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Iraqi Shiite Cleric Pledges to Defend Iran

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posted on Jan, 24 2006 @ 03:10 PM

The pledge was also one of the strongest signs yet that Iraq could become a battleground in any Western conflict with Iran, raising the specter of Iraqi Shiite militias -- or perhaps even the U.S.-trained Shiite-dominated military -- taking on American troops here in sympathy with Iran.

Sadr is a top leader of the Shiite coalition that leads Iraq and dominates its security forces. His pledge might be seen as an indicator of how the Iraqi government may respond to a potential attack on its neighbor.

"If there was an attack on Iran, even a limited military strike, this would provoke anger through the entire Muslim world. It would certainly jeopardize the already fragile position of the United States in Iraq," said Joseph Cirincione, an Iraq and nuclear weapons expert with the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington.

Source WashPost

Not looking good, precautions should be taken to prevent backlash against the troops if the polticians end up starting a war.

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posted on Jan, 24 2006 @ 03:13 PM
So Sadr decides to once again fight against the American forces.
Seriously, he fought against America twice already and was forced to back down, by his own losses and by the Iraqi populace and not to mention the well respected Shiite leader of Iraq even though he's Iranian.

posted on Jan, 24 2006 @ 03:47 PM
This makes perfect sense, after all, Iran has backed the Insurgency (if not outright started it) since day one. Comrads till the end...

posted on Jan, 24 2006 @ 03:49 PM
Exactly delta. I didnt think he had much of an army left.

Have any of you seen that video of the blackwater sniper picking off insurgents like ducks in a barrel? Yeah, that was Saddars army.

Here it is if any of you want to see it.

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