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Flying car or UFO caught on Google Earth

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posted on Feb, 3 2006 @ 05:46 PM
That guy from the area took pictures and there's no marks or anything and I think I read that nothing has ever been there.

posted on May, 1 2006 @ 09:06 AM
hey guys, i live in perth and can sort this all out for you.

the location the picture is taken from is a large family pinic/ fishing area on the otherside of the river from the city, its in rich realstate as it has numoruos hills with views

ive been there heaps for cliff jumping into the river, and i have never seen anything there before, my guess it was there for the day only..... watever it was......

but i completly doubt it was a flying car, too many witnesses would have seen it.

its not a water tank as there is a kiosk and public toilets with plenty of water fountains for a quick drink.

the photo's taken in all sites are true to there picture, im not sure if there has been any 'construction updates' but the place has stayed the same for the last decade, its a very popular family spot.

so, i dunno what it is, whatever it is

posted on May, 1 2006 @ 03:48 PM
Having seen both flying car pictures, I can safely say that it is indeed a flying car. But that does not mean it is a car than can fly like an airplane. It is a modified car with hovering abilities.

Most propably some local folk had the knowledge to attach turbines to the bottom of the car, thus making it hover.

posted on May, 1 2006 @ 06:28 PM
Well, I found the updates interesting..

The location photography shows no structures where the 'flying car' is.

I'm not gonna be able to get this out of my head

posted on May, 2 2006 @ 01:31 AM
The black car white car theory seems to hold true. However, the photographs angles and shadow are just to bizarre to suddenly proclaim this a flying car.

[edit on 2-5-2006 by dk2852]

posted on May, 2 2006 @ 12:02 PM
my senses were running wild when entering this thread!sumting creepy going on..and its not a hoax!

posted on May, 2 2006 @ 12:29 PM
Not all satellite images are "black and white".

Note the strange shadow colour.

posted on May, 2 2006 @ 12:44 PM
So whats up with this second flying car?

posted on May, 3 2006 @ 04:34 PM
Here is a website about "Skycars"

Has a lot of info about hovering cars and videos

posted on Nov, 20 2008 @ 11:19 PM
I have to say its a water tank
But you never know...

posted on Nov, 21 2008 @ 02:46 AM
reply to post by WERE_ALL_GONA_DIE

Looks like some sort of structure standing, like a scaffold or something, where the top is blocking light and the body is just a frame so it's letting enough light through that the crappy resolution can't pick up it's shadow. Not very exciting either way to me. Unless it's going at light speed.

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