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Google earth strange findings post your finds

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posted on Mar, 5 2014 @ 12:11 PM


Originally posted by samkam
-8.724721, -53.387461

Copy and paste the above into Google Maps or Google Earth. There is what appears to be a runway (~2,500 feet long) that runs from near the river directly into the forest. There appears to be some sort of encampment (?) at the NE end of the strip. I see no evidence of any sort of civilization anywhere near this feature.

It could be an outpost in the jungle for exploration and bush jumping planes.
Good find none the less.

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This looks to me like an Amazonian Indian village with airstrip. If you have seen Michael Palin's BBC show Brazil you will know that a lot of these villages have a circular form with thatched buildings, and access is only by river and rudimentary airstrip cleared from the jungle. This area, along the Iriri river, is home to the Kayapo tribe.

Here is an example that looks very similar to this one:

If you look a little way to the north, here: -8.160588, -53.452577 you can see another one (which may even be the same village, Pukanu, shown in that photograph) but there is no high-res imagery there.

Here's another one, unfortunately I don't have the name of this village but it looks very similar to samkam's link:

(the original image seems to be no longer online so I just grabbed the thumbnail)
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