school, and she attends the church there, so establishing the local roots was a key to her sticking around. My son is the one really suffering as a result of her behavior, and I help him feel good about things in any way I can.

I am disabled due to a series of back injuries, the last one work related, and I am trying to get voc rehab benefits from the CA work comp system so I can return to work at a desk job or home business because I can barely walk anymore. Instead they have cut off all my benefits and I am trying to survive on SSD until my hearing with the Appeals Board in May. I have been unable to pay my son's tuition at his school, and my ex is very upset about it. Forget the fact that when she moved out she got a place she can't afford after claiming she would live in her car to keep our son at that school. She is now threatening to file a court action against me to take away my custody rights to my son and force me to pay child support so she can pay the tuition. The school is more important to her than our son's rightful time with his dad. That's what the confrontation she started last Friday was about.

I am not out to get her, I am afraid of her. She is bitter and angry at me, and trying to force confrontations to obtain leverage to use against me.

She is a Trendy. Men, beware of this and protect yourselves from these situations. If one man reading this can avoid even part of the trouble I've had, then writing it here and spilling my guts and admitting I'm afraid will be worth it.

[edit on 22-3-2006 by Icarus Rising]

posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 12:34 PM
You need to keep a tape recorder , a video camera or a combination of both in your house strategically placed to record this type of incident. Several if you can get them. turn them before she arrives. It is for your use and for playing to the policemen. It may or may not be useful in court but it may prevent you from being arrested on the presumption of guilt based on her statements and playing the system. Police know much of this goes on but are programmed by the system to assume the man is guilty first. He must prove and demonstrate his innocence. They are not programmed to think that a woman will provoke a man to get him arrested and promote their power by using the system.
What she did is threaten you ..bodily ..this is illegal. She threatened you with the possibility of permanent injury. I have known several women to do this and they get a free is overlooked ..but a man doing it is nearly always arrested. She needs time in jail to cool off. It is the only way she will respect you ...she may not like it or you but obviously by this conduct ..that is immaterial. As I posted earlier about trendys....they work the system for "Options" not responsibilltys. Always the options preferably by someone elses time and labors. This is all based on a entitlement mentality..allowing some to play through at the expense of others.
If she threatens you again...record this and press charges..obviously she will do the not hesitate to do this. She has made it abundantly clear that you and the child are expendable and disposable commoditys for her power/glory. This is extreme insecurity manifested as extreme aggression. It is quite common.
It is obvious that this woman has llittle respect for you or the child outside of the settings on her "radio dial" Her programming. I know several women like this around here. THe men in thier ignorance dont know enough to tread lightly and are always being lead into the guile and provocation. THe fingerprint of this type of woman is that they dont do much constructive by their actions but spread confusion everywhere they go. Confusion is thier fingerprint..outside of thier entitled consumption levels. This too is pornnographic...obscene.
Record what occurs...either by audio or combination of both. Record all these histronics.
I would also strongly recommend that you dont allow her in your house or residence again Verbally. I am surmising that she will barge in forcefully anyway. You need to record this conduct..on video if possible ..but on audio if not.
You are doing right to try to keep your child out of this as much as possible. They have enough baggage with which to contend in growing up ..much less thier parents baggage.


posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 12:42 PM
After reading the contents of this thread and with firsthand experience recognizing and understanding what many have posted as problems to be wholly true, hopefully I can offer some personal insight.

Originally posted by gps777
i`m trying to establish
(a)that a conspiracy exists

imo, there really is no ‘conspiracy’ in its’ truest sense.

I do not wish that this type of event should happen to anyone, especially the children.

Much of what is contained in this thread’s discussion touches completely on the way stereotypes are played and presumed in courts (e.g. men are aggressors and women are nurturing). Men are at an extreme disadvantage from the moment they enter the court in a custody battle, especially if the minor child is less than three years old. A male must work very hard prove more than a minimal case, however; this is changing (very slowly).

A small bit of personal advice from my experiences if you are a father facing a custody dispute as father: (the event may start-off friendly…always cya)

A) When possible record every conversation between you and the mother of your child(ren), especially those on the telephone; also record when possible conversations with her immediate family and those close to her when possible that you may have. Begin each conversation (prior) with a date and time verbal stamp and do not inform anyone they are being recorded under any circumstances and never, never discuss recording individuals with anyone. Use blank tapes (no digital) for each conversation when possible, if not be able to copy each conversation to its own tape, date it mark it and file it. Many times this is your only witness.

B) Get in the habit of writing down a synopsis of each and every day (even if nothing happened, date it and note it), in your own hand writing and a non-leafed paper notebook continuous as in a diary. Especially include daily what you did with your kid(s) on days of possession (brushed teeth, bath, breakfast, activities, bedtime books, school,church…). You will want to take note of what your ‘ex’ provided (if anything) for visitation (diapers, clothes, shoes, food, money, pajamas, etc.) This type of complete record keeping builds creditability and will be used eventually to show your abilities as a caretaker etc.

C) Keep all and any receipts related to expenditures on you children (past and present).

D) Video your child(ren) when you are in possession doing activities/trips with a date time stamp on the video itself. The same goes for taking pictures. This may become part of your defense; but it will serve many purposes when needed.

E) Never ever act violently, you will loose.

F) Always look and act toward the child's best interests, not yours.

I obtained full custody of my son when he was eighteen months old from a mother that accused me of literally everything in the book (the whole story is very involved).

We got her positions and statements very early in depositions. I followed the above advice (there is more I could add) and at the appropriate time entered into evidence through discovery the items listed above and proved her an ustable liar using her own words, the words of others and substantial records. We never went to trial.


posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 12:56 PM

You obviously read my post prior to me editing it. I decided it was inappropriate to go into such detail here. Thank you for your great advice, yours as well, mg. There is hope in these situations, there is always hope.

posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 01:38 PM
Great advice. Well done ..

I dont know what the thing is with not getting a digital recorder other than the courts may not have one themselves.

I have a telephone recorder...analog. Have had one for years right here by the computer...hooked up but not always in use. Just a pushbutton away. Video recorder too.

DOnt misunderstand me many of my posts....there are many low life guys out here but this buisness of playing the system is so much more common for women for free passes to play through. It is much more common than is ever spoken about publicly. Men need to know this trend and about "Trendys" While they like to lable the conduct of men as predators...Trendys are often in fact predators..using the system to do most of thier work for them. Most men dont think this way about women...predators.....but the women are not fooled by other women like this. They just dont often tell on the other women. Men need to know this.
I also know some low life men out here and dont have any respect for them either. They just dont have much of a chance of working the system in this manner simply because the system is set up for women not men. Obviously if the system were set up more for men would never hear the end of the whining and nagging...and "victimization". This should be common sense..but it is not..obviously it has little to do with common sense.
I agree ..the system is changing ..albet slowly..but it needs to be exposed for what it is....and is not. Men need to be smarter than this.

Also ..I agree...that it is not a conspiracy in its strict sense Missed Gear. It is however rampant stereotyping..of the kind that would not sit well the other way around. So many people buy into it without thinking it through.
That there are some women posting about this and the concerns they have in a reasonable logical manner also gives me encouragement. A lot o times when the women come in to post on a board like this it tends to be stereotyping and emotions....not real thinking or logic. So it is a nice change and refreshing to see that there are women out there who recognize this pattern.

Great post Missed Gear...good contribution and practical advice..well done.


posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 01:43 PM
The woman I am seeing is a apartment manager...lots of wildlife in her apartments at times.

Since she goes to court to get judgements against tennants who violate their leases..she has practical experience in the court system.

One of the things she tells me is that you dont come before the judge without proper documentation to prove your case. Judges dispise people/managers and lawyers who are unprepared because they are wasting their time with such full dockets. They will tear you a new one if you waste their time unprepared.
Always be prepared with documents, log books, , recordings , videos..etc the proper order of yours or your lawyers arguments.

Missed Gears advice is quite correct on this.

posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 02:21 PM
I am a divorced but remarried woman. Here in PA We have a no-fault divorce statute also. I really think that divorce cases should go much deeper than they do, for both parties. My X is a very fortunate man, despite that He thinks He's gotten the shaft. I was the one to initiate the divorce. I worked 2 jobs, one in a doctors office and 1 waitressing on the wkds. I was also raising 2 children. Since I was the 'initiator' I left with very little. I thought it wasn't fair to stick it to him as it was My choice to leave. I took My personal belongings, My Xmas tree decorations, a deep freezer and a mini-van. I left the house and all of it's furnishings to him. He also got 2 cars and 2/3 of the IRA. We also split the bills 50-50. We have joint custody of Our children(as of right now anyway, a story for another day) I think it's sooo funny when He complains about Me and how He got screwed, he'll never really know.

Peace. K*

posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 03:48 PM

Originally posted by Demetre
I thought it wasn't fair to stick it to him as it was My choice to leave.
Peace. K*

I just wanted to note that the world would be a much better place if there were more people like you in it. Seriously. That statement above is one of humbleness, humility, and maturity. You're obviously the better person in that situation...

Just wanted to offer some kudos.


posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 05:00 PM

Originally posted by orangetom1999
I dont know what the thing is with not getting a digital recorder other than the courts may not have one themselves.

Thank you orangetom1999, just trying to contribute something to a very difficult subject.

The ‘tapes’ serve many purposes. First, they can be handed to jurors in a jury room and no technical skill is needed, they are individually labeled and dated etc. Secondly is that one day ‘someone’ will need to produce an exact written transcript which will require rewinding about every foot. Thirdly (what I know to be claimed but do not agree with) one is less likely to have tapes reviewed/questioned as ‘manufactured’ because tampering is very easily detected upon tapes. That said, I personally used a CD back-up to all tapes, and if necessary recorded back off the CD to the tape. Really, I think the bottom line is that courts are historically used to dealing with ‘taped’ material (provided by individuals) and that at the time of my proceedings (2001) digital audio was/is viewed with some suspicion.

Personally I know the overall effect of tapes, instead of “showing-up” with 1-2 hard digital recordings with 50 hours of conversation is not as impressive as 120-150 full size tapes, organized, dated and displayed in bulk. The psychology works differently.


posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 05:19 PM

Originally posted by rdube02

Originally posted by Demetre
I thought it wasn't fair to stick it to him as it was My choice to leave.
Peace. K*

I just wanted to note that the world would be a much better place if there were more people like you in it. Seriously. That statement above is one of humbleness, humility, and maturity. You're obviously the better person in that situation...

Just wanted to offer some kudos.


Thank You, but I'm not sure if I qualify for any of the above. I believe strongly in karma and boy do I have a lot to work off! Honestly, You're too kind. Thanks again.

ps. You've made me smile today.

posted on Mar, 22 2006 @ 06:27 PM

Originally posted by orangetom1999
Men need to know this trend and about "Trendys" While they like to lable the conduct of men as predators...Trendys are often in fact predators..using the system to do most of thier work for them. Most men dont think this way about women...predators.....but the women are not fooled by other women like this. They just dont often tell on the other women. Men need to know this.
I also know some low life men out here and dont have any respect for them either.

I'm glad you mentioned that "little secret society of women" (like a "king Rat", the sum total of all 'whoring' women) who are ANTI-FAMILY.

Those of us women who do "tell on them" pay a very heavy social price, but as you also mention, men too, are an active part of tearing down families, but they couldn't do it without women KNOWINGLY helping.

Those women who put their children's futures ahead of "keeping up with the 'Janes' " (like buying land for them to inherit instead of $1000.00 hand bags and $200.00 hair cuts) do not 'look the part' of a 'proffesinal woman commanding respect' (as Oprah's working so hard at 'teaching' everyone they 'should') and so get very little weight given to their arguments.

But for those rare few 'good young men and women'; beware of those who claim a belief in god, but don't specify "Who" that 'god' is, when looking for a partner in raising a family.

There are those who actively seek future families to lead to their 'faith', that of The Opposer, and they will undermine all your efforts in raising a happy, faithfull, loving, productive family. They would rather 'create' more 'examples' to 'cite' in further dismantling BOTH parents rights to raise their children without 'outside interference'.

I recently had the sad experience of listening to two 'simple' but good, hardworking, honest family men, explain the 3 generations of women they and a friend had fallen victim to.

The women 'hooked(ered)' up with them long enough to bring their baby into their house, then kicked them out (with the helpfull lies of the other two 'mothers') and left them too broke providing for the kids they loved but weren't allowed to see, to start a 'new life' for themselves (or any other 'good woman' who would cherish their input into a family) and yet the 'child maintainence' was used for anything but the kids. When school and other bills came in, they'ld hit them up for that too, knowing these loving fathers wouldn't let their kids go without.

Then you also have the men who 'hide great wealth' (from the woman they got 'bored with' because they were busy being mothers and not sex toys constantly 'advertizing' how lucky their man is) and spend on their latest tart instead, 'forgetting' that the 'low lives' and 'criminals' they so bitterly complain about, are usually the 'products' of the too many men just like them.

As a woman, I'd have to that on the whole (satan aside) that more blame does lay with women; they raise these young men of the future, that they then do nothing but complain about.

When was the last time you heard someone praise a man in marrying a "good woman" who wasn't also "hot". It takes alot of 'tricks' to 'always' look 'hot'. One trick leads to another... a 'mindset' is sown and developed.

Now 'scrubbing up' after a hard day removating, to show respect for your spouse, when you go out in the evening, is a very different thing to spending your children's future, just to 'impress' strangers today, but you'll never hear it 'promoted' on Oprah.

posted on Mar, 23 2006 @ 12:14 AM
suzy ryan- Really great points. (without quoting all of your good comments…)

Originally posted by suzy ryan
a 'mindset' is sown and developed.

Given the original point of this thread, is not your above single statement summarily applicable in its’ entirety? Positive changes in ‘family’ very rarely occur or are made manifest in rulings from a bench; ‘these’ start at home… peppered with a cognitive understanding of eschatology and far more importantly……self.


posted on Mar, 23 2006 @ 10:34 AM
Thanks for your posts. Yes I have also seen that pattern alot. It too is very "Trendy."

YOu know the point you made about these women raising these young men..I see the fruits of this often. In the shipbuilding trade of which I am engaged they often come into this employment with this value system learned in this kind of female dominated enviornment and it does not work out well. They like alot of instant gratification with minimal work and commitment. Also a high degree of comfort levels. To be inconvenienced or enviornmentally discomforted for lengthy periods of time is very disconcerting to them. In otherwords they cannot go the distance required and try to find ways to put it off on others. Short attention spans. They will often disappear for hours at a time. On midnight shifts this leaves you alone to do the job and if you are injured some ship compartments it can be hours before someone comes to check on you. There are so few people around on midnight shifts. Most of us tend to weed these types out quickly. You have to do this or alot of them will get you hurt in thier innattention. It is not often I have done this but I will tell the supervisor that I dont want someone working with confidence. I have done this with both males and females. No Confidence.

OH a footnote here on the woman I Posted about on page 3. THe posting titled "Wow...rdube02" The one who quickly spent the 20k from the sale of the house into which her and her ex lived. The Guy I told that he needs to be suing her for child support or jail time.
Well the moneys have run out and it became time to play the main backup "survival option." She does not want to keep a serious job so she goes "hunting and gathering" for the survival option. It seems she has found a guy to marry her and take on this baggage for which she does not want to be responsible. She prefers it to be "optional" not responsible. She is playing the system.
My woman came over yesterday and narrated this tale of options to me and also her concerns having seen this movie over and over and over..concerning this one woman as they grew up together.
This woman has been married twice..the first husband is deceased. This marriage did not work out and she left him and her three girls to play the field for survival options. She went back home to him and the girls when the going got to rough and the options not sufficient but most of the time she stayed with her mom and dad. She never sent any child support as she could never hold a job down of any sufficient length. It was always survival through a man ..never with a man. As my woman narrates...every new man..." this is the one...he's the greatest." Only to call back later when they see through this and drop her..."He's a louse...a low life..He used me." Then another cycle of " this is the one..He's the greatest"
When you see this enough it is like a is being reborn each time the cycle is repeated..complete with mantra. It is the same pattern this time. It is so pubescent. You never have to grow up ..with this mantra. You can always hide behind being reborn again.
She married a friend in my womans apartment buisness after getting pregnant. A son is born...and then the girls (two of them)now grown come into town once their father, her ex, dies. They too spend all the insurance/propertys moneys and are now looking for a place to nest and explore their "Options". Momma talks him into letting them move into thier home. They quickly begin their regimen of high speed pit stopping like on the race track. Soon enough both of the girls are pregnant. The only one holding down a paying job is the man. He is now working himself into a corner while the women are exploring their "options". These young women dispise him and all he does for them...but they take all the goodies they can get.
This madness continues until after the babys are born. The young women quickly see thier predicament and get some young sailors to marry them. The "Option" once again. They too cannot hold down a job for long. One of them is even a trained welder. Welding pays well if you are any good but it is hard work.
Anyway this whole buisness of high speed pit stopping among all of these women eventually took a toll on thier marriage. The young boy they had together is paying alot of the price for this. THey split up. He sued for divorce. Amazingly again she did not want custody of the child. He is raising the child but not asking for any child support. She is out in the field once again working the system as a predator looking for a naive unexperienced male who will perform for a womans approval. There are plenty of them out there. She will repeate this cycle with this man too ..never learning never coming up to speed...all consumption levels no real long lasting offers or life skills. I wonder if the girls will move in again..with thier children this time???

This particular woman one of the quintessential yardsticks by which I often measure wildlife such as this. There are others. This is also the first woman who made me take note of how many women are opting to leave their children for the highspeed fast food lane of life. Also how many are paying child support.
Are all women like this not .but it is more widespread than reported. And like manner of the lowlife men..these women give the honest upright women a bad name. They are becoming more and more visible as the structure of womens socialization is being promoted in the news and social standards are falling rapidly as a result of rampant merchandizing/consumption levels/lifestyle reinforcement. These women are being dragged into the Light. They will not want this ....the darkness works much better for them.

Thanks for your posts,

posted on Mar, 24 2006 @ 02:53 PM
Without having read the entire thread, I would say I agree. And I'm a woman.

There's this book I got through by Kate O'Beirne--Women Who Make the World Worse and How Their Radical Feminist Assault is Ruining Our Schools, Families, Military, and Sports. The author seems to be a bit of a dittohead and Bushbot, but I agree with 99% of what she writes in that book.

Yes, men and fathers are DEFINITELY under attack! Fathers these days are seriously underrated! It's well known that when the father is around, children are much better off!

I am SO glad that my husband and I were married long before our son was born--that gives my baby a much better start in life.

Fathers get the dirty end of it all around. Anyone who has a living father, make Father's Day really special for him this year!

posted on Mar, 24 2006 @ 03:01 PM
I've noticed that if the man leaves the woman, he's a cad for abandoning his family.

If a woman does the same, she's praised for being independent. That's sickening in my book!

Marriage is until death do you part. My husband and I are going for our 13th anniversary in August, and we've had our ups and downs--but there's no way I want to leave him!

Divorce is ALWAYS hard on the children, whether the divorce is amicable or not. According to the book I mentioned in my previous post, the author found that married parents who squabble don't bother children as much as a divorce. So I think that if there's no physical violence involved, the parents should stop thinking of themselves and hold the marriage together for their children!

My parents physically fought occasionally, but they never divorced. The marriage ended after 27 years when my dad died. My mother said she took her vows seriously.

posted on Mar, 24 2006 @ 09:22 PM
I dont post a lot on this forum. This topic struck a nerve and I will give you a thumbnail of my situation. When I saw my ex change, different hours, unexplained phone calls, 2 hour trips to the local convenience store etc., I hired a private detective.
He soon found out what I already knew, she had not one but two boyfriends. The P.I. gave me some free, none the less, valuable advice. I gathered all of the evidence I needed, played it cool, and filed for divorce on the grounds of adultery. I live in South Carolina,(where they take things like this very seriously).
To make a long story short, I got the house, I got the kids, and she pays me (a small), child support.

All I can say to single people contemplating marriage is this simple creed. Do not trust anyone, love is a psychotic state that soon fades, If you do make that fateful plunge, have a prenup in place. I got out scot free and I thank God every day.

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