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UFO's, Aliens, What do YOU think is really happening?

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posted on Jan, 22 2006 @ 12:45 PM
Here is a news posting on the UFO Abduction Subject: Colorado Area:
News Article On UFO Abdutctions in Colorado

(Hope this link works right)

Here is a brief clippet from the article:

DENVER -- Everyone has heard about the infamous Roswell incident in 1947 in New Mexico but for Colorado UFO enthusiasts, it's only the tip of the iceberg.

Expert Explains Why State Is UFO Hotbed

"It's worldwide. It goes on all the time. It has been going on since World War II. It's unabated," said John Schuessler, the international director of MUFON, or the Mutual UFO Network.

"It's a private non-profit group that's been around since 1969," he said...


I live near the CO border, in NM. I know many ppl that say they have seen UFO's and such. It seems to be a 'hot spot' , I think part of the reason for this is the fact that the sky is so much 'bigger' up here. In the sense that we dont have the huge skyscrapers obsuring the sky AND the fact that the average elevation is around 7,500 sf ft ABOVE sea level.

I think there are UFO's and Alien lifeforms. If we say that Alien, is defined as something foreign and totally different from our own lifeform. I SAY YES.

Ghosts, could by a loose definintion could be described as a 'alien'..
Because theyare some different and strange from our material human lifeforms.

My sister claimed to have been abducted by a UFO, actually, both her and her boyfriend thought they had been abducted. Once night, they went to sleep, in their PJ's. My sister woke up in the early am, around 3AM. She saw a very bright light outside the wondow. She and her boyfriend were lying on top fo the blankets, and they were BOTH naked.
This freaked my sister out. She woke her BF and asked him if he knew why they were both nude and on top of thesheets. He said no. He told her (and me later) about a dream he'd had that night.
He was taken to an underground alien base, which was underneath, one of the local mountains (which is prohibited from trespassing on). There he said he saw aliens (Grey-type), government-dressed people, and spacecraft. He was led into a medical room. They did some testing on him.

Now, I have to add.
His dream was not told to me or her until after she realized she had some strange marks on her body.

She called me early in the morning, very nervous, asking me to come over. I did.
She recounted all that I mentioned plus this...

She told me that BOTH her and her BF had strange triangle shaped marks on their body. I (being very skeptical)asked her if maybe it had happedn and she'd not realised it. She was SURE it was not that. She said that her BF also had these marks BOTH of them had them on their right leg. And another weird mark on her right arm. I saw them, they were trianlge shaped and looked like tiny pin hole/pricks.

I'm mentioning this story, ,to share my perspective with you.
I am a believer. I believe that there are MANY, MANY things in this world that we can not readily see, explain, feel, or understand.
Ghosts, UFOs, Hauntings, and so forth, all have had some proof behind their surplus of reports.
Not all are legitimate, but what of the ones that can not be explained by modern, "Modern" science?

I thik UFO and 'Aliens' have the ability to travel through time and through material objects, a highly evolved entity like that would seem very 'Alien" to us..?!?!


Edit-Added ext. link.

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posted on Jan, 22 2006 @ 01:08 PM
thats a fascinating story and one that would deserve proper investigation, especiallt the marks on the skin. i live in britain and though i do not know of anyone who has been abducted i have read numerous case files that have happened in the UK most off all in scotland. many off the highlands are vacant of towns or villages a perfect place for a millitary/alien/government base to be built. if there is such a place its a well kept secret. i have myself encountered poltergiust and ghostly activities and believe modern science cannot in any way explain my personnel experiences.
my father died of leukaemia 7years ago and of the night of his death i saw a vision of him in his hospital gown.i heard him speak to me though his lips did not move. he told me i would find my happiness in london. i moved there a month later and so many good things has happened to me since.
i also wittnessed along with 40 other people a UFO over Oxford street in london. it was a triangle shape with blue and white lights moving in ways no modern craft could possibly move. since then i have been a believer in things beyond human comprehension. things are happening out there and i find no scientific explaination for alot of them, yes i agree there are plenty of hoaxs and misinformation but some are so far beyond science its frightening.

posted on Jan, 22 2006 @ 01:17 PM
Welcome isisinanna!

I to live in the land of enchantment and have seen things that I cannot explain and experienced "high strangness" in the San Luis valley. Nothing so dramatic as your sister and her BF.

At one time I felt that ufos were "visitors" but now I'm not so sure. The paranormal, mindcontrol, inter-dimensional, ufo, all seem to be mixed up into a confusing matrix that defies explanation.

I once read that "not only do we not know what's going on; we CAN'T know because our minds are to primitive to understand "

I thought I might find some answers here at ATS, but I'm just more confused.

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