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Possible bird flu in France

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posted on Jan, 23 2006 @ 02:13 PM
Source News24

The Frenchman who has been hospitalised in the eastern French city of Nancy after possibly coming down with bird flu recently travelled to Asia.

The previous mentioned information is the only thing I have found.

Furthermore, a woman was thought to have avian flu in Montpellier (France) According to the Government the tests were negative.

Even though it is the first time that this kind of information is published, the Ministry for Health is aware that other test have been carried out (with negative result) in France.

Source, Antena 3 I am sorry, the source is in Spanish Even though, I have translated the most important part of it for ATS members.

The question is:
Are we really being informed of the positive results or are they hidden?
I assume we will not know until the disease is spread...


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