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Sweet EM pics of clouds

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posted on Jan, 24 2006 @ 11:07 AM
I think although Chuck Norris would approve of your attempts at ownage, you haven't demonstrated anything particularly amazing yet. I'm looking forward to your pictures and explanations.

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posted on Jan, 24 2006 @ 11:27 AM
I am actually quite intrigued by BigD's photos...

I understand the undulations...and i understand the "cloud fills"

but his pics do look VERY specifically spaced... and not much variance at all...
So does he actually have a EM (or other emmitter) causing the clouds to stay in these exact wave type patterns...
Or is it just a very consistant wind undulation...

Both are potential, but which is more possible?

And BigD does make some good points regarding the weather...
it has been screwy... BY ANY STANDARDS

but is this a cyclic difference (temporary) or is it a global warming/cooling situation that the military warned the president about...
the very same warning that preceeded the weather modification plan recently drawn up (or amended).
the one that included several ideas for altering the earths albedo to moderate the weather... (including spraying chemicals and "shooting" dust into the air)

again, methods are admittadly being tested for chemtrails (the Gov source, covered in endless threads) but not on civilian population areas...

so the ability to use chemtrails is there, just not being used widely yet... of that we are sure (again, massive threads, look em up)

So the contention that BigD might be in an area that is testing these methods is unlikely, but is it impossible... no...

So i will sit here on my padded fence seat, and watch the game...

posted on Jan, 24 2006 @ 12:01 PM
An interesting paper

on the effects of aircraft wake turbulance on contrails.

posted on Jan, 24 2006 @ 12:29 PM
Good post Howard...

For a synapsis:
talks about the persistance of contrails and the envoronmental conditions required to produce them and for them to spread...

It points out that perisitance is an issue that the industry is looking into, for the opposite reasons that you would think...

they state that CONTRAILS not chemtrails can affect the weather, and albedo of the earth... as well as many other environmental factors...
they are trying to study it, to reduce the persitance...

it also points out, that it isn't the amount of fuel used that increases the contrail size/time... but a combination of otehr factors...

very interesting reading people... whether you fall on either side of the fence... is good info, and educational...

posted on Jan, 24 2006 @ 12:48 PM
I don’t think that you’ll find anyone here who’ll deny that contrails have a measurable effect on climate. There have been a number of studies showing exactly that.

Atmospheric scientists around the world are currently conducting a number of studies on the short term and long term effects of contrails.

If chemtrails were in fact, a reality, don’t you think that they would have noticed something by now and made an issue about it?

posted on Feb, 2 2006 @ 03:49 PM
I have sent a u2u to the thread originator asking if they have dropped this line of inquiry and posting the photos

posted on Feb, 2 2006 @ 09:32 PM

Originally posted by HowardRoark
If chemtrails were in fact, a reality, don’t you think that they would have noticed something by now and made an issue about it?

Howard are you kidding me? You dont take up the opinion ofan issue
like chemtrails which has been made out to be lunatic fringe and you wontl have job to come back to.

There are a lot of issues like this, the war on drugs (although it is changing slowly) phds, and experts from many fields know that the war on drugs has created the black market and makes the problem much worst. Do you here them coming out in mainstream to try and get the people educated and change things for the better? It just doesnt happen.

The economy keeps getting worst. The economists will tell you everything is fine. The government will tell you everything is fine. Well everything is not fine, police officers and firefighter are being laid off, schools are closing everywhere, and the average Joe cannot get a decent paying job anymore. Look at all the businesses going belly up. The experts will tell you that unemployment rate is getting better, well thas only because most have used up their unemployment and there just isnt anything left for them.

If you are a meteorologist and you start taking the chemtrail issue seriously, your job and your career will be over.

So dont give me crap about expert opinions, where were the experts while Rome fell? They were whaching it fall.

I'm rambling, nuff said

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posted on Feb, 3 2006 @ 11:19 AM
I got the photos in photograph form, they're sweeter than I thought but I'll need to scan them first. I'm a lazy half-mexican when I don't work either of my two jobs, so it'll probably be a while before you see them.

I'm not under the contention that this is a testing area I live in, but one of the geographic areas necessary for this sort of geometric screwing of the earth's ionosphere or related fields. I watch the weather and the jet stream tends to dip into my neck of the woods quite often, and while I appreciate the cool blasts of freshness, I'm not so sure I like the delivery methods employed. The other day a high pressure system built up that sent it straight up into canada from mid-Utah, and then it made a U-turn all the way back down here through Colorado to Austin, basically running parallel to itself. How the hell? Why? It has to be more than just wind being wind. Good thing it happened though, because it's in the 80's down here right february...

It is my belief that this crap going on is directly related to why the Piri Reis map shows Antarctica's coastline, and why there are ice caps a mile thick there now. Someone got a little upset with the planet, and here we are now, at the crossroads. Something so vastly complex, extending way back in our history is in the works, so I'm sitting on the fence watching the game as well.

I love Plato, too bad his teacher was forced to drink a dram of poison, and he himself jailed as mad... I wonder what else he knew and learned from those Egyptians...

"In the first place you remember a single deluge only, but there were many previous ones;"

"Whereas just when you and other nations are beginning to be provided with letters and the other requisites of civilized life, after the usual interval, the stream from heaven, like a pestilence, comes pouring down, and leaves only those of you who are destitute of letters and education; and so you have to begin all over again like children, and know nothing of what happened in ancient times, either among us or among yourselves."

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posted on Feb, 3 2006 @ 11:40 AM

Originally posted by LoneGunMan
Howard are you kidding me? You dont take up the opinion ofan issue
like chemtrails which has been made out to be lunatic fringe and you wontl have job to come back to.

A sample of U.S. universities studying atmospheric science:

University of Illinois

University of Washington




University of Cambridge (U.K.)

Max Plank Institute (Ger.)

Institute for Atmospheric Chemistry (Ger.)

Paul Scherrer Institute (Swiss)

I haven’t even tried to search for any in Asia. I assure you there are scientists studying the atmosphere there also.

Here is a nice list of scientists

Are the all cowards? Are their students all cowards?

Why don’t they all get together and say “stop the chemtrails?”

Because chemtrails don’t exist, that’s why.


Bigpapa - here is one JUST FOR YOU

Why don't you send them an e-mail.

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posted on Feb, 3 2006 @ 11:48 AM
No one has answered my questions, either.

Originally posted by HowardRoark
OK, BPD. You claim that the pictures show the effect of some form of electromagnetic energy on those clouds.

Let me ask you this:

Are you claiming that the patterns in the clouds are somehow related to the wavelength of that EM energy?

If so, then what is your estimate of what that wavelength is?

posted on Feb, 3 2006 @ 12:04 PM
They just seem like a nice looking cloud formation.

I find it funny that the thread starter doesn't seem to be too interested in following this up. At the begging of this thread he states that he would post pics, after getting them developed and put on a disc for free, then says he cant afford to get them done. Now i don't know what the costs are where he is from but around here it is only £1.00 which is about $.70c in American money. Then he says he got the pic developed, but there not on a disk, and there amazing, but is too lazy to scan them. It seems to me he is avoiding posting these pics, or more likely is that they don't exist or they show nothing.

So far we have been shown a couple of pretty looking clouds, with the promise of more. But when we debate this the thread starter goes all defencive, with behaviour resembling that of a child. Now correct me if i am wrong, but as someone stated before, this is a discussion board. With the whole motto of 'deny ignorance', but by your reckoning it seems to be 'deny evidence'.


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posted on Feb, 3 2006 @ 12:15 PM
Lets give BPG a chance to scan the photos and host them.

posted on Feb, 3 2006 @ 12:15 PM
Lets give BPG a chance to scan the photos and host them.

posted on Feb, 3 2006 @ 12:30 PM
Yup. I personally don't give a damn about what anyone thinks, so I'll take my sweet time if I want to, or play some Halo when I "ought" to be getting this stuff done. I never said I couldn't afford the CD, I said I was going to get them on CD, then I said they're in photo form, as in my friend didn't get the CD made, was sorry, asked if I wanted it made and I said I'd scan them myself later, it's alright.

And no hablo espanol, Howard. Lo siento. Espanol dos was as far as I made it.

posted on Feb, 4 2006 @ 07:03 AM

Originally posted by LoneGunMan
police officers and firefighter are being laid off, schools are closing everywhere, and the average Joe cannot get a decent paying job anymore.

Sorry if this is off-topic, but I have to ask about this. Where the heck do you live, LoneGunMan?

Schools aren't closing in my city or state; I cannot speak for anywhere else, but my state would be included in "everywhere" and this statement simply is not true.

Also, firefighters and cops are not being laid off in my city and state either; in fact there are shortages of qualified candidates for these positions. So again, "everywhere" may not be a correct term.

Regarding the average joe not being able to get a decent job: when I look at my local newspaper, or online at sites like Monster or HCareers, I see THOUSANDS UPON THOUSANDS of decent jobs. Yes, people do get laid off every day, and I can't speak for everyone, but I know that I personally have never been out of work (and most of the time have worked a part-time job in addition to my full-time job). I know that I will NEVER be out of work. Because if I got fired from my job today I would do ANY WORK that was available so as not to be unemployed.

Just by reading member submissions on web sites such as this one gives me an idea why so many people can't get decent jobs. Just look at all the misspellings and grammatical errors in the posts... if you owned a business would you want people that can't write a sentence working for you? And I am not talking about the occasional typo; I am talking about people that can't form one sentence without a misspelled word.

PS: I grew up poor and dropped out of high school to go to work to help my family, so I don't want to hear about some people being more privileged than others. If I can get a decent job anyone can.

[edit on 4-2-2006 by craig732]

posted on Feb, 4 2006 @ 11:29 PM
This is off topic sorry

Craig, I wonder how old you are? I ask this because people 25 years ago could get decent paying jobs without having the privlage of college. They were called factory jobs and they started to disapear at an alarming rate after NAFTA was passed.

I have never been one that had to work in a factory, I used to be a car salesman, couldnt live with myself, so I went back to school and became a Firefighter/EMS. I know a lot of people that are in that position though and are having to work for the service industry. Is that what you consider a good job? Working in retail? If not you are lucky. I've been on many calls to people that do not have heat, and are just living in the worst conditions.

People in America used to do pretty well with just one income. Now it seems you need two incomes. I live in Michigan by the way, and yes Policeman and Firefighters in Detriot are going to be getting laid off. Some cities there is talk of going to volunteer only fire service.

In fact my grandson who will be going into the 5th grade, will be starting Jr. High already because a town nearby there elementry school was closed so they need to make room.

What am I paying taxes for? War? So we can have an out of control defence budget, to make sure our factories that are leaving for other countries can have a big military to back them? So we can keep the world destablized so these ruthless greedy pigs can sell more bullets?

This is not the country we used to have and the rate that it is going you had better teach you grandkids to drive a Rickshaw so they can at least have a job when the Chinese economy goes to being the largest. We will be a shadow of our former selves and the ones that pull all the strings will be that much more powerful.

Big profit in draining/fleecing empires while building up others.

Just more ramblings...

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posted on Feb, 6 2006 @ 12:31 AM

Originally posted by LoneGunMan
Craig, I wonder how old you are?

I am 38, and I appreciate your intelligent, persuasive points of view, especially when my response to you original comments could be seen as abrasive.

[edit on 6-2-2006 by craig732]

posted on Feb, 6 2006 @ 01:05 AM
just reading over this thread i'm afraid to say i think everyone has been force feeding you nuts mr pappa.

also why clouds... do you think their is something sinister about our friendly solar blocking vapour creating rain dispensers?

you take your time mr pappa cos it appears it is all you have...

ooooohhhhh yeah!!!

posted on Feb, 6 2006 @ 02:33 AM
I saw a very interesting chemtrail in my city, but no one has show a picture of what it looks like. It was a pattern though. there were little holes of blue, where the sky shown through, but it was mostly clouds. I wish I took a picture, but I didn't have a camera with me.

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