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(MYST) Slaying Daemons

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posted on Jan, 23 2006 @ 02:17 AM
As the rain continued to fall, Lycan runs as fast as He can
to keep up with the 3 daemons He was tracking. They're only 75 feet
ahead of him as one of the daemons stumble into the others in a mad
panic to get away from Lycan, the one falling down cursing out
loud...the others continue running with only a slight glance back.

Lycan slows only long enough to slit the daemon on the grounds
throat as it turns over scrambling back to it's feet, but it doesn't
see anything else as it turns to ash. A soft smile reaches the stoic
face of Lycan as He continues His hunt of the remaining two daemons,
as water runs down His face & down His rippled body.

The other two daemons look back & stop, not seeing the Hunter that
was on their trail a few minutes ago. The leader speaks to the

"why don't you go back & see if Raza made it? Maybe he slew the
Hunter." The following daemons hisses at his leader..."you are
off your nut if you think I'm going back, I don't care who put you
in charge, that Hunter ~pointing back acidly~ is a mad man & I'm not
getting My throat slit so easily"

Suddenly, a shape drops from the rooftop on the followers back, a
sword driven through his back, sliding up to his neck. "That's
right, you're not getting your throat slit" ~an amused chuckle
coming from Lycan's throat as He watches the daemon turn to ash with
a bewildered look on it's grotesque face~

The leader screams out "damn Hunter" & runs for his life putting as
much distance between himself & the Hunter, not daring
to look back. He keeps running & looks back as he hears nothing
following him. The daemon hits his shoulder on a wall as he comes
crashing through a narrow alleyway...he looks all around him,
knowing he's lost track of where the Hunter was & he knows his doom
is forthcoming.

As the daemon is running, wondering where the Hunter is, he fails to
see a slim shadow lying horizontally about one inch below his neck
line, he stumbles into it as he turns to ash while falling to the
ground, the shocked look on his face on the head that's come
unattached from his body, he sees the sword that was braced in
Lycan's arm hung out like a clothesline in His fully tensed,
rippling muscled arm to decapatate him in his flurry of speed to get

Lycan smiles, wiping His blade off & walks away in a Nothern
direction, listening intently for the sounds of more daemons. He
hears the faint howl of a hunting pack of daemons, & begins to run
at an incredible pace, faster than before. "sounds like more fun to
be found soon" ~an evil grin crosses Lycans mouth~

posted on Jan, 24 2006 @ 03:43 PM
For those who read those kinds of stories it might be up there ally. I certainly found it descriptive.

posted on Feb, 7 2006 @ 05:07 PM
very interesting story which could be expanded. Your usage of capitalization, lack of commas and periods and formatting made it a little hard to read. I do enjoy reading a good battle story, so I hope you retry this again.

posted on Jan, 29 2008 @ 11:35 AM
I have improved My writing skills a lot since I last posted on this story thread. I'll consider contributing to it again when I can find the time. Thanks for the comments.

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