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Are you a Man of Scienceor a Man of Faith?

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posted on Jan, 21 2006 @ 01:03 PM

As to your question directed to me I am a person of faith. Therefore I beileve God created all things equal. I beileve in the story of creation all of thoose pretaining of the Bible. I beileve that we are the choosen race that god picked us. I beileve he made aleins who might have more of an advancement in technology but not in spirit. I beileve that God gave us a speacil gift that only we can have.

The power of choice. The power of the holy spirit inside of us. We have things I beileve that only we have. Don't get me wrong I beileve the aliens are intellegent but I don't beileve they are greater than us. More powerful. We have things they could never have.

Hi but the alien at the other side of the universe sitting at his equvilance of a pc could spout off the same thing about his race being the all mighty choosen one from god and all other beings are just a creation of god and basically they have the right to rule over it...I'm sorry but i dont see that as being equal I see that as Human being being equal but all other creations are bellow you (Not as in you) and are there master as god prefers you to them.

I meant about the fear of god that jesus allows entrence to believers in god and to himself and if you do not have faith in them you are not permitted to heaven this is fear of no redemtion by your god. In some ways you could say it similar to the way our goverments and terrorists play.

I believe we are no way more special than the next evolutionary step. We have no right to rule what dies and what lives what is better and who is more "spiritually" active. Damn if aliens thought the same way and we thought that way i could imagine a holy war just to prove who god loved more.

On a different topic I feel the words we are greater than another or we are the choosen are a egolistical thought of one wish to be greater than another and has led to many wars in the name of god ( I mean in the head of the maniac) or for other reasons. To think that way of an alien is in my opinion the same as the discrimination of different cultures, Colour and religion. I believe it is fine to believe in something of greater might if that is what you believe but to think yourself greater (in body, mind, religion or generally we are better) is not how a god should show his followers how to follow them.

This is how religions in my opinion are backward in todays sociaty they create a belief in ones own egolist opinions and belief in others following the wrong religion how some twist it to believe they should kill all who are not following the "correct" path.

Hope thats all clear lol just writing what came in to my head about my thoughts on what was replyed.

all the best im awa out.

posted on Jan, 21 2006 @ 01:07 PM
I am niether a man of faith nor a man of science.

I'm a woman.

So many sweeping questions here assume a black-and-white universe limited by what the poster knows and thinks.

In your opinion:
* is there another option other than faith/science (blended or alternate theories?) Where would you place an alchemist on that scale?
* what about women? The fact that you asked "are you a man..." does this mean that you don't think women surf/post to BBSs like this one/have some different kind of thought process that is niether faith nor science?
* what about faiths that have "formulas" for how to interact with the universe (chant "hari Krishna" 100 times (or another 'sacred number of times) to change your luck)?
* what about the mystical mathemeticians?

And finally, why must we be limited to two options? Is this a cultural thing, based on the very ancient Zororastrian-Judao-Christian concept of good and evil/black and white? Is there more to the box than the walls you define?

posted on Jan, 21 2006 @ 01:12 PM
missed your second post jawaking1138 and i dont wish to critise you as that not my way.

but the decending of angels now if you want to take this in to the context of the post could these angels decending from the heavens (Sky) be interprited as the aliens coming to prevent the war as satan can be depicted in many ways some would say the american president is all but satan for example.

You may feel sorry for the non believers but to them they can feel sorry for you as you follow in blind faith a thing which they depict as old fashion if not an annoying background chatter while we all want to move on to new greater things. My meaning of this is like when the pope depicts things like for example condoms for no better an example. In my opinion this is truely irressponible for that will spread disease and pregnancys and not to insult but that could be depicted as the way of the devil as without condoms disease and then illfortune and grief will decend.

I have to admit that I feel no worse or better for not believing in god I have my life I live it to my morals and no other if I do wrong to my morals I ask for redemtion from only myself as i can do no better than forgive myslef than to ask some other (in my opinion imaginary) being for forgiveness, because who are they to say if I have the right to be forgiven for a sin.

posted on Jan, 21 2006 @ 01:20 PM

Right. In your world there a lot of sinners that will go to the pits of hell. Everyone who doens't do what you and petty dogmas say.

I don't need your sympathies. I'd rather be in hell then in heaven with the likes of you!

Have a nice day

Apocalypta is near

In some ways I agree with you but to put it so bluntly is a bit of a ill mannered way. At least put it across politly.

But to be honest they way he made it sound is that I must be forced to believe to be saved but if that is the case i would rather not be saved why must i go beyond my morals and beliefs and be discriminated for it...if that is the type of god it is then I would rather have nothing to do with them it would be no better than the devil himself.

If there was such a thing as god i would expect that he/she would be forgiving no matter what but to permit someone to hell for not believing is nothing more than fear like i stated in a prievious post that does not sound like love for his creation more like wanting total control and respect of us...its a dictatorship in so many simpler words..

posted on Jan, 21 2006 @ 02:26 PM

As for thoose who keep saying they can't understand why you can't be both. I am asking do you beileve in the ways of God or science. For example. Do you beileve in the stories of creation in the Bible? Or do you beileve in evoloution or the Earth came from space dust.

From the way you phrase it, it sounds like your asking: are you christian or a scientist and right away I think this turns a lot of people off who aren't religious but do believe in God.

Personally, I agree with a lot of the other posters. I have no reason to believe that we aren't the result of intelligent design. I'm more inclined to believe that God set the scene for the origins of life and has been an observer since. Afterall, if you believe in God, it is impossible to not believe in science, since science is the result of God's work. That being said, it would be impossible for science to discredit God to a man of faith. Why? Because all that person would have to do is say "It is as God wished it to be."

However, all of that becomes a lot more complicated if you equate faith with the bible or any other religion with literal practitioners. These type of people usually fail to see the bigger scope outside of their dogma.

So in short. I believe in both. Final answer

posted on Jan, 21 2006 @ 03:41 PM

Originally posted by jawaking1138

Right. In your world there a lot of sinners that will go to the pits of hell. Everyone who doens't do what you and petty dogmas say.

I don't need your sympathies. I'd rather be in hell then in heaven with the likes of you!

Have a nice day

Apocalypta is near
Uh huh. Well apparently some people cannot have a civilized discussion. I have been nothing but nice here.

Look, I'm not trying to offend. I do respect your opinion and right to believe whatever you want. It is your belief however, that I am going to hell, that irks me just a wee bit. You feel sorry for me because I will burn forever in the lake of fire....

Geez that's real nice ......

Apocalypta is near

[edit on 1/21/2006 by apocalypta]

posted on Jan, 21 2006 @ 03:56 PM
um, i'm a man of...

denying ignorance!

why else would i join ATS?

posted on Jan, 21 2006 @ 04:15 PM
and what if christians / muslims are wrong and another religion was right like hindoe or budhistme ?

they would the christians / muslims all go to hell ?

if there is such thing as hell. I believe they were send to a hellish place a place with fire and which was hot.

like venus or mercury.

I am strong in with the stargate theory and one of those episodes had a place which was called hell well not directly but would have been. it was the place were the false god sended the people who were against them. the tok'ra destroyed it in an episode.

yeah people say it is SF serie but I believe that there is a base to the story and that it is more true then what the bible says.

posted on Jan, 21 2006 @ 06:03 PM
just a question if you believe in critism as it is depicted in the bible and done in 7 or 6 do you explain the millions of years gone by ( I know you can say it was a literal thing) but what about the orgisms and creatures before us they are not depicted in the bible infact we are pretty much the first sort of things on this planet by its bases are we not.

by the way you could always look at it like this we are already in hell lol.

If any religious teaching were to be correct i dont feal christian faith would be it for some reason. I just dont see why someone needs blind faith for us to ascend to heaven...surerly if it fair we are judged on how we choose to live our life. As i rather pefer to live a life of freedom and own will rather than the fear of sinning....I also do not see the point in the church as i see it as a corrupt money/power grabbing entity surerly you would not need to go to church to related or worship god it should be done from the heart and not through material things.

It would be a bad old world if the pope got a say in everything that was decided lol.

posted on Jan, 21 2006 @ 08:33 PM
Wow so many post. Well first of all for the one who asked the question about the question about being a womsn. Thats not true. If you have read my post you will know I got this question from the TV series LOST and thats how it was asked in the show. I should have said person but didn't think to at the time

Secondly the pope is for thoose of the Catholic faith. Christianity is a faith. Baptist, Catholic, Penicostal, and so on are Religons. I am Catholic so of course I respect the pope. Although it sounds a bit like some of you are a little rusty on Catholic beliefs.

The example about the pope and condoms. The Christian fiath teachs of not haveing sexual relations until after the sacrament of marrige. Sure it sounds old fashioned I know but it is a teaching of faith. Now if your not Christian then what the pop said is not paticuraly pertaining to you. Sure you can listen to him but that teaching has no meaning if you are not Christian.

Second I do not beileve I am following a blind faith. Life would be meaningless to me if I did not have God in my life. I beileve God has blessed me with all my gifts meaning my family, my house, and a wondeful life I have. I don't go to him for help just when bad things are happening. I don't ask him to make life easier for me. I ask him to make me a stronger person. I wake up everyday and pray for 10 minutes in the morning to God.

God is forgiveing. God loves you no matter what. God loves Sudam Husein even though he commited terrible things. You could kill 25 people and God would still love you. Sin could be your everything and God will still love you. Although with sin comes conseqeunce. We are not Gods robots. God did does not sit down every day and say "Ok today Mike is going to do drugs." no God gave us a mind. We have the power of choice.

God respects your choices to sin but again they are your choices and yours alone. Why did you choose to kill thoose 25 people? Thats your choice you bring the judgment of God and omission into heaven apon yourself. God made us all to love one other. However we choose to cause terror, we choose to be raceist, we choose to hate. Why? Temptation. Sin. I pray to God as being a teenager for guidance. I pray that he will help me to make the right choices.

Just because I pray to him to help me to doesn't mean I have to. I beileve God will help you when you need it. Sure he doesn't come down and talk to you and he doesn't call you on the phone but he does help you. I also beileve we all have guardian angels. I beileve someone watches over us.

I beileve that if you get in a head on collison and survive that it was not your time and God is not ready for you now. That you still have your life to live. I do not fear death because after comes a better place. I also beileve that if you are depressed because you have lost a loved one that God helps and wakes you up. Mabye by a dream or possibley a visitation.

I have a story my uncle told me. When he lost his dad he was really upset. He became a zombie and he was staggering through everyday. Serious depression. One day he walked in his living room and there was his dad sitting on his chair. They talked for about ten minutes then his dad stood up. My uncle asked "Dad are you leaveing?" he said no we have a guest. He pointed toward the door. He said "We must be polite for the blessed mother." My uncle looked over to the door and there was Mary the Mother of Jesus standing in the door way. My Uncle said she blessed him and told him not to worry for his father was in a better place.

My friend has told me a story of his fri9ends brother. His brother was hist by a car and traped between two. As soon as he was hit he said he went to heaven. God said that it was not his time and said to go back down.

As for the girl who I said had offended me. I am sorry and didn't mean it like that. I am just saying I think that Christ is the creator and is the one whom which we should follow. That is another teching of Christianity. We are taught to help bring people back to Christ people who are non beilevers to make them beileve once again. Now I no some of you will never and I find that unfortunate. You think that my path is pointless and beileve in somthing else. I am just trying to help because I think we should all follow God even though many don't which is unfortunate. I know what your thinking that why should you follow him. That leads back to my beleifs. That he is the creator and we should all follow him. So excuse me if I have offended you but I am just doing what my faith has taught me. What God would want me to do which is make thoose non beilevers beileve again. Stay safe everyone and God bless even if you are a non beilever he will always love you.

posted on Jan, 21 2006 @ 09:16 PM
Ok my english spelling sucks, when you read this, don't critisise what i write, just understand what i mean. Jawa, i love the tv series called Lost.. but you ask peope if they are people beliveing sience or faith... the way you describe faith and sience is that faith haves something to do with god... i disagree, i am a man of faith, i am an atheist, i don't belive in god. i belive that everything that happens, happens for a reason, example ( if i take a walk 12 on the afternoone, it is a reason i did that, and that walk i took, haves a mening for an even bigger event.) that was just an example, i say that everything you do in life, small things / big things, it happens for a reason, not scientific, but extraordinary things you cant explain. sorry for my bad english. but jawa, i love tour post, really interresting...

posted on Jan, 21 2006 @ 10:10 PM
I found your English to be fine. Yes I am claiming my faith but I did ask the same you have said. Do you beileve everything happens for a reason or science or for a purpose. You might have missed that post. Anyway thanks for the comment and I see what you mean. I am just saying that I am a person of faith because of my beileifs in god and not in evolution or the big bang theory.

posted on Jan, 22 2006 @ 10:26 AM
People who invade (for no better word) someone elses beliefs be it someone critising your religion or a christian/other religion trying to take me down a twisty road of pure wrong why does one person have the right to preach to me about something I have no intrest in but they can take offense when I preach my respective thoughts (I don not mean you just examples of ppl)

For the likes of the people that stand at the street and annoy you when you try to get about your busy life or come to your door with the bible in the hand...and ask to talk to you. I am sure there are ppl here that have shut the door on them I know I have...not saying slammed but i just say I am not intrested and have learnt that they then start to ask why and that the only way to get through to them is to just shut the door as i think it is totally rude for them to judge me for my own mind...and why should i follow the masses when there is nothing but a book written by the ppl to put ones faith in.

To change the subject slightly I believe all religion should be banned from schools etc as they are a plain insight into segregation as they force non believers to listen other religions to go through their own personal hell and the people who use segregated religious schools in my opinion are wrong as a school should be for intellectual learning for one type of unviersal learning and if you want a religious learning for your child this should be held out side of school and not forced onto them.

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