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Someone beat me to it! Geologic Map of Spirit Rover landing site!

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posted on Jan, 24 2006 @ 05:17 PM
I was hoping to be able to use the recent Data from the Spirit rover to construct a basic Geologic map however others have already beat me to it.

You can't access the online journal unless you have a subscription:

Mars Exploration Rover geologic traverse by the Spirit Rover in the plains of Gusev Crater, Mars: Geology [0091-7613] au: Crumpler yr: 2005 vo: 33 no: 10 pp: 809 -812

But basically they have used orbital photographs with on the ground photos from the rover to map the contacts of the different units.

I can't seem to access it now myself, but from what I remember reading basically the two predominant units were the deposited top soil/sediment and the plains soil which was mostly a calcic-basalt.

The deposited soil was alterated lithics from the Columbia Hills.

I'll try and figure out why I cannot access the Journal from this computer and when I do I'll post more.


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