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The Spaceship Lands

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posted on Jan, 20 2006 @ 01:55 AM
Howdy folks,

written in a prosaic style, this true account of one vision I had is typed for
your reading.........and comments warmly welcomed!

The Spaceship

outside at two in the early misty morn,
dressed in next to nothing,
feeling the nature of eternity,
the stars, the worlds far away,
sitting on a 55 gallon oil drum,
legs dangling in darkness told.

the cow pasture across the fence,
about fifty feet from me perchance,
started to light very bright,
like thousands of flourescent bulbs,
bright as daylight only white light,
an area large enough lit to see much.

A 12 foot disc hovered down into view,
hovered a while, then over the fence,
came towards me, parked near the burnpile,
hovered it did, not moving, bright white,
the area around it lit no more, just it,
it glowed bright white light 25 feet from me.

On edge this hover disc stood motionless,
I saw the edge, [face_shocked] faced the burnpile,
You are shocked now, I was not then friends,
I did not go, I looked away, I relaxed,
I clearly remember looking at it, shine on,
I calmly left to the inside of my home.

Not a single emotion did I feel until the releif,
once inside I was relieved I acted so calmly,
no startled, no fear, no excitement, just me,
just me sitting in the early morn starlit mist,
doing something I did times before, sitting alone,
stargazing in the quiet cloak of night feeling peace.

My mind gathered another picture, strange though,
through the eyes of an entity seen, maybe or not,
probably my own mind in a different place and time,
a mental picture of the disc flat hovering,
near the burnpile, facing it as if waiting,
the crinkled black figuresque image in the center.

The 12 foot circle had batwing tips, folded down,
not very noticeable on both sides, but there,
the black small entity inside, at the center,
the pilot, crinkled shape it was, looked strange,
I saw this image surely as if I had stood,
and walked 30 feet to the front of me.

But wait, did I do this or not, did I walk or not?
I don't know for sure, of this I want to be truthful,
for the story without truth is a fairy tale,
maybe this alien wanted to encapsulate my body,
with its' black skin, to have nourishment,
to travel to the next place, the next planet.

A few days later I heard a large canvas tarp snap,
I looked out back and saw nothing unusual,
I have no canvas tarp, a strange thing to hear,
maybe it was the alien covering the spaceship,
I saw the black skin on me later, pointed big toes,
maybe I will get in the spaceship and leave.

To be consumed by the darkness of night, of skin,
the time unknown, the destination unknown,
maybe captured to be at an alien zoo far away,
but wait, I have 9 dogs and 4 cats to care for,
I have the willpower of millions of people,
I have seen and heard thousands of visions.

I already live at an alien zoo here on earth,
I have thrown a mighty love to all in the universe,
to stars at night, to every living existing thing,
the whole night sky from horizon to horizon,
turned bright white starlight, as if day but white,
I was at one with the universe that night.

What do I care of petty jealousies of planets,
that would try to covet my living body?
God, the expanding consciousness, the creator,
the keeper of my understanding, my greatest love,
will receive my spirit when it leaves my body,
not this black alien in a glowing galactic batplane.

Honor Seed

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