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The Scarecrow's Tales:The Farmers Plight.ch1

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posted on Jan, 22 2006 @ 12:40 PM
As I walked..Slowly down this beaten path,I look from side to side.Nothing
Beyond the dim glow of my lantern,nothing but the black I know too well.
My throat feels like a knot of a tree as I try to swallow.I feel it now.

Three days now ive been travelling.It was near my home within the twisted thicket I was summoned.....

"We thinks yer services might be in some use to us there Mr. uh".I watched the farmer from the few feet of distance between us.He seemed to be an honest man."Scarecrow"I replied "I'm called the Scarecrow"."Uh yeah so we've been told"."We?"I asked.
The man kept his head down avoiding my gaze.

"Yessir Me and my wife"I could tell at this point that they had abandoned their home."What was it that made you leave your home?"I asked of him.I was squatting on a stump I used for meditation when he came up to me.I stood up breathing in deep startling the middle aged man recoiling with fear in front of me.I could smell death on him,not exactly what I liked to smell at this hour."Someone die?"looming over the man I jumped down infront of him.

"Dont be afraid"I started "You came to the right place"."Now tell me first where is your wife"."She waits for me on the edge of the wood sir".
The hour was getting late "We must go fetch her,the Twisted Thicket is not the place to be after hours"."Yeess sirr".I could tell that what had happened had been too much for the farmer to handle,Just the fact that he came here to my home while most others are afraid suggests the amount of need in him.

As we walked to the edge of my woods He regaled his story to me.Right away I could tell that there was a witch or possesed person involved.Many of the indications of one was present though I didnt say.The farmer thought there was a werewolf in the woods Two moons ago a thick fog grew into the wood,eventually obscuring the view completely,while being suspicious at first he did not pay it no heed.

The farmer started to wake up finding his cattle killed missing their organs and brains having been torn apart.Two weeks ago His daughter went missing,leaving no trace.He pleaded to me as we walked towards my home within the oldest tree in the thicket,his wife seemed just as shaken as he was I started to feel for them and wanted to find their daughter."Look"I said."I will help you and yours,but you must promise me one thing" .The farmer looked across at me as we walked and our eyes met."Was that"he blurted,more out of sheer reaction .I could sense fear in his heart."Don't worry,all I ask is that you tell no one of my home".I looked forward again sensing him ease a little.

"Know this".We were coming to the lip of the valley in which lay my home so I halted."You will stay in my home until I return do not leave for once I leave the thicket you will not be safe outside my central domain".I turned to look at the farmers wife."Don't worry ma'am from what Ive heard your daughter might very well be alive".With that the tired women fell to her knees bunching her dirty red dress under her and began to sob into her hands.The farmer ran to her side and crouched down trying to comfort her.It was cold and wet.The leaves of the ever autumn trees that dwelled here flew about us dancing in the air as thought they themselves were alive."

"Listen here now".The two of them looked at me wide eyed as the farmer helped his wife to her feet."Follow this path before you until you come to a
large stone engraved with a cross"."There will be a hole in the centre of this engraving".I reached for my neck and took the necklace which held my key off and reached out to hand it to the man."This is the key"The man looked like he could kill over immediatly."Dont worry youll make it.Once there my friends will take care of you".Tears welled up in the mans eyes's
I knew he was going to try to touch me so i backed away."Enough"I said."I must go now".With that I started walking into the wood.I knew they were watching me as i drifted into the shadows of the evening sun.
"Hurry now you dont have too long before dark".They were fine...I just didn't like them watching me as I walked towards their salvation or my own doom.

Story-line:Toraylin: story: 1 chapter: 1
Location:Twisted Thicket

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posted on Jan, 24 2006 @ 12:30 PM
I tracked back towards the way the couple had come.There were only a few people who knew where to find me and I planned on finding out who it was that they had gone to for help.

The door opened with a small creak."Jerald"..I whispered into the house.My breath turning to mist in the black backdrop of the cold damp night. I figured that he was either away or sleeping.Trying to be quit I found some food in the cellar and went to work finding some equipment that I might need.All the while the prescence of this thing in the woods was building in the back of my spine."Shake it off Tor"I told myself."This is nothing"...

I was in the back of the house coiling some rope I found in Jeralds study,when I heard a noise.Sounded like wood on wood.I had only the one candle with me and I snuffed it out.I knew Jeralds place better than he did,so the dark was no problem.It could have been a window cover.But I swore it sounded like the door.

Thats when I smelt it.A reek smell of almonds and mould.I figured it wasn't my friend.Something was looking for someone that I was sure of. How could I be so stupid."Of course" I breathed,what ever it was that was after the farmer would follow their esscence here. I started to think that there was more to this story than what the farmer had told me."Jerald had a set of my blades upstairs under his bed.From here though It didnt look like I was going to avoid a confrontation with them.

I searched the room and found a letter opener on the desk "this will suffice".I thought..

"May my other watch over me and direct my heart in this and all that I do".
Slowly as I crossed the room towards the hall way I recounted one of my many prayers.Holding the blade I figured that by now the entity or entity"s present could feel me.As I got closer to the dooor I could hear breathing.Rhhggg
rhhhggg.It was raspy and long."The undead" I told my self.."Great".Reaching into my pouch I took out a small pouch.It was full of what I called holy dust.

Comprised of silver dust mixed with holy water and dried in confines of one of my holiest grounds,I prayed for it to protect me for many days.
It does the trick.I took some out of the pouch and replaced it back within the pouch of my black battle leather that I always wear.A slow scraping sound came from the south wall of the study."Putting my head in my hand I sighed."I should get the hell out of here".I could feel the danger start to well up in my chest."No"I shook my head."Jeralds probably upstairs sleeping".Just then a scream."No".It was Jerald something was up there with him.Again a call for help.

Rrraagghh.I let out a high shriek and threw my self through the door running towards the end of the hall.In a glimpse I saw my first target.With a swift motion I brought my right hand back and threw the letter opener at the shadow nearest me.It let out a shriek of pain as I passed it in the hall in the pale light of the windows I could see the knife sticking out of a decaying face with no eyes.

There was another hissing at me near the stairs at the end of the hallway,just before the door.Without hesitation I jumped and kicked as hard as I could using my momentum to the most effect.The animated corpse as I had guessed they were,wasn't too solid.I sent it crashing through the door fumbleing after it. As I got to my knees i looked a few feet infront of me it lay motionless..I stood for a second where I was looking out towards the night I could see more out there moving amongst the trees moaning "Damn what the hell is going on.There was noise coming from upstairs."Noooo" Jerald called "I..I don't..

I flew back into the house and up the stairs.'Jerald" I yelled asI crunched against the ungiving door at the top."Tor?"."Is that you".Something screeched inside the room.followed by movement.I used all my strength,and lunged at the door.As I went through the door .Time slowed down.I sprawled forward in slow motion watching as all the pieces of wood and splinters cascade across the floor infront of me.It was strange for sure.I could feel my body slipping away from me."I took one more look up.Just to see Jerald's face.He was talking to me I think he was calling my name.."What"I tried but everything was starting to spin."I focused as hard as I could.I could just make out "its gone" on his lips before the darkness stained my view and all was black.

Story-line:Toraylin: story: 1 chapter: 2
Location:Jeralds House

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posted on Jan, 25 2006 @ 12:50 PM
As I slowly came to I could hear the familiar sounds of a place I usually end up."Ugghhh"I tried to move but couldn't.The sounds of bubbling beakers and clinking glass filled my ears."I moved my arm bringing my hand to my face."Ugghhh,DOC"I called as I rubbed my face.

Sure enough I heard the scuffling of the mans short legs in the next room."Im here,Toraylin".His voice even in the other room was high and somewhat bothersome to me,ecspeacialy right now.Using the arm of the couch to prop up on I sat up."Where's Jed".I asked.The short stubby man came rushing through the door,startling me."Damn doc,Take it easy".He came to me and took my head in his hands.looking into my eyes he sighed.
"You know my boy,one of these days ill be tagging you,and i wont like it".

"Come on,Morvin".I pulled my head a little to get him to stop."You know I ask for it"."Besides"I began.The doctor turned from me opening a small door in the wall."You know I'd come back and haunt you anyway".I laughed.The middle aged man turned slowly and looked at me raising his brow behind his thick dirty glasses and wiped his hand on the apron he always wore."That is what I'm afraid of".

He turned and reached into the closet.moving a few things here and there."The last thing I need is the likes of you".He picked something up and closed the door."Causing a ruccus of my life".Smiling he beckoned for me to open my hand.Dropping a small vial in my hands.I looked across from where i was at him."So"I said as I fumbled with the cork."I take it Jed brought me here".Pulling up a stool and grunting as he sat down.The doctor let out sigh of relief."Yes jerald brought you"he said in a low voice."He also told me whats going on"."You seemed to have scared the hell out of whatever it was that was after him"."What about the zombie things doc"?I asked.The doctor looked puzzled"He said nothing of such".

Having finaly opened the flask I downed the concoction."What was that".
I asked looking at my old friend and teacher of sorts."The usual"he paused I could tell that he was thinking of what to say."Now where is Jerald now doc?"."He will be back soon.He's gone to fetch the farmer so we can question him further".He told me to keep you here until he got back".

I agreed to what Morvin asked.After all I knew I couldn't take on this necromancer beast thing on alone whatever it was.After having a little bit to eat and talking for awhile I slept.........

Story-line:Toraylin: story: 1 chapter: 3(toraylin)
Location:Morvins lab/ town of Falloway

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posted on Jan, 26 2006 @ 10:53 PM
Still a little shaken I picked Toraylin up by the arms and dragged him down the stairs.He was covered in his "holy dust".I knew that this was going to get bad."Did toraylin know I was in danger?".I asked myself.I was even more shaken to see my front door smashed to pieces.At first I thought that it might have been my friend trying to get in to save me,from that thing.

"No"I thought.Toraylin was already in the house,I heard him shriek just before the thing came?.This puzzled me even more.I set Tor up against the corner of the wall and surveyed the scene.Looking down towards the study there was a knife laying on the floor.Turning to my friend I said"Don't go anywhere".Then laughed.It was sad.This was one of the only times I have ever seen him relaxed like that. shaking such thoughts from my head,I walked down the hall and picked up the knife."Hmmm...,nothing on it".Even stranger I thought I had closed my study door.What I found in my study told the rest of the story.

I found a candle on the floor next to a coil of rope and Tor's backpack.It was obvious to me now "So".I thought to myself".Tor came to ask of the two stragglers i sent him".I picked up the equipment off the floor then headed to my storage closet and grabbed my bow and my favorite quiver then headed back down the hall."He found the house quite so he crept in and was looking for some equipment".I stopped at the end of the hall and looked at the strangest man I have ever met and smiled,I couldnt have been more happy to know him ever. "You saved me again I think Scarecrow,now I must do some things for you".

With that I hoisted him on my shoulder.Which was easy he was a small man,though I never could truly tell how old he was he sometimes seemed to be a mere boy at times.

I left my friend with the doctor.Although Toraylin looked at him like a teacher.I couldn't stand that place."Well where are you going"Morvin pleaded. "You arn't going out there without him are you".The crazy old man swung an arm out hitting Toraylin in the shoulder."Cause if you are you're NUTS,thats what I say".Turning around I muttered"That's what I say"mocking the little man.As I went to leave I felt a hand on my shoulder.
Morvin spoke."Im just scared Jed,whats going on?".."I don't know".I said resting my hand on his."But don't worry even asleep Toraylin is still the Scarecrow,trust me you'll be ok"."What about you".He said,there was real concern in his eyes and I felt for him.

"I'm going to find out a little more".Morvin removed his hand and looked at Tor."If I'm not back in a day tell Tor to go without me I'm going to go get Becca and ask these farmers what is really going on here".The little man shivered and looked at me,his eyes growing wide."You're going to go into the Twisted Thicket at night?"

"I have to"With that I left the lab.I could hear Morvins short high pitched voice wishing me luck on the otherside of the door.Outside all around me snow had begun to fall.Looking up into the sky I swallowed down my fear.
"This can't be good".I told the sky,and started heading for the town limits.

Story-line:Toraylin: story: 1 chapter: 3(Jerald)
Location:Jeralds house/Morvin's lab/Falloway.

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posted on Jan, 29 2006 @ 08:33 PM
As I travelled through the darkness,I tried to keep my senses about me.

I had gathered what equipment I could from Morvin's lab and a few of the shops in Falloway.There were little spurts of snow falling from the sky,in the middle of spring there should not be snow falling in this area.

This factor added to my urgency,I doused my lantern and threw it away.The farmers house should be ahead and I didn't want to let any unwelcome guests know I was here.I left the path and started to run through the fields the coat tails of my battle leather flapping in the wind.The clouds broke and the low purple glow of the moon of stags stained the countryside turning everything a pale empty grey.

Steadily growing was my sense of danger.There was light coming from the barn a few hundred meters ahead. I slowed to a walk and then to a stroll,as I investigated the scene.I knelt next to a post in the fence to the farmers property.My back was on fire as I watched with anticipation,trying to determine what exactly I was up against.

There were shadows moving in front of the light that much I could see.The house was beyond that obscured by the barn.I could rush the barn and deal with whatever it was when i got there.Or take the more cautious way.I stood up and squinted."Well whatever it is I doubt it can take me on".I said to the night sky.Then I waited.

"You're not a very nice scarecrow are you mister".I just about jumped,I turned around,my hand going to my hilt faster then I can ever remember.Standing there was a girl.A small one.I stood in horror.

"You shouldn't be so mean".the little gril shifted sideways slightly and I could hear her tendons and bones crack and grind.She was wearing a dirty bloodstained dress."Are you here to play".I was stricken my heart burned all of my skin was on end.The girl looked up and smalied.I didn't know what the hell it was staring at me but i knew that it was no longer a child"I'm,uh I".I stammered,Looking down.Her hair was blowing in the wind of this empty field her many jagged teeth gleamed at me with stains of her own putrid blood flowing from her smashed face.I steeled myself."Just do it Tor".I heard in my head."Do it...NOW!"..In one swift motin I pulled my heavy lead sword and sliced the air.As the blade tore through her upper torso.The damned soul let out a shriek twice as horrible than any I had ever heard. Lifelessly her body buckled and fell to the ground.

I was screwed now looking back and forth frantically I sheathed my sword I had to think of something quick.I ran towards the barn,fearing a swarm of scarecrow hungry children or who knows what.As I ran I summoned my strength and began to channel my energy.I hated this part,it always made me sick.As my adrenaline started to pump my rage levels began to rise.the true scarecrow was about to come out to play.

As i expected there were others,and they started to come. I kept my eyes on the barn and started to chant."That which burns,helps me see,I need you now burn with me".As I flew through the field I was getting closer to the mass of dead bodies coming towards me.I wanted to turn,I wanted to run."Do not fail me now".I screamed as my body burst into flames.The pain was unbearable,over time I had gotten used to the pain.not of the flames themselves.No those do nothing to me.It was my head my body...soul.I had to keep going.If I were to try to take them all on in an open field I could easily lose.

I pulled my blades,chopping down those that came infront of me with ease.There isn't much density to decaying flesh.I was starting to doubt my judgment as i closed in on the shelter of the barn.As it seemed to be infested now.It was too late to take any other course for I was surrounded.
The pain in my body was to unbearable ,I was loosing my strength I had to let go of the fire spell.

I was just at the barn yard cutting my way to the door,bodies falling left and right.I was about to fall to the ground from exhaustion,when I heard something that made my heart jump.A chorus of howls let through the air.At that moment I knew I was not alone.As I faltered and stammered the dead surrounded and toppled meI covered my head and huddled into a ball.

That's when I heard the growls and yipping of the most beautiful animals in the world,my dogs.It didn't take long for them to clear a path to me.I was starting to take quite the beating if they took any longer I might not be able to make it through this."Ahhhh".I was bitten on the wrist.I was pulling my arm free while being mauled by these things,when it suddenly got really cold around me.I could feel the air and space itself around me freeze.The many hands and feet stopped.Even the grip on my arm loosened and altogether stopped.In fact everything stopped.

There was only one person I knew around here who could do that and not turn me into ice with everything else.That was my beloved student.Becca
I colapsed and thanked the stars.Jed had arrived with help. Karn and Ferrin.(My dogs)Came through the mass of frozen zombies surrounding me sniffing.Being the size of a swall wagon they easily found me knocking the bodies aside as they searched.I couldn't move because there were so many on top of me.So I called to them.It seemed that we were going to have to rethink our strategy here.I wanted to know what Jerald found out....but first it was time to rest and enjoy the company of my friends more than ever tonight.
They had just saved my life...

Story-line:Toraylin: story: 1 chapter: 4
Location:Farmers land(40 miles south of Falloway)

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posted on Feb, 9 2006 @ 08:33 PM
As the sky grew darker.I peered out the giant glass window.A few hours before.Something happened,I was both excited and anxious"Oh master,where have you gone".I spoke to the failing light of the setting sun.

Slowly I walked down the steps or what we called my tower.It seemed so long ago now.The day that changed everything.It krept up in my heart,the sorrow I felt that day and shall forever bear.As I reached the bottom I sat down looking about.All I could think about these days was that horrible letter I found.I was so excited to find something on the door step that I ran out into the forest to find Tor.I closed my eyes,squeezing a single tear out of my left eye."What is it"I asked."Nothing my dear".He looked as though he would fall over.I never spoke of it again.It chilled my heart even now.

He just let it fall from his hand."What's wrong".I pleaded."I...I"He stammered.It was so unlike him.He was so unshakable.It scared me to even think about it."I have to go Becca,keep the dog's".That was all he said."Yes master is all I could reply".With that he left.I knew many paths within the Twisted Thicket.That day I followed him for awhile.Though I know he let me..but the path we were on was different than any other
Then he vanished.Like always.

It was many days and night's before he came back.Though I was scared of the Thicket.I knew it protected me with that I let out a small hysterical
giggle through my tears."It better protect you".He would always say."It knows better than to mess with me and my student".With that usually came the usual chuckle and head ruffle.He had been back for a while now but all that stopped.Even my studies were getting few and far between.
I didn't bother him I knew whatever had happened,he needed some time.

I shook my head "Come on Becca". I stood up."He'll be here,he's back".I walked over to the front door and opened it.I snapped out of my mood instantly.This was a bad sign.I had never seen snow fall in the Thicket in all the time I had been here.I had no idea how many years had actually passed,the Thicket was a very special place.As delightful as it was to see some gently float to the ground before me.I knew something was going on.

I stepped down the stone stairs letting out a breath,only to see it turn into myst before me."Something's up".I whispered.As I pulled my shawl tightly about me i called out,as loud as i could."Karn..Ferrin".The other two reason's why I felt safe in the Thicket.A howl let out through the crisp air,bringing a smile to my lips.Followed shortly after by another in the opposite direction."Good boys".

I felt electric.The night was going to get interesting to say the least.A feeling had begun to work it's way through me.Not only was something up but my teacher needed my help.Spinning exactly right around I ran into the
tower."It was time to work".As he would always say.

Story-line:Toraylin: story: 1 chapter: 5(Becca)
Location:Becca's Tower(Somewhere within the Twisted Thicket)

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posted on Feb, 19 2006 @ 04:21 PM
It was a long day so far and getting even harder.In the time I had known Tor I had experienced many things and been to many places.As I have seen too many times in our adventures,nothing is as it seems.I had borrowed a horse from one of the farms close to my house,and made my way through the night,the snow began to fall hard.

I knew the way for I had been there many times. Looking behind me I gave my home one last look and said goodbye.I had lived in falloway for many years.Leading mostly a normal life.that is till one day while trapping on the edge of the woods, I came upon a path I had never seen before.To this day I have never been able to find it again nor have I seen the place it took me to.

I walked for ever it seemed,that day,even then all those years ago.I knew that these woods were different.

As the mouth to the main entrance to the woods came into the horizon the The sky was dark with clouds."Whoa there".I gently tugged on the reigns.The horse knew me and stopped.I figured that foot would be best from here on.I jumped down from the saddle and told the horse to go home.Thats when something happened that I have never experienced before.The horse turned around to walk away then stopped,and looked back at me.It just stared at me.I knew it didn't want to leave me."I know"I said.The horse who I had kinda borrowed before let back its head and let out a short snort. My heart jumped.It knew where this was.Knew what it was."Ill be okay girl,you go home".With another snort the horse turned and galloped back the way we came.I stood watching it go.

Turning towards my task I sighed "Either I just talked to a horse". I reached down and unstrapped my bow from my pack."Or I've been hanging out with Tor for too long".At that I chuckled.

I got ready strapping the special quiver the Doc made me to my left leg.I had used it several times since then and it was pretty good.

"What would I ever need that for".I said looking down at the thing Morvin held in his hands. He flung his arms out,tossing it on the table beside me ."You never know Jerald".He said scowling.If you two ever get into trouble and you have to run what happens,huh"while pointing at me he
scurried over to the table near by and picked up some arrows lying about."Ill tell you what he said".He ran back towards me tossing arrows as he came."They fly every where.He stopped short of running flat into me and pointed another finger in my face"Now this"He smiled a big grin."This" he said picking up the strange looking thing."This straps them in when you want" he said handing it to me."How does it go on".I looked at him even more puzzled than before."Here I'll show you".

Somehow I knew that I wasn't going to see him again.

It was cold as I walked slowly down the path.It was silent too not even the wind was blowing .One by one my steps took me further away from the safety of the open fields."well"I thought "Better get going".Tor will need me before long.With that I slipped my trusted bow over my shoulder and began to run towards the first mark.A large red rock beside the path.

"Then turn away from the path,keep going until you reach a ravine".
I said outloud,repeating the words Tor had spoken to me many times.
I had at least a day to find my way to the Tower where one of Toraylins apprentice's lived.Though I had been there before many times ,for weeks at a time even.. It was during the night though. Before i had either Tor or Becca with me to show me the way.I wished she was here now...
She knew this place like the back of her hand.

It was during that day along time ago when I came upon a clearing of black roses,that I had met her for the first time.I was alot younger then .She too like the Scarecrow himself seemeed to age little since then.Something that even now after knowing them and almost feeling like family,still chills me to the bones.

"What are you doing here girl".I asked. I came up from behind her out of the wood ,it didn't even startle her."I am digging want to help".I peered at her with strange curiosity. "You shouldn't be in here,you could get hurt".I stated side stepping around her to get a better look at what she was kneeling over."Oh god".I jumped back.

Becca was indeed digging a hole,to bury whatever it was that was infront of her."What Is That".I cryed.She looked at me.With that gaze I felt a sharp pain in my chest suddenly and a chill down my spine.She lowered her eyes and a single tear fell from her cheek,with that a gale of wind blew up and about the clearing.A crow cawed in the distance somewhere.

Suddenly I became very afraid.The girl stood up and walked over to me."Get away from me"I started to back away."Don't be afraid".She said
"Spooks got out last night".She turned only a few feet from where I stood and looked back towards the hole."Tor said I can get a new kitty".I heard her sniffle.Her black long hair blew in the cold brisk wind."But I have to properly take care of spooks first".Slowly she turned her head towards me looking down."Tor says that I have to be strong,and that someday he too will be gone".

At this point I had no idea what to think looking about I asked. "Why arn't you afraid girl,you surly know about the things that live in here"I was starting to fear that she might actually be some hideous monster and at any moment...."Becca my names Becca,pleased to meet you".Raising one hand to her mouth she laughed and stuck the other one out to shake."Don't worry my master is near by..he watches over me".I reached out my hand "Master?".I asked grasping her hand "Please she begged".Pulling me forward."I'm almost finished".

I stumbled forward more puzzled then anything,letting her lead me towards the centre of the patch of roses..As I crouched down beside her she began to dig again not even looking once at the torn apart carcass of her once beloved animal."Besides Jed".She stated my name as if she had known me all my life."Tor said to tell you to wait here with me".She looked at me again,and stopped digging.She could tell at any moment I was about to turn and run.She reached out and touched my shoulder.It felt cool and instantly I felt calm,as if I knew that she was right."So you might aswell help while you wait". With that I began to help her bury her cat...

Quickly I snapped out of my day dream.Something..Behind me...Turning around I realized that I had been lost in my thoughts for a while without paying attention"Damn"I uttered and pulled my small blade,I always kept for close encounters.

Nothing there.Not that I could see either way.It had also become very dark.
All I could see was trees.I stood still and listened,starting to lose my nerve.
That's when I heard it.A soft singing like I have never heard before.Faintly off in the distance a glow began to soften my view.I waited as it drew closer and closer.It was beautiful.As the soft light grew brighter and brighter.

I felt suddenly relieved of all stress.Anything that has as beautiful a voice as this could not be evil,i thought to myself then stopped myself "what"I said outloud trying to focus on the light coming through the trees."Ohhgg".I felt dizzy.The world began to turn as I reeled and fell forward in the snow."Ahhh". "Isnt that better"A voice said in my head."Why not just go to sleep"It said.My eyelids began to feel heavy and my body tired,."It would be sooo easy"The voice was but a whisper now"Yes it would"I replied..........I closed my eyes feeling relaxed
and at ease,all the while the soft singing continued to fill my ears..."Ahhh"
I yawned and rolled over "Goodnight".I heard in my head as I drifted off....

Story-line:Toraylin: story: 1 chapter: 5(Jerald)
Location:Twisted Thicket

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posted on Dec, 9 2006 @ 11:33 PM
In the Darkness of the farmhouse kitchen I opened my eyes ,"Jerred"!,I called lowly. "He's not here Toray",came the sigh of my apprentice. At hearing this i sat upright. Becca lit a small candle and placed it on the floor
infront of her,i've not seen ed in days now perhaps weeks master,she looked at me from across the room her face becoming more troubled by the second.

I pondered at this for a long moment,things were seemingly bad and
getting worst,Jerreds gone probably taken or worst,and even now the power that I once had is depleting, It all has to do with him,the one who is me. I shook myself to my senses and looked at her,the only person I ever really knew i could trust enough to pass on what I had learned in all these years,she knew things were grave,but how bad it was,she could only guess.

"What's happened",she asked in a solemn lonely voice, by the low glow of the candle light i could see lines of warm tears trickling down her face,
"I know you tor",she choked " feels like your dying" she threw herself across the floor into me and wrapped her little arms about my torn leathers,she was sobbing ,something i've never seen."Becca" I whispered and took her by the shoulders and looked into her face," Don't worry","I will never leave you, no matter what happens I will always be in your heart and in your thoughts". Her eyes stiffened as she stared at me."Something bad has happened,something I cannot change".
"It has to do with this doesnt it".She reached into one of her pouches and took out the letter i had recieved ages ago,I smiled at how much she reminded me of myself so long ago.

She reached out and i took it from her.glancing at it i held it over the flame of the candle."Yes it does".I stared at her past the flames as the letter burned in my hand."A dear frriend of mine has passed away under dire circumstances". I sucked in the energy of the flaming piece of paper as i closed my hand and extinguished it."This was his death letter".Becca cocked her head to the side as this sunk into her thought proccess."What does this have to do with you my teacher"."Well you see",at this i swallowed hard and fought the feelings of fear inside."It would seem that it was me who killed him".At this I looked into her eyes and a cold chill ran over my back","And now I've come to kill me".....

At that moment suddenly a loud howl rang outside the house,,followed by another from the opposite direction.I stood up quickly as did my apprentice.WE both knew what those howls meant,it was time to fight...or time to die...once again.

Story-line:Toraylin: story: 1 chapter: 6(Toraylin)
Location:Farmers house(40 miles south of Falloway)

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I woke to find myself on the floor of a small room, barely able to think as my head ached horribly.Aswell it seemed i was bound hand and foot.In the darkness I stirred trying to sit up.

Suddenly a red glow shone across the room followed by a low chaotic chuckle."hehehehehe".Bewildered I challenged whatever it was"Who goes there,only a coward hides in the shadows".

The glow grew brighter as the character drew closer to me.Fear crawled up through my stomach and settled in my throat,I tried to swallow.I backed up against the wall and proped myself up against it.

Again it laughed at me,"You don't know who I am do you?".It's voice grated through my heaqd like saws cutting through my brain."You...youre the one who i saw in the forest".I sputtered as blood wet my lips and began to run down chin.I knew then that if this was to continue I was going to die.

"whu whats going on" It was getting hard to talk,I could feel it probing my mind searching for something.As it walked closer to me I could see that the glow was coming from its eyes."show yourself" I yelled at my captor.

It chuckled again and spoke to me out loud."In time perhaps you will come to understand,but for now know this..."

"Your life is meaningless to me in these regards,you are but a bait for the one i seek".

I knew who he meant,I realized now that this whole thing,the framer his wife,myself it was all a trap to get toraylin to come to this place for what I knew not,but now I could only hope for the best and that Tor gets here in time to save me from whatever this is.

It turned away and walked towards the far wall and opened a door,from the light i could see its shape,which startled me even more,it looked human but all distorted like a demon.

"Youre after Toraylin arn't you" I asked it,trying to calm myself.

"It is time we collected him,he is a mistake that has to be dealt with now before it is too late".With that it crept out of the room shutting the door behind it.

I slumped to the ground exhausted and i pain slowly i shut my eyes shutting out the pain....

Story-line:Toraylin: story: 1 chapter: 6(Jerald)
Location:Cabin in the Parched woods (60 miles southeast of Falloway)

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Quickly Tor got to his feet.Checking his gear he reached in a pouch and pulled out a key and reached out and put it in my left hand.I looked into his eyes and could see,he was afraid.

In all the time ive known him ive never seen him this scared,I choked
"what's this".I opened my hand peered down at it,the key throbbed in my hand,this was a very special key, my teacher spoke low "In time you will need this key,keep it always and you shall come to know what its for".

At that he went to leave the kitchen."Tor" I asked.He stopped and looked at me.I didn't know what to say but I had to sat something.

"Whatever happens ..I" He stopped me with a hand motion.

"If I ever leave here"He said."I will find my way back". He looked down at his hands. "I know that you will in my stead".looking back up at me I
could see tears forming in his eyes."Protect the forest and its people".

Reaching out with his left hand Tor grabbed my shoulder and came close to me and spoke in a whisper. "There are many paths one can find,if they search within their minds"

Standing there i began to tremble underneath his hand,I reached out and took hold of him"No" I screamed "I won't let it happen,you cant go away again".

"Look,becca"He put an arm around me and held me .Another howl came from outside Tor looked off into the darkness "It's time for me to go,Jerred's already with it,I can feel his signature fading".

"You must run away from here"he said,Tor let go of me and stepped back.He was tired I could tell."Becca listen to me,you must go back to the
thicket,you have to go deeper then ever before". He reached out and grabbed my hand,"This key will show you the way trust me,He closed his other hand over mine". "There wont be much time".

I looked up into his face,this was confusing"What"?I asked

"Look"."I don't know what will happen when I find him". I nodded slowly.

"You must take this key deep into the forest,once you get far enough you will see what I mean".

At that moment I felt a pulse in my hand,the key could hear him talk. Somehow it made me feel better,like everything was going to be okay.

"Okay,I will"I had no clue what he meant or why i was to do this,but I knew him as best I could,and he didnt know what was going on either.

Walking slowly past the bodies laying around outside I looked back past the farmhouse towards where my master had dissapeared into the night."He'll come back".I began to sob." He has to......."
off in the distance I heard one last howl as my master and our two dogs raced towards something which was much bigger then I could have ever imagined.

As I turned to make my way towards the place I called my home I began to think and wonder at what really was going on,all the while dread and fear was welling up inside me like a great evil was setting upon this land.

Story-line:Toraylin: story: 1 chapter: 7(Becca)
Location:Farmers house(40 miles south of Falloway)

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