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You can know Your Guardian Angels Name!

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posted on Mar, 2 2006 @ 01:17 AM
I think I could just talk to you forever! lol Finally, someone that I can relate to. Why do we have these angels? Are they spirits of loved ones?

posted on Mar, 2 2006 @ 01:58 AM
I am too worried that my imagination will kick in if I try to talk to my "angel" or whatever. I mean, I have had whole conversations with myself before. I am afraid that will happen.

The funny thing is, the conversations with my self are way more interesting than ones with real people.

posted on Mar, 2 2006 @ 04:20 PM
Hi Cats
Why thank you very much! I say both, Angels, & departed loved ones, the departed ones, I feel come when were about to make a wrong decision, or also if we are in a life saving situation too, along with our Angels!

You know the old saying, " The More the Merrier" lol I say with very good cause indeed!

Hi Conspiracy, boy do I understand what your saying, I have & had that same issues! Part of me wants to hear them, see them, and then another -part of me is petrified at times when they do! I can't seem to get use to it! One thinks after numerous encounters, one would get accustomed! Not me, everytime I have a visitor or visitation from the spirit world, its heart thomping to say the least! lol
We all battle with the, " Did I hear that, did I feel that, what the heck was that, scenerio.... All to often, Which leads us back to, is it worth it? Do I really want to see or know what that was! Oh yes, its part of our earthly curiosity, that was birthed into us from the get go! Just look at a 2 year old, they don't stop persisting to know what something is, until they have touched, tasted, smelt, what was before them! Tis the same, no matter what our age is. But like a child, we have learned, persistant does pay off!
So it is the same in our Spiritual Life!

We all question ourselves over & over, did that just happen? It's healthy for one to question was that me, or did I just hear that, see that! It's part of our human nature to do so, it keeps us in check with ourselves & our reality!
Sinister spirits do like to play games with us, that is why it says in Gods Word to test all Spirits! He's given us that Authority.
All things, being Angels, Demons, or Ghost - when confronted with a God Given Authority they must acknowledge who they serve!
One way or another Conspiracy, eventually if you seek You Will Find, & you would want to know what your facing! Out of plain curiosity!
It's rather simple, even though sometimes we can make things more complicated than what they are! Remember, didn't the Lord say, Unless you be like this Child, or in no way may you enter in!

If one receives no answer, then its the product of ones own imagination!
But it is your God given right, to seek out and know what lies within this unseen realm! The important factor in all this is, one must have Wisdom when doing so!
So you have to decide is it worth it all!
I'm sure you would know, if it was the product of total exhaustion bringing about a hallucination, or the manifestation of a life changing experience!
You decide, your the only one that can! Thats the difficult part, most Angel experiences, or Godly ones, is when your absolutley alone! Who will believe you? Thats not really important, the important part, is if you believe yourself!
Therefore trying to share your experience with others, is another quest, where we as a society have just begun to venture out of our closets!
People will believe, & people won't, but you won't care if they do or not, for it would have changed you forever & for the better!

Only you can decide if it is worth paying attention to! I say Yes!

posted on Mar, 4 2006 @ 01:11 AM
quote]Originally posted by AngelWings9999
Oh My Goodness Deep, I'm in the process of reading your post, and you say you once ran away, and then you couldn't stop! This is waaay to much, so uncanny for sure!
I started to run away from home since I was 4, and like you, I then couldn't stop! My Angels protected me each and everytime. My Parents then were Alcoholics, not the kind that didn't take good care of us , because family life was first to them. They were good parents doing what one should do like, food, clothes, everything we needed! But Mom & Dad's problem from alcohol was fighting constant amongst themselves, and I hated to see Dad yell at Mom, and of course a 4 yr old seeing him always boot her in the butt, sent me on my knees begging for him to stop!
So he didn't stop, would continue to fight & fight with her, until I found a solution to make them stop! I would run away by first climbing out my bedroom window, of course as soon as they knew I was gone, Dad would then came looking for me! Mom stayed home, incase I returned! This running away continue well into my teens - until I finially got my own car!
But it was still like running away when I would jump in the car and then not come back until they were asleep!
expereinces and tendancy's in our lives! >>>>>.....

Sorry to cut your quote short, but I am responding to this particular piece of the selected post. Let it be known that AngelWings9999's full quote that Im responding to can be found on page 7 of this thread:

I know we are basically anonymous here, but I commend you on such honesty, and your exposing of a such personal experience.

I too, had such an experience...I would escape from my window and run to the woods when my alcoholic father would return home...I ran and ran and found solice in an otherwise desolate place...Someone came to me, embraced me....I now feel it was part of myself that took over, I believe, the angels live within, that we are not one, but many...That the world lives within in us somehow, not us within the world.--That we are never alone..The term spirit, guardian angel, is actually a network, a support system..That is just a thought away...To call upon it, is to summon something so much greater than "inner strength" It is generations past, that live on through us biologically, and they allow us to live through them, spiritually

posted on Mar, 4 2006 @ 11:22 PM
Just want your thoughts on this angel wings. Okay today while taking a walk through town shopping I decided to go to this psychic. She claims she listens to her "spirit guides" which are 2 males. I'm always skeptic until I actually see proof. But, she did impress me on a few things. She said she could see a spirit of a lady---which she described pretty much as my deceased grandmother---but I just acted as if I didn't know who she was describing. But, then she said the spirit was showing her something she was trying to cook which would let me know it was her---it was cornbread. Which made the hairs on my neck tingle because that is the one thing my granny always cooked and taught me and my sister to make. Then the psychic lady told me there was another spirit around me--a male--he was 2 yrs. older than me and I had gone to school with him, but was never really close to him. She said he had been killed by a drunk driver and always remembered I was nice to him as a kid. She said he told her he (his spirit)had been with me when I had a near fatal crash and had helped guide my driving to keep from going off a bridge. Okay, by then I am really having some hairs stand on end! I have no clue who this male spirit is, but yes a few yrs. ago my x-boyfriend ran me off the highway as I was coming upon a bridge---somehow I stayed calm and did as my car did a 360 and skidded backwards I somehow managed to go off the highway onto smooth ground. Just a few yards further I would have went off a bridge and very possibly been killed. So, what do you make of what this pyschic lady told me today?

posted on Mar, 5 2006 @ 01:22 AM
XXK Hi Thank You for your post, sorry that you also had to experience living with an Alcoholic Father as well! But Awesome how you had an Angel to be there for you in your most grievious times!

Your not the first that I read, that feels it is from within, & of your higher self! I feel many have their own personal Angels that assist them in times like these, weather they be Angels from within, or from on high - they are there to protect, warn & direct us in life's daily struggles!

I feel that you will soon be visited XX, once again, but this time will be to inform you of a New Direction for your life! This will lead to a life long dream fullfilled! You will be Blessed XX, As you are now! For God Will Grant You The Desires Of Your Heart! Amen!

Cats Hi
Thank You for your reply again, Gee you asked me my thoughts on this, I'm usually very careful when I do word myself. There are many types of people in this world, and I have a deep respect for them all & their own personal beliefs! People have Freewill ! It Makes Us Unique...
It also enables us to Choose - Their are 7 Keys to Gods Kingdom - But with this Topic I will share Two!

The First Key is Loving Oneself, When one does, Loving Others naturally follows & so does respecting them! The reason I say that, is because everyone has of course a free will to believe whatever they want! Many Wars are faught over belief systems!
Since you asked me my own personal thoughts on your post, I then will give you my answer on that, but with all due respect of course!
My beliefs may not be yours, But My answer is simple and straightforward.

Psychics which their are many, some to be true, by the World's standards & some not! God doesn't judge like we do, He looks to the Heart!
The ones that Show to be true, could be pure in heart only God can be the judge in weather or not they are! Meaning many converse with devils in order to obtain their knowledge, and some who's hearts are pure, may indeed have Gifts, but are they using them to give Glory unto God or for thier own self gratification, only they & God know that answer!

2nd Key is Pure in Heart! Obtaining it through Wisdom - Fear of God is the Beginning of Wisdom - Leading us to be Pure in Heart!
Chorinthians in the New Testament speaks of a Gift of Knowledge given to some from God! Also one can have the gift of Discernment! Many Psychics claim to have their gift given to them by God, when they infact charge money for their abilities! Would or Did God ever put a price on His Knowledge? His Word says Ask & Ye Shall Receive!
When one is truly touched & given a gift from God, their accompanies that gift with a spiritual knowledge Born from God, & a Love so Strong, that they would never put a price on the work & service they do for Him & for Others!
So their is a difference some work for self & some work for God!
Many say their Knowledge is from God when in fact their knowledge is from Satan! Demons know all about individuals! And yes they easily share many knowledgable facts with many a Pschics! I'm not saying All, I'm saying Many!
If their Are Ministering Angels, the Bible tells us So - Then Yes their are also Demons that pass knowledge unto others!
As For Me The Bible Warns clearly not to converse & seek knowledge from Psychics! But to obtain all Knowledge & things of the Future from God!
His Word says, He Will Direct All Your Path! Notice Cats it say All - not some - Ask & It Will Be Given, Press Down & Runneth Over!
Almost always with Psychics when one pays close attention to them, their is one thing in common with them all, and it is death & dieing -
When you ask God for His knowledge & Wisdom - it is life & Living
Truly when you have wisdom you will see quite the contrary!
One can seek Life Or Death - It is All in the hand of the beholder!

With this Since You Asked me my thoughts, I say it is what you already know in your heart to be Cats!
But God Will Give You a Dream, then you will have the Answer! Then You Will See Things As They Really Are! Meaning God Will Give You A Gift Cats!
Then You Will No Longer Have To Ask Others, For Then You Will Know Already From God! For You Will Have His Wisdom!
Wow Cats sometimes I surprise myself, what I receive from God, I know one thing for sure, You Will Be Blessed! A Good Day To You!

[edit on 5-3-2006 by AngelWings9999]

posted on Mar, 8 2006 @ 06:20 PM
Hi Everyone!
I had to write this since boy this was another shocker of a feeling. I don't know why it is, when it happens, but I just can't get use to it, no matter how frequent my guest visit lol!
Yesterday, Me and my husband are the only ones home, I'm in the living room he is in the kitchen. It's an open floor plan so we always easily can hear each other when we speak!
No tv, or radio was on, neither were their any Windows open, I was reading and he was cooking me a great meal as usual. Anyhow all of a sudden, in a little louder than average voice, I hear my name clear as day! I jumped right off the couch and threw my book, lol that's how much it startled me!
Now my husband yells, says, "Who's here?" I said "No one, you heard that?" He said, "Yes, Why, What's going on, a Man said --------- ( which he said my first name ) and I assumed maybe you let someone in the door," I said, "No one is at the door, that was my Guardian Angel." He said, " How do you know that is who it is? I said, "He told me long time ago, when He made His presence known! But never heard him be this loud before!" lol
My husband said, "Now that's funny, while I was preparing dinner, I was kind of praying and asking God to give me a sign about our Guardian Angels. I guess yours was around & heard me praying, so it answered" I said to him, " Aren't you startled a bit?" His answer was, "Should I be?" lol
Maybe he wasn't all that startled, since the voice was right next to me, I think he too, would have jumped a mile if it spoke aloud, like that right in his ear too.
I should have answered, "What?" - but I was too shook up to think of that at the time, you know, the kind when your so shakened up, when all you do is laugh, you know that silly nervous laughter! It helps us calm down a bit, well, at least for me it does!

posted on Mar, 14 2006 @ 09:12 PM
Hello Everyone Again,
I know this thread can't go on forever, but I would like it too, your all special & unique, I enjoy your written thoughts very much! I did come across a very good Author of Numerous Books she published, about
Angels. Was so touching what she said I wanted to share it with all of you!.

Her name is Catherine Lanigan's & she was a guest last night on CoasttoCoast - I'm giving you the link for you to read, it's 3 short paragraphs, which I would love for you all to take a look, I know you'll be blessed as I was reading this! Not your day to day Angel Encounter, this one is quite remarkable! I couldn't copy it to here what she wrote, its in white, so here is the link -

When your there it says Angelic Encounters, Such a Heartfelt Story of Her True Life Visitations!
Truly Inspirational, Gods Blessings - Hope I hear from you all again!

posted on Sep, 1 2007 @ 02:26 PM
reply to post by AngelWings9999

I dont think it qualifys as my guardian angel or not. When i was 4 i got lost in NYC when i went to see the rockets with my grandmother. A lady got out of a cab and helped me find her but i was so happy i wasnt lost anymore i forgot to thank her. when i was told to by my grandmother, she was already gone. Again, I dont know if its concitered a guardian angel, i really dont know. maybe it was just kindness in a bussy city- but either way i think of it as a blassing. I will admit however that I did ONCE see an angel. We used to sit on our roof on longisland to watch the snowlightning everyonce in a rarewhile. My brother sliped and fell and got his coat stuck on the gutter so my ad could get him up to safty, but we both swear a man with black hair grabed him first. it was weird though because i think he had wings, but they were green. I was really little at the time, but my brother and i both stick to our story. [stupid i know. who ever heard of an angel with green wings XD lmao]

posted on Sep, 1 2007 @ 03:08 PM
I have in the past here on ATS mentioned my experience with what i believed to be my Guardian Angel. To begin with i was one of those kids who had a imaginary friend although it wasnt imaginary to me it was a real person who use to play with me and gave me so much love. I was in a lovely home with superb parents so it wasnt as if i had any problems but this person just came to my room one cold winter night and a long friendship began. Sadly as i got older i saw less of him.

Anyway when i was about 11 i was riding my cool retro Chopper bicycle. Without looking i rode right across a dual carrigeway. In the corner of my eye i could see a articulated truck literally 2 feet from me about to hit me side on. It was travelling at 50mph and strangely time slowed right down as for a few moments even though it was closing in on me at 50mph from 2 feet away i had plenty of time to think and wonder what the pain would feel like and wonder if i would ever see my family again then BANG it hit me.

I flew through the air and landed on the tarmac. The trucked slammed on his brakes and again went right over me. I was now lying on my stomach on the tarmac with a funny buzzing feeling all around me. The right side of my body was totally numb although i wasnt in pain. Time seemed to have stood still whilst i contemplated how i would get back to the pavement as there was now dozens more cars heading towards me. Out of nowhere the most warm and caring and loving man appeared and literally pulled me onto the pavement gave me a reassuring smile and walked away. The silence then stopped and all the commotion started. As i was near a crossroads there were dozens of people jumping out of their cars to come running to help me. Within this crowd were a doctor and some nurses.

This is where its gets really freaky i wont say names but my mother grew up with a very well known Pyschic who was a friend of the family. He called my mum from his house and told her he had a message to pass on and that she must go now. Put it this way my mother was there before the ambulance arrived.

I had broken over a dozen bones down the right side of my body and never felt one inch of pain not even throughout my recovery. I made a full recovery with no lasting problems.

Another time i was on the garage roof at my Grandmothers house this was a short while after my accident and i was back to being a normal young boy climbing and doing what boys do. I went too close to the edge and lost my footing and literally fell head first off the edge. Again time seemed to stand still and there in front of me was this man again although this time he was bathed in white. He was smiling at me but also shaking his head as if to say "You sure are hard work". In this instant i prepared myself for the impact and landed hard on the concrete. Yes it bloody hurt and i think it could have been a lot worse if i hit it with my head but half way down it was like i was given this chance to prepare.

As i grew up this kind of thing stopped. I did have another experience in the Military during a dodgy parachute jump i was doing one day. Although i didnt see anyone i did infact feel this mans presence so bloody immense i was choking with tears of delight and love. Safe to say i ended up landing correctly ableit a little too fast and escaped with a couple of bruised knees

posted on Sep, 1 2007 @ 03:40 PM
reply to post by AngelWings9999

Just one thing Fallen Angels will also tell your their name ,if ordered with faith they must tell you.

I believe we have more than one Guardian Angel over each of us ,so not saying i do not believe but careful where i tread.Deceiving is a trademark but every person knows where and how to take on spiritual situations ..on their own ground.

I am not that talented to walk in that realm.

Nice story ,really good read.

posted on Sep, 2 2007 @ 09:40 PM
reply to post by qonone

HOw do you know if its a fallen anngel though?

[edit on 2-9-2007 by angellover]

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 04:35 PM
my first experiance with an entity was when i was about 6 years makes me sad thinking about it as i type and think about it i cry...i beleive he was my great uncle and i also beleive he may be one of my spirit guardians if so how comes im the only person apart from my father who has ever saw him after his death....why me the child who wasnt even alive when he died...why am i lucky enough but not my grandmother (his sister)...i allways wanted to do a spirit board and get the answers but i dont want to go against my grandmothers advice please could you give me any suggestions why he would let me see him?

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 05:16 PM
I think i wrote about this before, i know at least one of my guardian angels is the lady who did housework for my parents until i was 10 years old. She died some 5 years later and to this day, i feel her prescense around me and she's constantly on my mind. Could she be my guardian angel? Why would i have such a fixation on her? She was big and jolly, loving and black careebean woman whom i played jokes on and i just loved it when she came over the house.

Another prescense that never leaves my mind is the Camel. For some reason i feel extremely attached to a camel and i can feel the humps as i sit in the middle to ride one (all in my head, of course)
Could that have been from a past life? I found a wooden camel at a yard sale and immediatly bought it to have at home. Is there a special significance here?

Thank you-

posted on Sep, 12 2007 @ 05:20 PM
reply to post by dgtempe

You mis-spelled it - try Chamael. Maybe he's your case manager.

posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 09:19 AM
Alright. This freaky and ill tell you now i didnt see any angels. I was in a bad crash two days ago, a pick up hit us at 60mph. I was just pulling out and didnt see him, neither did my mom or the guy behind us [we just found out he was in the turn lane going strate]. Anyway he hit where i was driving, took the whole nose off the van- i imean it looks like one of the flat nose school busses- and got pices all over. we made a 90* angle turn when he hit us and the van's front end went into the air during it [according to my mom]. The truck had only broken its axel, while meanwhile both air bags went off in the van and it began to smoke, eventualy cought fire. we couldnt get my mom out and so the man behind us busted the door off anf we got her out. We couldnt get the key out either and some how he mannaged to yank it out.
Turns out he was on a suspended licence, and they didnt even testto see if he was drunk. They took my mom and i to the hospital, even though i insisted i was alrght, while the man just walkd off after giving his information to the cops.
Before we got taken off by the ambulece though, my grandmother [a busdriver] passed the scene and pulled over (the bus was empty) and got out rushing over. it all happened so fast, i NEVER saw the car. BUt I swear i heard a horn and someone yell stop. My mom said she might have yelled stop, but noone, not even the guy behind us, heard a horn. If i didnt hear the horn, i wouldnt have hit the breaks and i most likely wouldnt have been here. I didnt even start to accellerate yet, i only took my for off the breaks! Anyway... im leaving to go get an MRI today and see a lawyer. Its a merical though that i walked away and am on my computer today, especialy with a crash that bad that totaled a van.

posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 09:46 AM
You said almost hit by a trolly??? in nyc?
we dont have trolly's in new york city!

posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 11:50 AM
When I was 9 it was the day before my bd and I wanted a star trek model. My father and I were about to cross a busy road waiting at light to get to the hobby shop. For some reason this particular time he told me to take his hand. I protested but he was adamant. As the light turned we began to proceed across street. All I remember is getting whipsnapped back by my father and seeing the grill of chevy van blowing light within feet of me going about 30 mph. At the very same time my mom at home doing laundry was overcome with a horrible feeling. She thought she was cracking up. She dropped to her knees and prayed and the feeling passed. When we got home she said my dad was white as a bedsheet. I would have been roadkill that day. In 2003 two weeks after my mom died I'd had a most unusual event. The 3 dys after she died my dogs were going nuts I finally had to say out loud 'Mom your scaring the dogs' We were very close I shopped for her every weekend for the last 4 yrs as her health declined, she was 72 at passing. Anyway, I was standing at the kitchen sink which has two windows overlooking the backyard. I had just finished cutting up a small chop steak to mix in with my dogs dry dog food, yes they spoiled to the max. They were hanging close knowing its chow time and I saw a white huge wing lift up white as snow, I'd estimate body must have been 8 ft tall but was obstructed by center panel of window. Simultaneously I heard a thunderous bang, I don't know if it was audible or in my head but my dogs both hightailed it downstairs at a high rate of speed. At the time I was having feelings of unredeamability over some past mistakes. I like to think my Mom sent that angel to tell me I was. The strangest thing is the next morning I actually 'felt' like I had some knubs I my back. I literally had to look in mirror if anything was there, there wasn't but it was so odd. That feeling passed in a couple days.

posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 07:15 PM

Originally posted by SantoJuJu
You said almost hit by a trolly??? in nyc?
we dont have trolly's in new york city!

Uh, yeah... we have things called a cab/taxi and subways and buses... i dont recomend the buses... -_-

posted on Sep, 13 2007 @ 08:01 PM

Originally posted by Tom Bedlam
reply to post by dgtempe

You mis-spelled it - try Chamael. Maybe he's your case manager.
Well, arent you the wise one.
Of course, my case manager!!! No, that's Dr. Strangelove.

You boob!

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