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WOW this is crazy

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posted on Jan, 24 2006 @ 03:51 PM
Posted March 1990

Bush, Terrorism, Oil, Ufos and how everything is connected!


posted on Jan, 24 2006 @ 03:55 PM
Please try to provide your opinion and thoughts on it and explain in some more detail just what it is, or even highlight what is the most impressive or convincing from it.

posted on Jan, 24 2006 @ 04:01 PM

Originally posted by Nygdan
Please try to provide your opinion and thoughts on it and explain in some more detail just what it is, or even highlight what is the most impressive or convincing from it.

yer, thats a hell of alot to read considering its 45 minutes worth of speech.

posted on Jan, 24 2006 @ 04:11 PM

It wasn't until 1947 that we were able to
capture a craft, a whole craft, not all together but it was ev-
erything. And that occurred near the city of Roswell, New Mex-
ico. There were dead aliens recovered from the craft. In Pro-
ject Grudge I saw photographs of these dead aliens, of the craft;
I saw photographs of live aliens; I saw photographs of autopsies,
internal organs; I saw photographs of the alien designated 'E.B.'
[or Ebe], which was held in captivity from 1949 until June 2,
1952, when he died. I saw the history of what they had been able
to at that time put together, from incidents in the 1800s, which
involved aliens and their craft.

I'm telling you tonight they're real.
Those are some of the same documents that I saw in Project Grudge
back between 1970 and 1973, and where we have wondered before,
now we know that Whitley Strieber is working for the government.
And we had a suspicion anyway because in the front of his book he
states that he got information and was helped by the research
team of Moore, Shanderey, and Friedman. William Moore has pub-
licly admitted on July 1 that he is an agent of the United States
Government, and we know that the others are too.

"This is going to come out, and the reason they're doing it
the way they're doing it is they know eventually you're going to
find out that it's all true and real. They're desensitizing you
so that you're not shocked, so that there's no collapse of soci-
ety as we know it, so that the religious structure doesn't fall
to pieces, so that the stock market doesn't go crazy, because
these were their original fears. Now, there's nothing we can do
about the last one because it's already happened, there will be a
segment of the population that worships the aliens, even though
they're no different than us; they're just from somewhere else,
and they may look a little different. They are not gods. But
there are already people worshiping the aliens and they predicted
this would happen when they slapped the secret stamp all over all
this stuff.
"You know, there's really nothing wrong with what's been
happening except for three things. [Cooper forgot to mention the
third thing, or was sidetracked, or included it into the second
"No. 1, when they decided to keep it secret they needed to
finance it, they couldn't tell the public, so they couldn't tell
Congress. They decided to finance it with the sale, importation
and sale, of drugs. Now in the documents that I read, in Opera-
tion Majority, it specifically stated that when George Bush was
the president and CEO of Sapata [sp] Oil, he, in conjunction with
the CIA, organized the first large-scale drug importation into
this country from South and Central America by fishing boat, to
the offshore oil platforms of Sapata Oil, and then from there
into the beach, thus bypassing all Customs inspections and law-
enforcement inspections of any kind. They are still bringing in
drugs, to a limited extent, in this manner. Another manner is by
CIA contract aircraft which, one of their bases of landing is
Homestead [sp] Air Force Base in Florida. We have affidavits
from air controllers who have vectored the planes in, who have
made sure that they're not interfered with in any way. We have
affidavits from personnel at Homestead Air Force Base who say the
planes have been met by Jeb Bush, who is George Bush's son. We
have affidavits from people who work in the Gulf of Mexico, in
the offshore oil business, that yes indeed, the drugs are coming
in, at least some of them, from the offshore oil platforms."
From the audience came a clear statement, "Just say no?"
"Pardon? Right! Just Say No! Well that's what we're going
to do ladies and gentlemen with your help. We are going to say
no, no more! And you have to do it, you have to act. You either
have to act or watch your country go down the tubes.
"Now, that's one of the things that's wrong. The next thing
that's wrong is, to keep the secret, they killed a lot of people
who tried to leak it out. And if I hadn't done it the way that I
did it, you wouldn't be seeing me anywhere standing or walking on
this Earth now. They killed President Kennedy and during the
workshop, for those of you haven't seen the tape, I will show
you, on the tape, who shot the president and why. Between '70
and '73, in Operation Majority it stated verbatim that President
Kennedy ordered MJ-12 to cease the importation and sale of drugs
to the American people, that he ordered them to implement a plan
to reveal the presence of aliens to the American people within
the following year. His assassination was ordered by the policy
committee of the Vilderbergers. MJ-12 implemented the plan and
carried it out in Dallas. It involved agents of the CIA, Divi-
sion-5 of the FBI, the Secret Service, and the Office of Naval
Intelligence. President Kennedy was killed by the driver of his
car, his name was William Greer, he used a recoilless, electri-
cally operated, gas-powered assassination pistol that was spe-
cially built by the CIA to assassinate people at close range. It
fired an explosive pellet which injected a large amount of shell-
fish poison into the brain, and that is why, in the documents, it
stated that President Kennedy's brain was removed. If you've
studied the case, you will find that indeed his brain disap-
peared. The reason for that is so that they would not find the
particles of the exploding pellet or the shellfish poison in his
brain which would have proved conclusively that Lee Harvey Oswald
was not the assassin. In fact, Lee Harvey Oswald never fired a
shot, he was the patsy."

A gentleman then asked, "What was traded to the aliens for
their technology?"
"People and animals," replied Cooper succinctly.
Another man asked, "Is the Soviet Union in on any of this?"
"The Soviet Union and the United States of America have been
close allies since the end of World War II and have been closely
participating in the secret space program all this time. The So-
viets have the same thing we have, yes. What you see happening
in the Soviet block right now is not the result of people stand-
ing up and saying, 'We want to be free.' It's the result of the
international bankers saying, 'You tear down these barriers, and
you meet the West half way, give your people some freedom, the
West is going to take some freedom away from their people so that
we can put together a one-world economic system ... and have all
the power. That's what's happening! If you don't believe it,
stick around and watch it!"

The "Alternative-2
and Alternative-3" that were referred to briefly are (just
guessing now) two government contingency plans to 1. Declare
Martial Law and invalidate the Constitution on the premise that a
terrorist group had entered the country with a Nuclear weapon
with plans to detonate it in a major city. All dissidents would
be rounded up and placed in concentration camps and the press and
media would be nationalized. All this if the information becomes
public before they want it to or if the aliens attempt a
takeover, and 2. Another contingency plan to contain or delay the
release of this information, the details of which I am probably
wrong about anyway.

There's a ton more that would take me forever to quote:

It's great reading!

posted on Jan, 24 2006 @ 04:30 PM
not to mention this guy William Copper was killed by deputies of the Apache County (Arizona) Sheriff's Offiice after publishing his book

posted on Jan, 24 2006 @ 04:31 PM
Milton William Cooper certainly was an interesting character. He even went out with a bang; he was shot down by Arizona sheriffs after shooting a deputy twice in the head.

He's not just known for his UFO theories, but conspiracies in general, from JFK, to Oklahoma. He had a radio show for a time, and was on the lamb for many years for tax evasion. He was known to be an abusive, loud, beligerant and angry man.

There's a TON of things on the web about him.

edit: fixed a grammatical error

[edit on 24-1-2006 by Jadette]

posted on Jan, 24 2006 @ 04:35 PM
Yes, but what I like to do is look for sources of information, such as the term EBE

And this is where it appears in usenet: March 1990 by William Cooper.

posted on Jan, 24 2006 @ 05:01 PM
It's the grand unified theory of everything conspiratorial.

posted on Jan, 24 2006 @ 09:05 PM
so is this really true? if it is GOD damn its very interesting.

posted on Jan, 25 2006 @ 02:24 AM

Known as Bill Cooper, this is one man who the UFO community does not trust anymore. He used to work for the US Air Force and claims to have then moved on into Naval Intelligence. He made his debut on PARANET with a report on a UFO sighting he had whilst on the USS Tiru, a US Naval submarine. That report was accepted in good faith. He then began to send in details about various secret projects that he alleged the US governments were involved in during his time in intelligence. When asked for evidence to back his claims up by UFO researchers, he replied abusively. His reports continued to be sent in and the researchers still questioned him about backup evidence. Eventually he was barred from Paranet. He still wrote the reports and sent them into various bulletin boards anonymously, this time accusing the UFO researchers that questioned his authenticity as people who are working for the government to spread DISINFORMATION to the public. Bill Cooper is now a highly paid lecturer who lectures about his "experiences"and also claims that JFK was assassinated by the driver of the car because he wanted to make details about UFOs public and that we had bases on the Moon and on Mars built in the 1950's. Evidence : none for the bases and a seventh generation copy of the film showing the assassination that is very bad quality. He also claims that the aliens in US TV series "Alien Nation" are real aliens who were employed as part of an indoctrination program so that the public will accept the reality of aliens more easily. Bill Cooper's sources for his hypothesis is a mixture of the claims of PAUL BENNEWITZ, BILL MOORE, JOHN LEAR and BOB LAZAR and added a few unfounded theories he invented himself. When Bob Lazar was on a phone-in in 1989 ("Billy Goodman's Happening", 21/11/89) whilst he was going public, Cooper called in and said that he had talked to Lazar for over a year and that he had checked out his claims and they are all genuine. Then, some months later, Cooper changes his mind and says that Lazar is a fraud and had always known he was a fraud ever since he first went public. This is just one example of the many U-turns and inconsistencies that Cooper has carried out over the years.

I copied this from a site... I had once beleived in coopers words, but I am now unsure, and dought alot of it. I've heard from alot that were close to him that he had a lying character. I think alot of what he says seems plausable, but I can't take too much of it for his word. I feel bad I had taken his krill stuff to heart, because it was prob a lie. Don't know where I sit with this guy anymore. His personality and unwillingness to live under society's rules, made him a likely candidate to get shot, regardless of what he was saying. He's one of the few ufo candidate's that I can't say his death backs his claims up much at all.

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