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Origin of what?

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posted on Jan, 22 2006 @ 08:51 PM
9:02 PM

I have come across an impass and I passed it... a long time ago.
This etching is in almost full truth (indicating I have *backspaced* very few


How can you prove anything? Even if you were once part of it and quit and became

it's enemy and wrote what you write?

I know little.
I do "know" that alike magnetisms repel and opposite magnetisms attract.
How could an atom stay together with several alike protons(on some/alot)

circuling an nucleus? Would it repel itself into oblivion? Attract itself into an

implosion? Or just sit there perfectly as I define what is perfect?

How can two conscious beings exist at the same time?
Howcome I am here and you are "there?"
Would not I be there and you be "here?"
So therefore I am only me.
What are you then if I am only me?
But what if... what if you are you?
What does that make me?
How can you exist in consciousness whithout me?
What does that make me that you are separate from me?
It makes you the only conscious being ever and always and this moment.
Therefore I feel alone.

I can write about the split now that you *maybe* know what I am talking about.
If I can split my piece of paper in half... what stops me from splitting that

Not much.
I will split that half in half...
...and that half in half...
...and that half in half...
...and that half in half...
...and that half in half...
...until we get to the atomic structure that you have never seen and should not

believe in because you have not seen.
Apparantly the smallest thing(an atom) can be split in half.
Is one of those halves smaller than a whole atom?
Of course.
So how small does small get?
I suggest it gets even larger than that.

How small?
If if I was the same size as a molecule, the planet Earth would be a trillion

times a trillion miles bigger.
Yet tests show that if I was the size of a molecule I could not be human.
A molecule would have to be even smaller than a molecule for me to be (by science

laws of course).
But I have just trilliondrupled the size of everthing.
What if I cut the molecule in half?
Why did not the molecule be that size to start off with?
What about half of that half?
...half of that half...
and half of that half... etc...
Is a molecule only existable in a certain size frame?
Which leads me to...

How big is the universe?
Scientists say the universe is growing.
If so it was once smaller than it is.
As a matter of fact(if you believe the scientists), it just grew right now from

before this sentence started.
Therefore before you read that sentence it was an "o."
Well, now it is an "O."
What was/is beyond the black circle of and "O?"
How can something expand unto nothing?

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