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The Hall of Records in Giza

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posted on Jan, 23 2006 @ 10:17 PM
I looked this up on the web a while ago, but never found the time to post it. The hall of records is a theoretical, but most likely existant place in Egypt. American archaeologists did a seismic scan of the area infront and beneath the Sphynx in Egypt, and found what appeared to be a very large cavern underground below the sphynx. When they asked for permission to start a dig, the Egyptian gov. denied it. (Think they're in on something? :puz
. This Hall of Records, said to hold documents that show a whole new side of human history, such as alien presence on ancient earth, buried and kept secret by the ancient inhabitors of Egypt.
Let me hear your thoughts.


posted on Jan, 25 2006 @ 08:12 AM
This guy HAWAS has a lock on all Egyptian sites and finds. He constantly postulates that the Egyptians built the pyramids (that discussion is way too contraversial ) and all the other marvels of that region. Maybe he's afraid that something that goes against his ancient ancestors would make him look like a fool.
The other thing is that the hall of records could be duplicate copies of the scrolls from the library of alexandria that were burned. Kind of like a back-up file...LOL

posted on Jan, 25 2006 @ 10:25 AM
If there is such a thing, I sincerely doubt that anything would be left there.

If it is ever excavated, I can very well imagine that 'they' have already taken anything of value from it.

posted on Jan, 26 2006 @ 10:03 AM

Originally posted by VelvetSplash
If there is such a thing, I sincerely doubt that anything would be left there.

If it is ever excavated, I can very well imagine that 'they' have already taken anything of value from it.


by which you most likely mean a shadowy group.

however, the hall of records wouldn't contain duplicates from the library of alexandria, the hall would have been sealed prior to alexander's conquest. also, the hall is all speculation. the only hint to it was cayce.

now, centurion, its not postulation that the egyptians built the pyramids, it's a theory with mountains of data to back it up.

there have been threads on this, and not a shred of credible evidence has been able to refute the egyptians built the pyramids theory.

posted on Feb, 5 2006 @ 07:16 AM
Lets just say, whatever is there the government knows.
(Its empty.) It seems that there is mystery built around so many places such as this, but remember, these guys already checked it. If it was there, its gone.

posted on Feb, 6 2006 @ 06:17 PM
There is a theory I believe in that there was a secrect race in Africa in WWII between the Nazis and the Allies to get to The Hall, and I'm assuming that we got to it first. Maybe that's why there's nothing left. Another theory I have is that were looking in the wrong place. There is written evidence of the hall, but what if it's not at Giza?

posted on Nov, 17 2017 @ 10:03 AM
Im interested in te Hall of Records from a prophecy standpoint

Cayce apparently stated The Hall of Records will be discovered in the right paw of the Sphinx.

148 sets of three people would try to enter the Halls of Records, until one of these sets, coming from the West, would open the doorway by making a sound with their voices. (harmonics)

Inside they will find a spiral staircase leading to an underground chamber. (sacred geometry)

An inscribed cuneiform tablet (Sumerian program) will be found, which one of them will decipher.

(3 = physical reality)

Three hallways lead away from this room. They will choose the correct one leading them into a long stone hallway lit with no apparent light source.

High up on the left side of a wall they will find 48 sacred geometry drawings etched in stone, the first one being the flower of life.

At the end of the hallway they make a slight right hand turn into a large stone chamber, whose walls describe the journey of humanity to that date.

Resting on the floor are 3 large stone sarcophagi covered in dust. Atop each is inscribed an image with the likeness of each of the 3 people along with their name as once it was. Underneath each name is the date of their discovery in the 21st century. Inside each sarcophagus is the way they were when they first entered the hologram of this reality along with instructions of how the remainder of time will play out.

Anybody know more info on this prophecy? Who are the 3 people that are mentioned? Anu, Enlil and Enki perhaps? And the "coming from the west" quote... Does that mean they will come from a country in either North or South America? I noticed the number 3 plays a significant role in the prophecy as well.

Any extra info on this would be very much appreciated. Thanks.

Allow me to give my Christian prophecy interpretation, without revealing too the Hall of Records deals with the True History of the world since Creation. This is of course has already been given in exact detail in Genesis and confirmed elsewhere in prophetic scriptures, so the Hall of Records is just a confirmation of this, with the added summation and details of the Last SEVEN Years and the Lord's instruction to His leaders (Daniel 11, 12).

Besides the Great Pyramid itself was built by Enoch, and gives the exact timeline from Creation to the Flood in the descending passageway, and the Flood til the second Flood or Second Coming in the ascending passage way with a code of one inch equals a year..exactly. The pyramidal design being the same as the PHI Pyramid of New Jerusalem. Similarly the Sphinx, is representative of the Lord, the Son of God, the Lion of the Tribe of Judah, who watches over the gates of the earthly representation of the heavenlies (as above so below) … the Great Pyramid. So everything is Christian in interpretation, as He reveals His truths to His people for a purpose..consequently a heathen archeologist etc, or government officials etc..are not going to find the Hall of Records.

Abive it say three from the West will find it... I would have suggested 2, but 3 relates to the three pillars of the Kaballah and relates to the Father, Mother and central pillar or SON.... But its not Jesus thats going to descend and uncover the Hall of Records and the details of the End Time, but three mortals, so I would suggest a Father, Mother and SON combination will be involved. One the End Time King as in King David of Old... the Mother called the High Priestess as in Revelation, and their Son...the trainee or apprentise.

The sacred staircase, the Golden Section spiral ( the original design) is representative of the twisted Apprentice Column (at Rosslyn Chapel),

The openign revealed by harmonics is theliteral VOICE of the End Time King David, as prophecy is commanding not asking, as the creation must obey the Creators servants voice.... it is harmonic to creation itself (See Revelation 11, as it is a weapon as well to those that would hurt them...)

Three rooms, dont know the signifance except that it involves choice and dceision making but its hardly difficult when on the wall is the square flower of life, on the left hand side... and so the three follow the 48 squares on the linear wall....... linear again meaning a time ratio down the Hall towards the End Time and Second Coming and future culmination or apex or cornerstone....

But instead of 64 stones, as in the Serpent Rouge, its magic lies in 48 stones, not an 8 x 8 chess layour of magic squares but 48. Why 48 because the last one is the important one to these three end time vogaeurs.... of the dark sea from West to East.. towards the Sun as with all sacred structures and designs. For surely the quest is to find the 49th square. What is it, surely it must be the vescica pisces, as its when the two produce the one... The Father and Mother combine to make the third, the SON.. Its the portal of life, and womb of creation....

Three sacrophaguses, are the white stones with our names on them as stated in early Revelation.......21st century this happens but what year as timing is everything in prophecy until all are aligned..... not before, not after but precisely when all criterion are fulfilled and ready... just before these three start their ultimate mission in the wilderness away from Jerusalem (for out of Egypt have I called the elder is the Moses of the End Time, and he must know the complete PLAN not in part but in full.

They come from the West but not the US.... they travel to the East... they face the Sun... the rising Sun/SON. They head eastward exactly after heading upwards via the Christos Angle to HIS birthplace, and then downwards to the place which HE has prepared for us.. (Petra)

A forcefield protects the opening, Yes, as the Lord always protects His treasures with a force field and even protecting spirits or animals or ******. The dark sided ones can not enter for they are unworthy and nop one will discover the Hall of Records by chance, until the time is right. After the War, after the Covenant of Daniel, and before the Exodus to Petra.

For then we that are with HIM shall find out 'along with instructions of how the remainder of time will play out. “ exactly and how the New Beginning will begin.

Will the chambers be under the right PAW, of the SPHINX ????

I would suggest NO, although the sephectre of the King is held in His right hand, and the massive strong Paw symbolises this..... but from what I envisioned previously, it was not there but ****** , yet I lost that information or location, and it may not be revealed until the timing is right as mentioned. But nevertheless it will not be discovered til needed, for all the treasures of the Lord have to be found and used for the right purposes before their finder will find them and release the captives and free the prisoners with their paid ransoms. To whom does the Grail serve, the Lord and His people.​​​​


PS millions of Egyptians did not build the Great Pyramid, even the slaves of the Pharoah at Moses time, just made bricks, and didnt chisel out huge mega ton blocks with little chisels. The Pyramid was a cornerstone on the original equator of the created Earth.

posted on Nov, 17 2017 @ 10:03 AM

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posted on Dec, 14 2017 @ 04:08 PM
a reply to: DavidJordan

D.J. Why not stick to what was erected, in between the Sphinx's paws, to be viewed by everyone. Khufu put an account of his priest, Dehdi's arrival from Heliopolis, in a Stele. You can read this in Budge's " Book of the Dead". This one shows that Khufu never built any Pyramids, nor did he pay for any stones to build any with. If he had paid for them, he'd have known where they went, and all about any voids left inside the Great Pyramid. Asking Dehdi for the box, precious to Thoth, gives this away, completely.

Dehdi used the tremendous recuperative powers of the Holy Grail, aka, Whetstone Box, for the Egyptians, to resuscitate a dog, whose head was cut off. Khufu associated this Box with Thoth, and felt it might inform him about hidden chambers in the Great Pyramid. Dehdi had the box in Heliopolis, but told Pharaoh to keep his cotton picking hands off of it. Then he prophecised that a distant descendant of Khufu, would come from far in the West, and use the box in the last great fight between good and evil.

This impressed that Pharaoh, enough, so that he let Dehdi live for another day. Back in the Eighties, I shared part of these coordinates with assoc. Professor F. Hassan, while he was at W.S.U., in Pullman, Wash. Now he holds the Flinders Petrie chair of Egyptology, in London, but one of us are is line to actually locate the Grail. Recently some statuary fragments, associated with the Temple at Heliopolis, have been uncovered in a sewer dig, so now their people are finally closing in on the temple's Chart Room, where Dehdi held the Grail, aka, the Whetstone Box.

Modern Cairo has slowly crept out over these ancient ruins. So a lucky find in a sewer trench was the only way to locate that city's temple, and it's Chart Room.

posted on Dec, 28 2017 @ 03:12 PM
a reply to: CaptainIraq

i heard they have info on adam and eve and that lilith his first wife was real and that they did sleep with animals and that it is all true that the great kings are all related and that yes even in egypt the illuminati had a grip on things to come. they kept a list of kings that dated back to before the first great society Babylon (aka Iraq)

the last of the keepers of the faith were killed off in a bloody massacre relatively recently considering. it was the single biggest mistake humanity has ever made because they were the only ones that spoke the high language fluently.

posted on Dec, 28 2017 @ 03:56 PM

its all in blackness
like peter moon said . like in tron, you would fall into nothing
somethimes when ia in good mood i like to make jokes about this. but in days that are not so funny i hav a hard time laughing about this. because its scares me though

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posted on Dec, 28 2017 @ 04:18 PM
So anybody who likes continue the path becoming harrypotter . I linked up here even more material on youtube i think is to this here further emerald since egypt means : blue - god , green- the connection to "god"
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all the planets 9 hAve a crystal core (earth engine) too. Tomorrow i pickout from youtube where a secretspaceprogram victim talksabout these places .
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